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2019 Latin America in Review: Year of the Revolt of the Dispossessed

2019 has not been an entirely bullish year for US imperialism, notwithstanding the hard turns to the right in Brazil, Bolivia, and Ecuador.  Powerful winds against neoliberalism are gusting in Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, and even in the US “Commonwealth” of Puerto Rico.


ARI BEN MENSASHE Feature photo

Former Spy Details Israel’s Main Motive Behind Epstein’s Sexual Blackmail Operation

MintPress speaks with Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli spy who worked closely with Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, as part of their work with Israeli military intelligence and had frequent encounters with Jeffrey Epstein. 


Labour Jeremy Corbyn feature photo

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to Step Down After UK Election Catastrophe

Corbyn easily won his own seat, but many of his party members did not share the same fortune, as Labour’s heartlands were lost on a dark day for the British left.


UK Brexit Election Feature photo

Labour’s Brexit Strategy Backfires as UK Votes to Leave EU at Any Cost

While Labour hemorrhaged votes across the board, it was in “leave” constituencies the party faired the worst, where their vote share decreased by over ten percent on average.


Gilead Lawsuit Feature Photo

Economist Dean Baker: Systemic Change Needed to Fight Big Pharma Price Gouging

“We give companies patent monopolies that allow them to sell drugs at mark-ups of several thousand percent above their production costs. How can we be surprised when they lie or conceal information to push their drugs as widely as possible?”


How Trump’s New Anti-Semitism Order Effectively Criminalizes Dissent

Trump’s anti-Semitism bill is unlikely to dampen the flames of hatred towards Jewish Americans or make them feel safer; indeed, outlawing criticism of Israel may have the opposite effect.


University of Cape Town Israel

Elected by Donors: How the University of Cape Town Was Bullied into Embracing Israel

While the story may only seem relevant in South Africa’s political and academic contexts, in reality, it exemplifies the nature of a brewing war between supporters of Palestinian rights and Israeli interests, worldwide. 


Mexico Anti-US Feature photo

Majority of Mexicans See United States as Greatest Threat, New Poll Shows

This is not the first time that a US-based outfit has concluded that the US government is a menace to other countries. A 2014 survey of world public opinion found that the United States was overwhelmingly considered the greatest threat to world peace.

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