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  • Taking the Empire Down From the Top and the Horowitz Report is Just the Beginning
  • Milley and Esper Testify U.S. Wants To Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan
  • Bolivian Fascist Camacho Seeks Legitimacy in Washington, But Not Everyone Welcomes Him
  • German Student Eyewitness Compares Hong Kong Riots to 2014 Fascist Maidan in Ukraine
  • Turkish President Erdogan Considers Sending Troops to Libya
  • Congress Increases Attacks on Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2, But German Industry Retaliates
  • Conte ‘The Traitor’ Gets Italian Parliament to APprove a Resolution for the ESM
  • Schiller Institute Activists Address ‘Italy and Albania, an Open Door to the Balkans’ Forum in Tirana
  • LaRouchePAC’s Boyd Explains ‘Stunning Revelations’ of Four Decades of Intelligence Crimes


Taking the Empire Down from the Top and the Horowitz Report Is Just the Beginning

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—Wednesday, Dec. 11, saw a truly historic Senate hearing in which Inspector General Michael Horowitz of the Department of Justice answered questions about his report on gross misconduct by the FBI and DOJ in the international campaign to prevent the election of Donald Trump and then once elected, to remove him, a coup d’état which has been ongoing here since before the Nov. 8, 2016 election. The venue was the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), whose 40-minute opening remarks blasted this massive abuse of power, and carried the message: It can and will be stopped. During the course of the proceedings, four other Republican Senators—Chuck Grassley (IA), John Cornyn (TX), Ted Cruz (TX), and Mike Lee (UT)—in their questions to Horowitz brought out the scope of the subversion involved. These four video excerpts are featured on LaRouchePAC’s website.

In the House of Representatives today, we have the Democratic Party continuing the coup, marking up Articles of Impeachment, which, if accepted and voted up by the Senate, would turn the U.S. Constitutional republic into a British parliamentary system, with the President becoming a figurehead, serving at the pleasure of the Senate, a President who can be removed over style or policy disputes. Americans would be formally controlled, as the British and European Parliaments are controlled, by a financial oligarchy centered in the central banks and the City of London, a modern imperial entity administered by academics, technocrats, and professional Mandarins, like all Empires in history.

The tool for such control, is, as in Orwell’s 1984 and the former East Germany, mass surveillance, outright control of popular opinion, and the inducement of cult-like ignorance and political divides based essentially on identity politics. On Aug. 23 of this year, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, the darling central banker for the British Empire, called for precisely this form of fascism to be implemented immediately in the U.S. and worldwide, using the Green New Deal as the mechanism to achieve it, a call otherwise represented in person now by the presidential candidacy of Sir Michael Bloomberg and his personals millions that he will spend to buy the Presidency.

However, despite a massive media campaign of lies both preceding the release of the Horowitz report and following it, and Horowitz’s choice of language to describe his results, the report is a devastating revelation of a massive abuse of power by the Department of Justice and the FBI. See for yourselves, by watching the videos of the Senators at the hearing, and you can get a sense of the magnitude of all of this.

Horowitz found that the DOJ and FBI procured Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants on Carter Page, a Trump campaign associate, by committing multiple frauds against the FISA Court, and, most significantly against the American public. First, consider that the FBI knew that the Christopher Steele dossier, the MI6-crafted dirty dossier about Donald Trump, which was paid for by Hillary Clinton campaign, and which was almost the sole fountain for all of the allegations about Trump being an agent of Putin and a traitor to the U.S., was a complete fraud as of January of 2017. They interviewed the man who Christopher Steele said was his main source, a Russian, who gathered all the rest of the sourcing for the dirty dossier, and this guy told the FBI that Steele’s dossier consisted entirely of unverified barroom gossip, rumor, and bullshit.

So, the FBI and Justice Department, based on the Horowitz report, can now definitively and provably be said to have known as of January 2017, when they interviewed Christopher Steele’s main source for his dirty dossier, that there was no collusion between the Russians and Donald Trump, no matter how hard British intelligence, the Obama White House, and John Brennan’s CIA pushed that lie to the contrary. End of story, there was nothing further to investigate—except, of course, how in hell did all of this begin in the first place.

Yet, at the same time, in January 2017, the U.S. Intelligence Community issued its assessment that Russia had intervened in the election to elect Donald Trump, and we now know that the completely bogus Steele dossier played a significant role in that assessment, despite numerous denials, under oath, by Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper that it did not. The very same Steele dossier was used by then FBI Director James Comey in an attempt to entrap and blackmail the President in a briefing in January 2017, and then to smear him as compromised by Putin, because of tapes Steele claimed Putin had of Trump’s perverse sexual activities. It was all fake, a huge and outrageous lie, for which there are few parallels in history and none involving the United States until now.

The Horowitz report is a first step in changing all of that, really all of it. The surveillance state is now under widespread attack. The Guardians of the Empire, the news media and Hollywood’s culture, have lost credibility as the result of their campaign of lies against Trump. They have been desperate and reckless, and now stand fully exposed as liars and crooks. Most importantly, we have a President who is willing to fight, and to disrupt.

In his 2005 book Earth’s Next Fifty Years, Lyndon LaRouche has written about the causes and solutions to political crises: “Usually, unfortunately, the mistaken assumption has been made that the previous crisis was a product of the violation of some traditional set of values, when, in fact, it was caused by a failure to carry out a needed violation of that set of values…. The false assumption is, therefore, that the solution exists within the bounds of that set of assumptions which has generated the crisis.”

This, at heart, is the deadly and popular malady which this President abrasively disrupts on behalf of those forgotten Americans whom our elites call “deplorables.” If we join him in that endeavor, with LaRouche’s bold view of the future, the coup can clearly now be stopped.


Milley and Esper Testify U.S. Wants To Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Mark Esper told a Dec. 11 hearing of the House Armed Services Committee that the Trump Administration wants to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

“Short answer is yes,” Esper replied to a question of whether the Pentagon contemplated having a minimal footprint in the country purely for the purposes of fighting terror. Milley said the United States has “multiple options,” among them being a smaller footprint. “Our military strategy in Afghanistan is to continue to deny Afghanistan as a safe haven for terrorist attacks on our homeland,” Milley said according to AP.

Bolivian Fascist Camacho Seeks Legitimacy in Washington, but Not Everyone Welcomes Him

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—Bolivian fascist Luis Fernando Camacho, who was the visible leader of the October-November coup d’état against President Evo Morales, was in Washington, D.C. over Dec. 11-12 for meetings and an address at the Inter-American Dialogue, a think tank which advocates British geopolitical doctrine and failed Western economic liberalism.

Now a declared presidential candidate for next March’s elections, Camacho is seeking legitimacy as a serious politician and defender of democracy, which is belied by his advocacy of separatism and racial violence, as well as his ties to Eastern European fascist groups. It was Camacho who led paramilitary hordes to attack Morales’s indigenous followers leading up to the coup.

Luis Almagro, Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), welcomed Camacho with open arms yesterday, gushing over his great “commitment to Bolivian democracy.” Camacho, in turn, thanked Almagro for the “impartiality and objectivity” he showed during recent events, in which Almagro followed the State Department script of charging Morales with vote fraud and demanding new elections. The OAS’s report on its audit of the vote, even though it was riddled with inconsistencies, contributed to Morales’s ouster.

Camacho’s appearance at the Inter-American Dialogue didn’t go so well. A group of angry Bolivian citizens, together with members of the Code Pink grouping, barged into the room where Camacho was scheduled to speak, shouting “fascist,” “coup-monger,” and carrying large signs denouncing him. Personnel at the Dialogue, which tries to portray itself as a bastion of liberal thinking and honest dialogue, were nonplussed, while Camacho stood there with a fixed grin and glazed eyes.

German Student Eyewitness Compares Hong Kong Riots to 2014 Fascist Maidan in Ukraine

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—A German student gave a comprehensive, eyewitness report on the development of the riots in Hong Kong, at a forum in Mainz, Germany this week, sponsored by the local German-Chinese friendship society.

The student, who was studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, focused on events that occurred there, including the murder by a Hong Konger in Taiwan, who then fled to Hong Kong to evade prosecution, which sparked the extradition law.

The student gave graphic descriptions of several incidents, including how students from mainland China were harassed and intimidated. For instance, when mainland students put up small Chinese flags in their windows to mark the 70th anniversary of the P.R.C.’s founding, rioters threw liquids under the doors of their rooms or knocked at the doors until 4 a.m.

In another incident, when the university director rejected rioters’ demand that he speak out against what they alleged was police violence, they stormed his office, dragged him into the courtyard and forced him to make a statement against police before running cameras.

Furthermore, the rioters also closed down the university canteen, because the catering service was run by a mainland Chinese company. They pulled the canteen staff out and harassed them, ignoring any attempt by staff to engage in dialogue. Rioters also seized all the food that came into the university, denying any to the non-rioting, normal students, who otherwise had had nothing to eat for at least three days.

During the university occupation, the rioters threw tables and metal pipes down from a bridge onto a busy highway. Like terrorists, when the police came they exploded two empty cars they had parked in places where they expected the police to approach.

Most students stayed in their rooms, attempting to avoid harassment. At one point, the German student decided to find out what was going on: What he saw was a line of people making Molotov cocktails, filling bottles with flammable chemicals from the university laboratories and throwing them at the police.

At that point, the German student decided to flee the university with several mainland students. Since three of the university’s five entrances were blocked, they had to go through back entrances to a subway station. When they left the university, they found the street had been barricaded by empty cars that rioters had parked in four rows, and which they would have exploded had the police approached from that side.

While the event moderators would not allow for questions afterward, the Germans in the audience evinced shock at the contrast between the student’s report and those from the media.

When the Schiller Institute organizer told the student speaker that his report of the violence in Hong Kong was reminiscent of the Maidan violence in Ukraine in 2014, he agreed, and acknowledged that, in fact, he knew that among the Hong Kong rioters were individuals from Ukraine’s Right Sector.

Turkish President Erdogan Considers Sending Troops to Libya

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—Turkish commentator Serkan Demirtas, writing in Hurriyet Daily News, suggests that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is considering sending troops to Libya to back up the Tripoli government. The Tripoli government is the only one in the North Africa, Southwest Asia region that still has active backing from Islamic militias, which are the same groups that overthrew Libyan leader Col. Muammar Qaddafi in 2011. These militias, in turn, have support from both Turkey and Qatar.

Demirtas cites two memorandums of understanding signed between the head of the Tripoli-based, UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Mustafa al-Sarraj, and Turkish President Erdogan earlier this month.

One of those MOUs concerns security cooperation between Turkey and the GNA, whose details have not fully been made public. Although it was approved by the Turkish Parliament, it cannot be approved by the GNA parliament, since the chairman of the parliament supports the rival Libyan National Army (LNA) based in Tobruk under the command of Gen. Khalifa Haftar, which has been receiving support from the United States, Russia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and European powers.

While Turkey says it will continue to back a peaceful solution for Libya, a statement by Erdogan suggests that Ankara is prepared to send troops to support the Tripoli government. “Of course, such an invitation [from the GNA] would give us this right” to send in troops, Erdogan stated, claiming such a deployment would not violate existing UN Security Council resolutions.

Demirtas also quotes Erdogan saying: “On the Haftar issue, I don’t want it to give birth to a new Syria in relations with Russia. I believe Russia will also review its existing stance over Haftar.”  Demirtas says that with this statement, Erdogan is admitting that if Turkey deployed troops to Libya’s Tripoli, it would repeat what has happened in Syria, and that may jeopardize the existing dialogue between Ankara and Moscow.

The second of these MOUs, on the delimitation of the maritime jurisdiction areas in the Mediterranean, is seen by Greece, Egypt, and the Cyprus Republic as a provocation that threatens their Exclusive Economic Zones. The Greeks have taken the issue to the EU, which had said Turkey’s claims are illegal. Greek Parliament President Constantinos Tassoulas met in Athens today with his Libyan counterpart Aguila Saleh, who backs Haftar. The meeting was also attended by Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias.


Congress Increases Attacks on Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2, but German Industry Retaliates

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—Following a vote by the vast majority of the U.S. House of Representatives on Dec. 9 for sanctions against Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, German industry called on the Berlin government to launch counter-sanctions. Matthias Schepp, president of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce, said yesterday, “we should respond to sanctions that cause damage to Europe with counter-sanctions…. It is about time that Berlin and Brussels take a clear-cut position and respond with targetted countermeasures.”

U.S. sanctions would hit all European companies taking part in the construction of the pipeline, and all leading officials of those companies, whom the U.S. would henceforth deny visas, and would seize their U.S. bank accounts. These sanctions would affect companies like ENGIE, OMV, Shell, Uniper and Wintershall Dea.

So far, 2100 km of the pipeline in the Baltic Sea have been completed, and work on the remaining 300 km has begun, after Denmark gave the go-ahead in October for the project to proceed in its territorial waters. Congress also voted sanctions against the TurkStream pipeline, which would bring Russian gas to Europe via Turkey, and whose underwater section in the Black Sea has been completed, with the Bulgarian land section of 474 km awaiting the go-ahead. The sanctions aim to sabotage that section of the pipeline. The Russians, however, have warned that if the Bulgarian section cannot be built, another route across the Balkans would be considered.


Conte ‘The Traitor’ Gets Italian Parliament To Approve a Resolution for the ESM

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)— The Italian government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte managed to get Parliament to approve a new resolution in favor of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) yesterday. The resolution conditions approval of the ESM reform on approval of the entire Banking Union “package,” which includes a European-wide single deposit insurance fund, which Germany has blocked so far.

The main aspect of so-called reform of the ESM, which was formed in 2012, is, as EIR has consistently stressed, that it will become a “backstop” for bank bailouts, while at the same time functioning as a safety net for governments, as it has done in the past for Greece, Ireland, and others. The reform text says that if the Single Resolution Fund resources (capital and bail-in) are not enough, the ESM would jump in as a backstop, with a €700 billion fund provided by member states.

Conte had promised Parliament that the government would only approve the ESM if, at the same time, the single deposit guarantee fund was also approved as a “package.” However, the word “progressive” was inserted in the resolution, which means the ESM reform is approved before and without the deposit guarantee. Thus, Conte can announce today at the Dec. 12-13 EU summit that he will sign the treaty.

The resolution contains a fig leaf, promising that Parliament will be “involved” at any stage of negotiations. However, the negotiation for the ESM has already been concluded, as Eurogroup President Mário Centeno has clearly stated.

Five Senators from the government partner Five Star Movement voted against the government and are considering joining the opposition Lega.

Lega Chamber of Deputies Budget Committee Chairman Claudio Borghi called Conte a “traitor.” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Alberto Bagnai (Lega) exposed the fact that the ESM incorporates the Fiscal Compact, which is a failed policy, and he called the EU a “dying” proposition.

While those such as European Parliament Member Marco Zanni (Lega), who have correctly pointed to the fact that in a banking crisis, the ESM won’t be enough and the ECB would have to jump in, the real solution—Glass-Steagall banking separation, as opposed to perennial bank bailouts—has been excised from the debate. For the most part, the anti-ESM debate has fixated on the fact that the conditionalities for aid to governments divide the EU into first- and second-class members (indeed, they demand that countries applying for aid must have a budget deficit below 3% and a national debt below 60%—or, are in a process of debt reduction by 20% yearly; at the moment, only Germany would probably fit into the first category).

Nevertheless, the general evaluation in Italy is that the current government has been severely weakened and has an expiration date fixed for some time between January and April 2020.


Schiller Institute Activists Address ‘Italy and Albania, an Open Door to the Balkans’ Forum in Tirana

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—Schiller Institute representatives Feride Gillesberg and Claudio Celani were invited to participate in the Dec. 9 conference in Tirana “Italy and Albania, an Open Door to the Balkans,” which was jointly organized by the eCampus University and the Albanian Ministry of the Diaspora.

The conference was opened by Diaspora Minister Pandeli Majko, who was followed by Albanian and Italian experts. The keynote was given by eCampus Chairman Enzo Siviero. Schiller Institute representative Claudio Celani was invited by Siviero to make a short intervention at the end.

In his welcoming speech, Majko recalled that when he was Defense Minister in 2005, he launched the idea of building a bridge connecting Albania to Italy, and at that time people laughed at the idea—but today, this is becoming increasingly realistic, he said.

Siviero’s presentation was an expanded version of his presentation at the Nov. 16-17 Schiller Institute conference in Germany, and focussed on what he calls the “Ulysses Corridor,” an infrastructure corridor going from Tunisia to Italy (TUNeIT) and from Italy to Albania and Greece (GRALBeIT). Siviero’s speech was very well received. (The transcript of his speech in Bad Soden, Germany is available in the Nov. 22 issue of EIR, and it was previewed in EIR Daily Alert, Number 223, for Nov. 11.)

One strong constraint for Albania is that since they want to join the EU, they have been subjected to an austerity regime as a precondition, and even in an emergency—such as the recent earthquake—they must guarantee that they will keep a primary budget surplus and incur no new debt!

However, the long-awaited decision to start the admission process was rejected at the last EU summit, and now there is a debate in Albania as to whether they should not rather to turn to Russia and/or China, instead.


LaRouchePAC’s Boyd Explains ‘Stunning Revelations’ of Four Decades of Intelligence Crimes

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—On tonight’s weekly LaRouchePAC call-in webcast, “Fireside Chat,” LaRouchePAC’s Barbara Boyd was joined by two experts from the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), William Binney and Larry Johnson.  Boyd discussed some of the revelations in Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report and related developments this week in the attempted coup d’état against President Donald Trump. Here is an abridged transcript of her remarks:

“Now, the FBI wanted to spy on Trump’s campaign so they needed a warrant to spy on one of the campaign volunteers. Bill Binney will tell you about how one FISA warrant can get you through the door to the entire campaign. They chose Carter Page for the FISA warrant, after [“former” British MI6 agent] Christopher Steele had lied that Page was the “gopher” for Paul Manafort, another Trump campaign associate, in dealings between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. The only problem was that Carter Page was not a pawn of the Russians, as Steele purported. He was actually an operational source of the CIA and was reporting his contacts with the Russians to the Agency.

“When the FBI, the Justice Department, and Christopher Steele all leaked Carter Page’s name to the media and accused him, essentially of being a Russian spy, he said, ‘wait a second, I am reporting my Russian contacts to both the FBI and the CIA.’ The CIA sent an email to the FBI saying, ‘Hey, this guy is an operational source of ours’; and an FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith changed that email to say that Carter Page was not a CIA source. Now, obviously, the fact that Page was a CIA source undermines the claim being made for the spy warrant painting him as a Russian agent.

“Attorney General William Barr commented on this in two media interviews this week. He said the country has been turned inside out for three years, based, essentially, on information which all involved had known was bullshit (although he used much gentler terms), assisted by a lying and complicit media. They knew in January 2017, if you accept the proposition that the FBI did not know from the beginning. Yet, they proceeded with the entire effort to set the President up on obstruction and other crimes, out of which came the brutal and ridiculous Mueller witch hunt and now, the equally insane Ukrainegate impeachment proceedings. As Lindsey Graham said on Sean Hannity’s Wednesday night show on Dec. 11, the door Horowitz opened will be gone through: ‘Rod Rosenstein, get ready to testify.’

“Now, there is a whole lot more revealed by the Horowitz report, mostly by what is not there. That is why Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham are contesting Horowitz’s conclusions and much of that goes to what Bill Binney, Larry Johnson and other members of the VIPS have proved. The premise for the Horowitz report involves acceptance of the big lie, that the Russians hacked the DNC and Podesta, and turned the results over to WikiLeaks. That is a provable lie and Bill Binney and his friends have proved it.

“The Horowitz Report also fills out and confirms much of what EIR and LaRouchePAC have published about Christopher Steele and the circles he runs in. We said at the beginning that if you followed the Steele thread in the coup against Trump, you would be opening doors to truly evil, international operations, and that trail would lead you to the heart of the enemy. This is the intelligence circle of former MI6 director Sir Richard Dearlove in London.  Christopher Steele is Dearlove’s protégé from MI6. This is the circle which sold the Iraq War under George W. Bush.

Steele has a history of conducting information-warfare operations, black propaganda, which our intelligence agencies surely knew, even if the FBI claims it didn’t. His bogus Trump reports followed services performed for former State Department operative Victoria Nuland, John Kerry, and the British government in fomenting the Nazi coup in Ukraine where then-Vice President Joe Biden served as a modern-day viceroy.

“Steele’s business, Orbis Business Intelligence, is a fairly obvious intelligence front. Its clients are rival Russian oligarchs whom Steele assists in their various litigation wars against each other—wars premised on their parking their ill-gotten gains in the City of London. His play is to use the profiles and information he gathers from the oligarchs to undermine Putin.  According to Horowitz’s report, he even tried to turn some of these oligarchs into FBI informants, a very interesting tale yet to be publicly told.

“Steele was the handler for the person who was at one time the most famous anti-Putin oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, before he wound up dead, and the case agent in the 2006 poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, which kicked off London’s current war drive against Russia. Pablo Miller, associated with Steele’s Orbis firm, was in 2006 the handler for Sergei Skripal, the most recent victim of British intelligence hoaxes involving Russia. You might recall that Skripal was poisoned on March 4, 2018 while living in Britain, in a hoax attributed to the Russians. Just prior to undertaking his assignment against Trump, Steele prepared bogus reports claiming that the Brexit vote was manipulated by the Russians and that the Russians were intervening in all elections in Europe.

“So don’t take seriously the after-the-fact claims by British intelligence that they found Steele lacked judgment or was untrustworthy. Their operation was blowing up and has just been incinerated by the implications of the Horowitz Report. In fact, Christopher Steele himself has taken great issue with the FBI calling him an informant who violated FBI media protocols, because, he says, he made perfectly clear that he was in the black propaganda business and the FBI accepted a contract with his firm for that purpose. Horowitz confirms that that was the understanding.

“So, this is all really quite stunning.  It is a trail, which if properly handled can expose most of the intelligence crimes of the past four decades.

“Now, when we were talking about this call, we talked about what is involved in taking the whole thing down. Bill Binney painted the present situation internationally as a war between a defined enemy, which is fighting to preserve its empire internationally, at all costs, and those who are breaking free from that empire and its oligarchical axioms about human beings. Since Franklin Roosevelt’s death, the United States has gradually corrupted and degraded itself in the direction of oligarchical rule: a smug elite sits at the top and dictates rules of behavior, both by law and by custom, which results in most of the human population being treated no better than human cattle.

“The sharp turn for the worst began with the Kennedy and King assassinations and the Vietnam War, and really got rolling when Nixon finally killed the Bretton Woods system in 1971, opening the door to the twin evils of globalization and massive financial speculation under the rubric of free trade. If you want some insight into what an oligarchy is, you should read Friedrich Schiller’s essay “On the Legislation of Lycurgus and Solon,” available from the Schiller Institute’s Friedrich Schiller: Poet of Freedom, Vol. II, and fully developed by Lyndon LaRouche in his 2004 essay, “Toward a Second Treaty of Westphalia: The Coming Eurasian World.”

“The most recent nodal points in this descent were the terror attacks of 9/11 and the Iraq War. Lyndon LaRouche cites the British intelligence services and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington as the intellectual authors of the modern permanent warfare regime and the unaccountable administrative bureaucratic apparatus warring against the President, now. Bill Binney and Larry Johnson were shouting from the rooftops shortly after 9/11 about the surveillance state which was being implemented then and its consequences, consequences which we now see playing out in the attempted coup against a sitting President, and the intended transformation of the nature of our Constitutional Republic led by crazy Jacobins with little idea of what they are doing.”

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