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Volume 6, Number 229
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  • How To End Perpetual War: Stop the Impeachment Coup!
  • Biden Network Coordinating Ukraine Hoax in Phony Impeachment Surfaces
  • New Jersey Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew Warns Impeachment I ‘Disenfranchising Millions’
  • President, Federal Reserve Chair, Treasury Secretary Confer on U.S. Global Economic Problems
  • Freight Train Traffic Between China and Europe Rose by 53% in 2019
  • China’s Xi Jinping and South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa Meet at Brasilia BRICS Summit
  • Russia Returns Ukraine Navy Ships Taken in November 2019 Kerch Strait Incident
  • Argentina’s President-Elect Fernandez Plans To Revive Deal With China To Build Fourth Nuclear Reactor
  • Bolivian ‘Government’ Terrorizing Opposition Lawmakers, Journalists, Morale’s Base


How To End Perpetual War: Stop the Impeachment Coup!

Nov. 18 (EIRNS)—With the focus on policy toward Ukraine in “Phase III” of the unending impeachment drive against President Donald Trump, the American people and their Congressional representatives are faced with a clear choice: perpetual war, or peace. Those elected representatives who reject war and superpower confrontation, are with few exceptions not ready for the test. The American people must make them face it, and our EIR Daily Alert Service is an indispensable means to bring them together quickly to do it.

The Ukrainian government installed by a coup in 2014—and personally installed by Victoria Nuland, U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, and Vice President Joe Biden—was riddled with fascist and openly neo-Nazi forces; imposed an immediate war mobilization against Russia; brutally repressed all opposition to this; and finished ruining Ukraine’s economy where corruption and IMF looting had left off.

President Trump since he became a candidate has wanted nothing to do with that government or its representatives; but the British and U.S. intelligence services and their fellow Cold Warriors at State and National Security Council have insisted on Ukraine as the NATO spearpoint against Russia—and are still insisting on it as they testify against the President in Rep. Adam Schiff’s impeachment circus. But President Trump welcomed Ukraine’s new President Volodymyr Zelensky, elected overwhelmingly as an outsider against corruption and for ending Ukraine’s war with Russia. As one of Zelensky’s most prominent backers put it to the New York Times last week, the impeachers of Trump want “war with Russia to the last Ukrainian.”

That is the issue we are confronting, to defeat Phase III of the impeachment coup, the Ukraine phase. Seeing these hearings, does anyone think that in the chaotic aftermath of an overthrow of President Trump, a government of Pence or otherwise, with an abused and wild Congress, would do anything but fly to war with Russia in Ukraine; with China in the South China Sea, force its way back into Syria, Libya, even Venezuela or Bolivia?

We must demand, including through Members of Congress, the declassification of all State Department documents bearing on the 2014 coup in Ukraine, and State interactions with its various ultra-right governments, its war in “the Russian East,” etc.

As New York University Russian studies Prof. Emeritus Stephen F. Cohen has pointed out in recent days, we want and need President Trump to tell Ukraine’s new President Zelensky, “We have your back” in seeking peace and fighting corruption. The new Cold Warriors impeaching Trump want Zelensky out, too. That is the story of impeachment Phase III. And the pro-perpetual war media are running all out attacks on those few journalists who have dared to report it since 2017.

And there are the City of London and Wall Street, who want Trump out because the big banks are heading for another blowout.

Who knows what Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told the President, when they met at the White House Monday morning, about the Fed’s panicky, $70-100 billion daily liquidity injections into some of those banks—unknown, which ones—since Sept. 17?

But the most influential banksters, and their friends in intelligence and diplomatic circles—do not want Trump in the White House to react to this financial crisis. He could take bold, unexpected steps.

That makes LaRouchePAC’s constant organizing crucial—and again, the EIR Daily Alert Service to coordinate it through “committees of correspondence.” Lyndon LaRouche’s policy of rescuing the economy and saving the nation is for a Glass-Steagall breakup of Wall Street; negotiations with Russia, China and India to start a new international credit system; space missions to the Moon and Mars and development of advanced nuclear fission and fusion power.

That’s the peace policy. Impeachment is a British intelligence war game.


Biden Network Coordinating Ukraine Hoax in Phony Impeachment Surfaces

Nov. 18 (EIRNS)—Associated Press released an article this morning intended to contradict Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s statements that he felt no pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump about opening an investigation of the Bidens. Instead, the article itself surfaces the Biden-Ukraine State Department alumni network as a central coordinating point for the phony impeachment probe.

According to the article, then President-elect Zelensky met on May 7th with twoof his top aides, “as well as Andriy Kobolyev, head of the state-owned natural gas company Naftogaz, and Amos Hochstein, an American who sits on the Ukrainian company’s supervisory board,” to air concerns about pressure from the Trump Administration. Ahead of the meeting, writes AP, Hochstein told U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch why he was being called in. By Hochstein’s account, Zelensky tried to disguise the real purpose of the meeting by stating it was about energy.

According to the bogus AP story, “Hochstein separately briefed two U.S. Embassy officials, Suriya Jayanti and Joseph Pennington, about Zelensky’s concerns, said the two people who spoke to the AP. Jayanti and Pennington took notes on the meeting, the people said.” After the meeting and after Yovanovitch’s recall to the U.S. from Kiev, Hochstein traveled to Washington to update her on the meeting.

Given the players here, it is probable that Hochstein and others were attempting to play Zelensky and threaten him should he open investigations into Burisma and/or into Ukrainian operations against 2016 candidate Trump. The story surfacing at this point with the allusion to notes being taken by the U.S. Embassy officials who met with Hochstein, is designed to put pressure on Zelensky to change his “no Trump pressure” declarations.

Given Biden’s deep involvement in Ukraine, there are bound to be other revelations surfaced by this network in Biden’s defense. This is why the bogus whistleblower’s testimony is so essential in developing the actual story. The individual identified by multiple outlets is a Biden aide. He was assigned to do Ukraine work for Joe Biden by the CIA’s John Brennan. He met with Alexandra Chalupa, the lead case officer for Ukraine’s actions against Trump in 2016, some 27 times in the Obama White House. He was kicked out of the Trump White House on suspicion of being a major leaker.

Hochstein was the State Department official working as an aide to Biden on gaining control of Ukraine’s natural gas industry, for purposes of shutting down Russian gas supplies to Europe while opening Ukrainian reserves to exploitation by Royal Dutch Shell and similar energy pirates.  Not surprisingly, he sits on the board of the Atlantic Council which for years has, in conjunction with Joe Biden, put forth a variety of schemes to shut down Russian gas production, in an effort to financially cripple the country.

New Jersey Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew Warns Impeachment Is ‘Disenfranchising Millions’

Nov. 18 (EIRNS)—Interviewed yesterday on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures program with host Maria Bartiromo, Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) forcefully attacked the Democratic leadership which is pursuing the impeachment of President Donald Trump, with no thought as to the consequences. Unless it is proven that Trump committed a “high crime,” Van Drew said he intends to vote “No” on impeachment.

Impeachment, he warned, is a very serious matter. “The Founding Fathers had vigorous debates of whether they would even allow impeachment in the Constitution,” he argued, so “you don’t disenfranchise voters—millions upon millions of voters. Voters choose their leaders in America.” The general election is next year, he continued, so “let’s have the election; let’s fight through the election, let’s do what Republicans and Democrats and whoever else does, but this is going to get us nowhere. We’ve spent millions of dollars, in my opinion, tons of money, tons of time, tons of hurt, fracturing the nation apart. I haven’t seen this to be a good thing.”

Van Drew spared no words in discussing the Democratic Party leadership. “I just think we’ll keep going down this road, keep spending more time. Many of us came to Congress because we really wanted to accomplish goals, really work on issues such as healthcare, work on issues dealing with prescription drugs, election security, the debt, the deficit—the list goes on.”

Asked about how red-state Democrats are thinking, Van Drew replied, “there is some discussion among some of them quietly, privately, of concern, certainly. What I’m hearing out on the street from most people is they’re kind of tired, they’re kind of worn out, they’re kind of bored and they really want to move on.”


President, Federal Reserve Chair, Treasury Secretary Confer on U.S., Global Economic Problems

Nov. 18 (EIRNS)—While the intelligence coup operation continued on Monday morning to try to grind down President Donald Trump’s approval with the American people, the President met with Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the U.S. economy. This is unusual in recent years. President Trump called the meeting.

No White House statement was released, but the President said on Twitter: “Just finished a very good & cordial meeting at the White House with Jay Powell of the Federal Reserve. Everything was discussed including interest rates, negative interest, low inflation, easing, Dollar strength & its effect on manufacturing, trade with China, E.U. & others, etc.”

Such meetings would be necessary if Trump begins to take action against a deepening recession and growing financial blowout threat. He will also need to be ready to reach out to the leaders of China, Russia, India and other major nations to change the world monetary system—most major economies are sinking faster than America’s.

At a time when estimates for fourth-quarter growth, made by the Federal Reserve banks, are for an annual growth rate well below 1%, this was more likely the subject of the meeting, than jawboning the Fed on interest rates. The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, for example, currently prospects a fourth-quarter growth rate of 0.3%. Industrial production is falling for the second consecutive quarter. The Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank has just produced a report that finds farm credit deteriorating along with rapidly accelerating farm bankruptcies, and forecasts that U.S. farm income will continue its now five-year plunge through 2020. The White House has just announced another farm bailout program due to trade.

The Federal Reserve’s statement read: “At the President’s invitation, Chair Powell met with the President and the Treasury Secretary Monday morning at the White House to discuss the economy, growth, employment and inflation. Chair Powell’s comments … did not discuss his expectations for monetary policy, except to stress that the path of policy will depend entirely on incoming information that bears on the outlook for the economy. Finally, Chair Powell said that he and his colleagues on the Federal Open Market Committee will set monetary policy … to support maximum employment and stable prices and will make those decisions based solely on careful, objective and non-political analysis.”

Neither statement mentioned the “repo” or interbank lending crisis which is the open sign of financial crisis coming.

The deepening industrial recession will not hurt the President’s political standing if he takes actions against it. His willingness to change course and take bold, unexpected steps—and his desire to collaborate with Russia, China, and India among other important nations—is what causes Wall Street’s and the City of London’s determination to force him out of office.

Trump’s emergency actions have to begin with the breakup of hyper-speculating Wall Street banks (restoring Glass-Steagall); and meetings with those major national leaders on launching a new international system for the issuance of productive credit.


Freight Train Traffic between China and Europe Rose by 53% in 2019

Nov. 18 (EIRNS)—China’s Customs Office in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said today that the number of China-Europe freight trains they handled between January and October surpassed the total number trains in all of last year, reported Xinhua.

Urumqi Customs said the number of China-Europe freight trains skyrocketed to 5,743 in the first 10 months this year, up 53.68% year on year; in all of 2018 Customs authorities handled 4,386 freight trains. Customs said those trains ran on 16 routes, departing from Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province, from Zhengzhou in central China’s Henan Province, and southwestern cities of Chengdu and Chongqing. The inbound trains mainly came from Germany, Poland, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

China to EU trains also transported a greater variety of goods this year, Customs reported, specifying there were more than 200 categories of items, from electronic products and daily necessities to fresh food and mechanical products. Among them, many were indigenous products from Xinjiang, said Urumqi Customs.

Moreover, the trains are bringing back more goods to China from Europe. In 2014, less than 10% of the trains were full on return trips, and that the number has now risen to 73%, said Customs. To provide better services for the China-Europe freight trains, Urumqi Customs said they have optimized and streamlined the customs clearance process, reducing the time to less than 14 hours from 24.

China’s Xi Jinping and South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa Meet at Brasilia BRICS Summit

Nov. 18 (EIRNS)—China’s President Xi Jinping and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa met on Nov. 14 on the sidelines of the 11th BRICS summit in Brasilia last week. As covered by Xinhua, President Xi emphasized that the two were both “developing countries,” and needed to “boost” their own domestic development, as well as opposed unilateralism in global politics. “Xi called on the two sides to further synergize their development strategies,” the agency wrote, “actively expand two-way trade and investment, explore cooperation in such fields as industrial capacity and infrastructure, and advance the Belt and Road cooperation.

“China is willing to join efforts with South Africa to enhance solidarity and cooperation of the BRICS countries, push forward the development of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), maintain close communication and coordination on major international and regional issues and safeguard international fairness and justice,” Xinhua reported.

Ramaphosa, after extending his congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the P.R.C., “highly commended” China in its progress in alleviating poverty, saying that he “firmly supports” China’s development and growth. He signaled—in a not-so-subtle reference to the U.S.—that he opposes the “bullying tactics” against China and “unfair treatment” targeting Huawei and others, and that he supports China in safeguarding its sovereignty and legitimate rights and interests.

“South Africa is willing to enhance inter-party exchanges with the [Communist Party of China] CPC, expand cooperation in economy and trade, as well as infrastructure and artificial intelligence, among other fields, said Ramaphosa, adding that he welcomes more investment in South Africa by Chinese businesses.”

South Africa is due to take the reins of the African Union in 2020, just as the African Continental Free Trade Area is set to launch in May. In that regard, Ramaphosa’s recognition of China’s history-making leadership through FOCAC took on a special regard.


Russia Returns Ukraine Navy Ships Taken in November 2018 Kerch Strait Incident

Nov. 18 (EIRNS)—The Ukrainian naval vessels, two gunboats and a tug, captured by the Russian FSB border service in the Kerch Strait on Nov. 25, 2018, are now back in the hands of the Ukrainian government. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement reporting the handover this morning, reports TASS. Ukraine’s new government had asked that the ships be handed back before the Normandy Four summit with France and Germany.

“Russia is determined to firmly resist any provocations near its borders in order to maintain the safety of shipping in accordance with Russian legislation, bilateral treaties and other applicable norms of international law,” the Foreign Ministry wrote. The Ministry also stated that the vessels were no longer needed as evidence in the Russian investigation of the Nov. 25, 2018 incident. “We would like to point out once again that the Kiev authorities’ orders to their servicemen to carry out provocative actions in November 2018 were a crime not only against the sovereignty of Russia, but also against Ukrainian citizens, who were intentionally put at risk and coerced into committing legal violations,” it said.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry confirmed that it now has the three vessels in its custody. “As of this moment, the Ukrainian Titan and Haydamaky tugboats and the Sapfir search-and-rescue boat are moving toward mainland Ukraine together with the gunships and the tug,” the Ukrainian Navy command said in a statement, reported Interfax Ukraine.


Argentina’s President-Elect Fernández Plans To Revive Deal with China To Build Fourth Nuclear Reactor

Nov. 18 (EIRNS)—Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernández has told the new head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi, an Argentine, that he intends to revive the agreement with China for construction of the country’s fourth nuclear reactor, Infobae reported Nov. 16.

In 2014, when Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was President, she signed a $12 billion agreement with China for construction of the fourth reactor, Atucha III, but her successor Mauricio Macri reneged on it, citing “budgetary reasons.” When he first took office in December 2015, Macri scrapped some large projects which Fernández de Kirchner had signed with China, making a big push for so-called “renewable energy” to replace hydro-electric and nuclear. While he eventually obtained an agreement with China to reduce the price tag on the fourth reactor to $9 billion, on three separate occasions Macri refused to sign it, which angered the Chinese representatives.

According to financial news portal iProfesional, on Nov. 17, during the meeting with Grossi, Fernández also indicated he intends to strengthen Argentina’s comprehensive strategic partnership with China, which his Vice President-elect Cristina Fernández and her late husband, former President Nestor Kirchner had forged. Grossi later reported to media that the future of Argentina’s nuclear program was discussed in the meeting, which was attended by the President-elect’s top economic advisers and by his likely Foreign Minister, Felipe Sola.


Bolivian ‘Government’ Terrorizing Opposition Lawmakers, Journalists, Morales’s Base

Nov. 18 (EIRNS)—Lest anyone dispute that a coup d’état has just occurred in Bolivia, consider that the illegitimate government imposed by allies of the City of London and Wall Street has launched a terror campaign to kill, jail, and repress any and all opposition; that includes legislators, journalists and key sectors of deposed President Evo Morales’s base. To make that possible, on Nov. 16, the illegal President Jeanine Añez Chavez first announced a decree by which the armed forces will now be exempt from any criminal prosecution for actions taken to “preserve public order,” the Bolivian Information Agency (ABI) reported.

That decree came one day after a violent confrontation in Sacaba, Cochabamba, in which military and police opened fire on an outdoor “town hall” meeting of largely indigenous “cocalero” (coca-producers), backers of Morales who were demanding, among other things, an end to military and police repression. There were 9 people killed and 153 wounded in that confrontation. Over a five-day period last week, 23 people died and hundreds more were wounded as a result of violent clashes.

The situation is such that UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet—Chile’s former President—issued a statement warning that the Bolivian situation could spin out of control, due to the “unnecessary or disproportionate use of force by the police and army. I condemn these killings. This is an extremely dangerous development, as, far from quelling violence, it is likely to make it much worse,” ReliefWeb reported on Nov. 16.

Lawmakers from Morales’s MAS party control both houses of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, and thus would also control convening new elections and election of new authorities of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal which oversees all national elections. The government can’t dissolve the Assembly, so it either has to govern by decree, bypassing the legislature, or wage a terror campaign to jail, kill, or for opposition legislators into exile.

On cue, bloodthirsty Interior Minister Arturo Murillo, who has vowed to “hunt down” and try any of Morales’s former cabinet ministers or close collaborators still in the country, announced yesterday he had discovered there are MAS Senators and Deputies who are “inciting violence,” and that lists of their names, he said, were being provided by concerned citizens. In the same breath, he claimed he had detected an assassination plot against Jeanine Añez, by a “criminal group.” As reported by the daily Infobae, Murillo said he had created a special task force which will find and arrest subversive lawmakers. At the same time, according to ABI, Communications Minister Rosana Lizarraga charged there are journalists “guilty of sedition,” who will have to be punished.

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