LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

Freeing the President Now; Before the Senate Vote

Barbara Boyd — Author, Treasurer, LaRouchePAC

Dennis Speed — LaRouchePAC NYC

LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

Thursday, December 26, 2019 • 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm PT)

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When the strategic picture in the world is taken into account, the long term view which Lyndon LaRouche uniquely presented; it’s clear that those who wish to support this President have some fundamental breakthroughs to make and quickly. The Republican controlled Senate is a minefield he must negotiate and bargain with because of impeachment. Many Senators, whose votes the President must secure, have been recruited to the present drive to war with Russia and China which manifested itself in the murder of Gaddafi in 2012, the Ukraine coup of 2014, and the ongoing war in Syria.

This is an opening the President’s enemies in the swamp are positioning themselves to exploit strategically. All of these wars, in turn, are the product of a decadent elite which greeted the collapse of their financial system in 2008 not with the bankruptcy reorganization which was urgent, but with a desperate move in which the debts of the City of London and Wall Street were absorbed by sovereign nation states and their so-called Central Banks, creating the permanent economic instability which is fueling the mass strike movements of the dispossessed across the world today.

That is why Obama started a spy program against any potential opponent of his imperial viewpoint in 2012 and our entire nation is under voluntary surveillance from their smartphones. That is why the ability of these Senators to blackmail the President during this coming month of January must be neutered. That is also why only a great leap into the future, as specified in LaRouche’s crash program for space exploration and fusion power is really the only route to rescue the world’s economies securely.

Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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