Russia on Palestine Question

Russia on the Question of Palestine


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On Tuesday, a Security Council session was held on the Trump/Netanyahu no-peace annexation scheme.

Ahead of the session, Israeli installed Palestinian president Abbas bowed to US/Jewish state pressure to delay or perhaps pull a draft Security Council resolution that expresses opposition to the scheme.

With no chance for support from nine SC member states needed for adoption, or able to avoid a Trump regime veto, the draft was dead before submission — yet still should have been submitted for debate on Tuesday.

According to an unnamed Netanyahu regime source, “great pressure (was) brought to bear on council members.” 

“Those efforts bore fruit. The Palestinians realized they would not have much support, and they took it off the table.” 

“(T)he rules of the game have changed…Removal of the resolution from Tuesday’s UNSC meeting is reflective of Abbas’ (hapless) standing” and submissiveness to Israeli interests.

He and Jewish state UN envoy Danny Danon participated in the Tuesday session.

The Trump/Netanyahu scheme has nothing to do with peace their regimes reject, nothing to do with Palestinian statehood, everything to do with US support for Israel to steal all historic Palestinian land it wishes for exclusive Jewish development and use, permanent subjugation of Palestinians to remain in place.

It’s a scheme only tyrants could love. Entirely one-sided for Israel, it was proposed to be rejected, not accepted.

Longtime Israeli collaborator Abbas is a pathetic figure — time and again saying one thing, then doing another, betraying long-suffering Palestinians since Oslo for special benefits afforded him, his family members and cronies.

His Security Council remarks were hollow, accomplishing nothing toward advancing Palestinian liberation from subjugation under apartheid Israel’s repressive boot.

Trump regime UN envoy Kelly Craft’s remarks promoted Trump/Netanyahu no-peace annexation scheme with a litany of bald-faced Big Lies as expected.

Calling it a new vision for peace was and remains code language for permanent Palestinian subjugation in isolated cantons, surrounded by hostile settlers and Israeli security forces, controlling their lives and welfare, depriving them of all rights affirmed under international law.

Ziofascist Danon slammed Abbas, saying the following:

“Let’s not beat around the bush. Progress toward peace will not be made so long as (he) remains in his position (sic),” adding:

“Only when he steps down can Israel and the Palestinians move forward (sic).” 

“A leader who chooses rejectionism, incitement and glorification of terror can never be a real partner for peace (sic).”

“If (he) was serious about negotiations, he wouldn’t be here today (sic).” 

“He would be in (Israel) or in Washington sitting down with his negotiating partner (sic).”

He’s “not serious about negotiations, or about peace (sic). Instead, he did what he always does.”

“He came here to distract from his own unwillingness to negotiate (sic).”

“He is trying to blame the lack of progress toward peace on Israel (sic).” 

“Complaining instead of leading, that is Abbas’ way. That was his way when he took office, and that is his way today (sic).”

Do the above remarks suggest Israel intends replacing 84-year-old Abbas with a new designated Palestinian puppet to serve its interests?

Are his days as an Israeli collaborator ending? Does the Netanyahu regime already have a new Palestinian puppet in mind?

Under international law, Israeli settlements and exclusive Jewish state control over Jerusalem are flagrantly illegal.

During Tuesday’s SC session, 10 member states criticized the Trump/Netanyahu scheme: Belgium, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Indonesia, South Africa, Tunisia, Vietnam, and Russia.

Moscow’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia called unresolved Palestinian issues one of the root causes of regional violence and instability, “fuel(ing) extremist and radical sentiments,” adding:

Russia “support(s) a fair solution of the Palestinian issue on the basis of the relevant resolutions of the UNSC and GA, the Madrid principles and the Arab Peace Initiative, which provide for the establishment of an independent, sovereign, territorially contiguous Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

The Trump/Netanyahu scheme fails “to resolve the longstanding Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” 

It “does not take into account the key elements of the universally recognized international legal framework of the Middle East peace process, enshrined in the resolutions of the UN Security Council, those of the UNGA and in the Arab Peace Initiative.”

Russia supports what’s mutually acceptable to the Palestinians and Israel — an unattainable objective because the US and Jewish state reject regional peace and Palestinian self-determination, free from occupation and Israeli control.

Moscow supports the futility of Israeli/Palestinian negotiations. 

Achieving nothing for half a century, they buy time for Israel to keep stealing Palestinian land until fully in control of all valued Judea and Samaria land its ruling regimes want for exclusive Jewish development and use.

The only viable option for Palestinians is resistance — free from corrupted PLO control, their only way forward.

Longterm struggle alone has any chance for liberation one day. Nothing else can work. More talks are a roadmap to oblivion. 

The alternative to resistance is continued subjugation by a repressive occupier, what no responsible leadership can accept.

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