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Latest breaking news on the virus – Bodies piling up, hundreds cremated daily

Today is a super critical update on the coronavirus situation in China.

Read this important story that reveals how bodies are literally piling up in crematoriums, with workers stressed to the point of collapse, getting just two hours of sleep a night, completely unable to keep up with the hundreds of bodies that keep arriving.

Anyone filming dead bodies in China is subject to police arrest, while the U.S. tech giants are now completely de-platforming all channels that talk about the pandemic (including YouTube).

Read my critical analysis here that reveals how China just admitted the real death rate is 15% – 17%. This is based on numbers from China and the WHO.

On top of that, China is now threatening the death penalty for people who fail to report travel to the Wuhan region. Yes, you can now be killed in China for lying to the very same government that’s lying about everything related to this pandemic.

We’ve got breaking news continuing throughout the day and the evening, with a new podcast coming online shortly, too.


We reached out to one of our commercial suppliers and asked them to release a few hundred pandemic protection kits to our customers, and they’ve agreed to let us offer these until they’re gone.

Due to the extreme scarcity of the supply chain, we are one of the only two outlets in the USA that has a supply of these kits.

Strictly while supplies last, which won’t be long, we now have the following available, all including full-body hooded barrier suits, 3M surgical masks, nitrile gloves, virucidal wipes, single-use thermometers and more.

These will be gone probably within 24 hours. Get a kit now if you want one:

The Family Maximum Pandemic Protection Kit

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The Responder Pendemic Protection Kit

These are shipped from our supplier, but they are all in stock for the moment, amazingly.

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Featured Articles
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