What’s Behind the Coup

If you want to stop the coup against the President, you must understand how Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton’s State Department carried out a coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014.In a November 16 webcast, LaRouche PAC’s Barbara Boyd presented the real story behind the present impeachment farce: how the very forces running the attack on the president used actual Nazis as their enforcers, in order to turn Ukraine into a pawn in the British geopolitical war drive against Russia.

Every American citizen must watch and understand this story. Watch the video and circulate it to as many people possible, via social media or any other means. You will learn that the impeachment drive is not about politics … it is about policy. It is about the choice between war and peace. President Trump wants peace and an end to forever wars. Washington’s war party, dominating both sides of the aisle, has left the President “an island of one,” as he himself has said. You will understand that President Trump can expose the entire conspiracy against him by declassifying all the documents pertaining to the State Department/CIA participation in the coup in Ukraine. And by exposing the Biden/State Department coup masters in Ukraine, the President can help Ukraine take out those neo-Nazi networks, neutralize the imperial war drive, and create the conditions for peace. Be the first to get our latest reports and updates on the coup attempt, text SC20 to (202)609-8371 – text stop to leave at anytime.
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