Coronavirus is Just a Cover For a Crash of the World’s Economy (Engineered by Rothschild’s Banks)

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It seems like not a day passes by now without some new development in this over-sensationalized corona hoax.
The fact that it’s being so played up is obvious when you look at the numbers. As you can see in the supposedly accurate statistics below, the virus has caused just under 9,000 deaths.
This death toll, so far, pales in comparison even to something like heart disease which kills over 62,000 people a month on average in the United States alone.
Also, have you noticed how a lot of people in the public eye including Hollywood celebrities and sports stars have supposedly come down with the virus?
Well, the list is continuing to expand, with Norwegian TV star Kristofer Hivju from the popular show “Game of Thrones” now saying he too has gotten a case of the ‘Rona.
After mentioning on Instagram, “Sorry to say that I, today, have tested positive for COVID19, coronavirus.” Hivju goes on to say, “My family and I are self-isolating at home for as long as it takes. We are in good health — I only have mild symptoms of a cold.”
Strange. This is very similar to the experience that Tom Hanks and his wife and others have had with the virus – just a mild cold OR they claim to feel great!
So I have to ask, what is it exactly that everyone is so worried about??
Fortunately for those in the inner circle of the powers that be, people are taking this virus much more seriously ever since all televised sporting events including basketball and hockey have been canceled.
Once the bread and circuses (and toilet paper evidently) are taken away, the fear really begins to set in…
One thing that makes very little sense about this virus is that it has spread  – supposedly – quickly in some areas and yet is practically non-existent in other areas.
I have a good idea though about what I think is going on and the direction things are headed based on the actions of the “elite” in the past.
It has been my position from the beginning of this “corona-happening” that the virus is a cover for the crash of the world economy to usher in a new monetary system.
Truthfully, the government’s plan is genius, that is, to be able to blame an economic crash on a “pandemic”.
It’s the perfect scapegoat event.
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Stay well.

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