Coronavirus Articles

Tokyo Olympics Postponed Due to CV Pandemic

Rand Paul Blasted By Colleagues For His Behavior
While Awaiting His CV Results – He Went To Senate
Gym And Swam In The Pool!

483 people have died from CV in the US Only
187 have recovered – the case fatality rate is 72%

Klobuchar says her husband Is Infected

Israeli doctor in Italy – We no longer help those over 60

COVID Deaths In Italy Leap Another 651 In One Day

NYC COVID Cases Increase To 20,875 – Deaths To 157

CA COVID Cases Increase To 1,802 – Deaths To 35

Sanders, Others Nuke Trump For Failing To ORDER Making
Of Medical Supplies – ‘An Unconscionable Decision’ Which
Will Kill Many Americans & HCWs – Negligent Homicide

Doctors & Nurses Warn The Whole US Health Care System
Is About To Collapse And Trump Still REFUSES To ORDER
Mass Production Of Masks, PPEs Under The DPA

Morgan Stanley Joins Goldman, JPM In Predicting
A Depression Crash – Expects Q2 GDP To Plunge 30%

BoA Calls For ‘War Time Measures’ Urges
Near-Total Fed Takeover Of Capital Markets
(And The Installation Of Digital currency…)

Govt Is About to Select Which Companies Survive

Trump Hints Possibility Of A ‘Less Restrictive’
Approach In The Fight Against Coronavirus

US Jobless Rate Likely To Soar to 30%
Or More Says Fed’s Bullard

The Sober Math Everyone Must Understand
About the Pandemic

Drive-Thru Testing Site Closes For Day After
Reaching Capacity In Just 30 Minutes

CA Gov Newsom tells young people ignoring
CV rules to grow up

Coronavirus Confirmed In 38 Rikers Prisoners

Watch – Central Banks Are Fostering This Major World
Economic Collapse To Install A Completely New Digital
Financial System…And total Political Control

Several Months Before Wuhan Pandemic Began, Trump
Admin Axed CDC Expert In China Intended to Watch
For Disease Outbreaks…Why?

‘View’ Accused Trump of dismantling anti-pandemic
programs the Obama set up across the globe

Triage – US Hospitals Prepare Guidelines For Who Gets Care
And Lives & who Dies In Coronavirus Surge

NY Gov Cuomo Says CV Closures Could last For
Nearly A Year and 80% may End Up Infected

STEALTH VIRUS – One Third Of All Coronavirus Cases
Show NO SYMPTOMS…Classified China Data Reveals

Rand Paul First Senator To Test Positive For CV

Poor Ron Paul says Coronavirus is a Hoax 5 days
before son, Rand, tests positive – Famous Last Words

Sen. Mitt Romney to quarantine after Rand Paul
tests positive for coronavirus

Harvey Weinstein Infected In Prison – Put In Isolation

Fake News – ‘White supremacists’ encouraging members
to spread coronavirus to cops, Jews Says FBI – PURE BS

Illuminati Queen Madonna calls coronavirus
‘the great equalizer’ in bizarre video

Nigeria Has Chloroquine Poisoning After Trump Tweet

Columbia University Hospital Chief Of Surgery Lays
Out The Horrible Lack Of Masks And PPEs

Trump, FEMA And Business Response To
N-95 Masks Virtually GONE

Fauci shoots down CBS reporter trying to drive
wedge between him and Trump

Rapid Test From Sunnyvale Company Gets FDA Okay
Cases Spike in Santa Clara County CA

Italy Bans All non-Essential Movement Inside
The Country as Another 651 People Die

Italy Deaths Nearly 5,500 – All non-Essential
Factories And Businesses Shut Down

Opera Legend Placido Domingo Is Infected

Italian Virologist Says Fear Over PC ‘Racism’
Crippled Italy’s Coronavirus Response

Italy’s coronavirus death toll jumps by 651
as number of cases nears chilling 60,000

37 million US jobs could be lost in the CV Crisis
And these workers will be the hardest hit – chart

‘Critical Medical Supply Shortage’ – The Moment US Woke
Up To Disaster Of Outsourcing To China – Trump Was Told
By Intel Briefings First Week Of Jan – Did Nothing For 2 Months

Hospitals ’10 days away’ from No essential supplies,
De Blasio warns, as CV cases in NYC top 8,000

One in Four NYC Hospital CV Patients Is Under 50

Trump Urges Car Companies To Make Ventilators
Without Imposing Defense Production Act

Medical Scientific Paper On SARS 2.0 In Shenzhen China
Emerging Infectious Diseases – CDC

Burglar steals CV test kits from Tucson health center

Tucker – Burr had CV info that might have helped
people But He hid it and helped only himself

Trump outlines national guard activations for New York,
California and Washington

The Military’s Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus
Cripples the Government – Newsweek

The Military’s Plans To Crush ‘Civil Disturbances’
Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Bernie Outlines The Lineup Of Industries
Asking For Coronavirus Bailouts

Trump issues coronavirus disaster declaration for WA

De Blasio Blasts Trump CV Policy – Says He Won’t ‘Lift A Finger’
To Help His Own Home Town Of NYC And ‘People Will Die’

NY COVID Cases Increase To 15,168 – Deaths To 114

Florida COVID Cases Increase To 830 – Deaths To 13

A group of FL college students traveling together
on spring break Are Now Infected

UPS FedEx Other Delivery Drivers Are Terrified
And Many Are Going In To Work Sick

How Not To Spread Coronavirus – Watch

‘It’s pretty bad’ – Congressmen Diaz-Balart,
McAdams detail their struggles with CV

Dr. Michael Baden – We Don’t Know What Long Terms
Lung Damage And Effects May Linger With CV Survivors

US Army Enters New York to Convert Hotels
and Dorms to Hospitals Amid Pandemic – Watch

Congressman Warns – ‘I’m Seeing No Discussions
About Limits Of State & Federal Power’

Martial Law? Baltimore Residents Spot National
Guard Troops Across State Amid CV Crisis

CV could be the best thing to happen to Hollywood

Joe Biden MIA During National Emergency – Apparently
The Ceilings In His Mansion Are ‘Too Low’ For Broadcast

Mike Bloomberg Campaign Transfers Record
$18 Million to DNC in Anti-Trump Effort

Jeffrey Epstein Spent Thousands of Dollars Funding
His Alleged Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell Before He Died

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