The Great Psychiatry Scam {Highly Recommended Reading For Those Duped Into Taking Handfuls of Pills}

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Product Descriptionby Colin A. Ross, M.D. Serious errors in logic, scholarship and standards of thought in psychiatry are exposed by Dr. Ross through humor, satire, autobiographical sketches and analysis. The field of psychiatry is not a branch of medicine in its current form. There is a posture of science, but the real substance of science is absent. Instead, psychiatry is dominated by folklore, anecdote and superstition. Fixing psychiatry requires two initial steps: acknowledging the state of the field, and devoting serious money and resources to mental health. Dr. Ross exposes the forlorn state of the field and proposes a solution, which can be found in his book, The Trauma ModelWinner 2009 Next Generation INDIE Book Award for Psychology!

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