As Scrooge and Bill Gates Say: Reduce the Surplus Population

Comment: The Globalist Khazarian Zionist Mafia must be having a field day with this one laughing their arses off, sailing in their yachts, and Bill Gates staying home where HALF his house is UNDERGROUND.

Bill Gates‘ houseArchitectural stylePacific lodge

Location1835 73rd Ave NE (service entrance) and 7400 Northeast 18th Street (main entrance), Medina, Washington, United StatesCoordinates47°37′40″N 122°14′31″WCoordinates: 47°37′40″N 122°14′31″WTechnical details

Bill Gates Builds Nuclear Bunker, Tells Staff To Leave The …

Explaining that the bunker has entrances and exits large enough for vehicles, as well as escape tunnels, decontamination rooms, Swiss-made air purifiers and bulletproof hatches, Bill Gates apparently approved of the final construction only after being repeatedly assured he and two others would survive in the underground structure in the event of a 500,000-pound blast.

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