As coronavirus spreads across USA, Trump admin officials condemn people for preparing

Yes, it’s completely insane. While all the other countries in the world are begging their citizens to buy masks, use hand sanitizers, get backup supplies of food and get ready for the pandemic, Trump administration officials are condemning Americans who acquire preparedness supplies.We’ve truly reached the point of complete insanity among Washington bureaucrats as they actively order people to stop getting prepared.Read that full story here.The first U.S. coronavirus death just happened in Washington State on Saturday morning. Washington has now declared a state of emergency.Full story here.The coronavirus has now spread to 60 nations, today breaching Ecuador and IrelandSee that report here.And finally today, it now looks like multiple outbreaks are taking place across the West Coast, up and down California, Oregon and Washington.See that story  here.

For today’s podcasts (below), I’ve posted an emergency update to Health Ranger Store customers about the accelerating collapse of supply lines, the coming quarantines across major U.S. cities, the fact that our orders are backlogged now and why the Health Ranger Store may at some point be forced to temporarily suspend all new orders until we can catch up.

Listen to my full update from the HR Store here.

P.S. The U.S. Surgeon General says everybody should stop acquiring masks, cleaning solutions and backup food supplies. He claims that if you don’t stop seeking out masks, the hospitals in America will have no masks remaining, since they apparently have no masks in inventory.

And we’re told America is ready for the coronavirus pandemic? What a sad, pathetic joke…

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