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  • ‘End the McCarthyite Witch Hunt Against China and President Trump’
  • Xi Jinping in Address to China International Import Expo Stresses Poverty Reduction
  • Italy’s Minister Di Maio, at Shanghai Expo, Describes Relations With China Since Joing Belt and Road
  • The Trump Factor in Tuesday’s Various U.S. State Elections
  • U.S. Rust Belt States Show Decline in Manufacturing Employment
  • Sen. Rand Paul Reminds Americans, We Don’t Live in Venice–We Have a Constitution
  • British Parliament Seeks War Against Chinese Scholars in English-Speaking Universities
  • Profiled Responses to Dope, Inc.’s Terror Wave in Mexico
  • China Develops New ‘Intelligent’ Mining Technology
  • Kazakhstan Offers Space Cooperation to Turkey
  • Climate ‘Scientists’ Insist Human Population Must Be Cut, in Latest ‘Climate Emergency’ Fraud


‘End the McCarthyite Witch Hunt against China and President Trump’

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—Executive Intelligence Review will shortly be publishing a 24-page pamphlet with the headline, “End the McCarthyite Witch Hunt Against China and President Trump.” And none too soon.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche told associates in Europe on Nov. 5: “The overriding dynamic in the world is that the liberal model, the colonial-imperial model pushed by the British Empire is clearly going into its self-destruction; which doesn’t mean it’s not extremely dangerous, but there is no way how the system will survive.”

“And that,” she continued, “is in a complete struggle with the New Paradigm which is emerging, which is clearly dominated by China, by Asia, by countries that want to have a new model of international relations…. There are no national solutions, there are no topics which have any kind of chance of success, if they are not somehow integrated into this overall strategic picture.”

The potential of such a far-reaching U.S.-China alliance, as the keystone of a global New Paradigm, is just what the British Empire most fears about President Donald Trump. Trump can really kick over the entire chessboard of the fraudulent impeachment operation against him, by hitting the British Empire on their weak flank: By using his planned meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the weeks ahead to not only sign the first phase of a trade agreement between the U.S. and China, as is now planned, but to also take concrete additional steps, including:

 Working with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, including major infrastructure projects inside the U.S. This will dramatically upshift U.S. employment in skilled manufacturing, at exactly the moment that manufacturing employment is dropping in such key swing states as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio—which Trump needs to win in 2020.

 Working with China and Mexico on stopping all fentanyl flows from Mexico into the U.S., along with all other drugs and illegal arms trafficking across the U.S.-Mexico border. Such moves should be coupled with U.S.-China cooperation to jointly economically develop the entire Mexico-Central America region.

Trump will find a willing partner in Xi Jinping in building such a relationship. In his keynote address yesterday to the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, Xi delivered his speech standing in front of a countdown screen for winning the country’s battle against poverty, which will be entirely eliminated in China by the end of 2020, a spectacular accomplishment which has already raised some 850 million people out of poverty. In that speech Xi stated:

“Of the problems confronting the world economy, none can be resolved by a single country alone. We must all put the common good of humanity first rather than place one’s own interest above the common interest of all…. I have faith in the bright prospects of China’s economic development. China’s development, viewed through the lens of history, is an integral part of the lofty cause of human progress. China will reach out its arms and offer countries in the world more opportunities of market, investment and growth. Together, we can achieve development for all. The Chinese civilization has always valued peace under heaven and harmony among nations. Let us all work in that spirit and contribute to an open global economy and to a community with a shared future for mankind.”

One thing is for sure: If Trump takes up that offer and acts in the fashion we have indicated, the British Empire will go ballistic, starting with their golem George Soros. After all, Soros is the world’s leading drug legalizer; he is financing a large number of the Congressional Democrats who are suicidally marching on with their impeachment lunacy against Trump; and he is a major organizer of the violent destabilization of Hong Kong, along with other color revolutions.

But Soros is just a particularly nasty front man for a global, British Imperial policy. Lyndon LaRouche addressed this issue forcefully in July 2009 remarks to associates in Sonora, Mexico, who were then taking the brunt of Dope, Inc.’s narco-terrorism. LaRouche’s comments a decade ago remain equally valid today:

“You’re fighting the British Empire…. But the fact is that Mexico can not win this war, as Mexico. The forces are international. They’re the forces of the British Empire, including the British stooges inside the United States, and British stooges around the world…. You’re faced with the British Empire. You’re not dealing with some local drug pushers; you’re dealing with Prince Philip, of the royal family of the British Empire of England, through his World Wildlife Fund, which is the enemy of all civilization!…

“First of all, the existing world monetary-financial system is doomed! Nothing can save this system in its present form…. That’s the way we go at this thing. All effective warfare, combat warfare, is based not on shooting. It’s based on ideas. It’s based on principles and on conceptions. Strategic conceptions. What are our potential allies? Well, our potential allies are China, which is under attack by the British Empire…. But being smart, and thinking globally and strategically, each of us can find, in our way, a way of hitching into a global effort to move on, and finally destroy, the common enemy.”


Xi Jinping in Address to China International Import Expo Stresses Poverty Reduction

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—The China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai over Nov. 5-10 is putting China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and its success in combatting poverty, front and center on the world stage. Perhaps the best image for that is that President Xi Jinping delivered his keynote address “in front of a countdown screen for winning the country’s battle against poverty,” Xinhua reported. China has so far lifted some 850 million people out of poverty, and intends to do the same with the remaining 20 million by the end of 2020. Xinhua went on to report that “Xi said China is ready to share its poverty relief experience with other countries and jointly build a community with a shared future for humanity featuring common development and the elimination of poverty.”

Xinhua further reported that “Chinese and foreign leaders also toured the exhibition areas for China’s Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. Foreign leaders spoke highly of the CIIE, which provides an opportunity for promoting bilateral economic and trade relations. They also expressed their optimism about China’s development and the bright prospects of the Belt and Road Initiative, and their hopes to seek common development and prosperity with China.”

Italy’s Minister Di Maio, at Shanghai Expo, Describes Relations with China since Joining Belt and Road

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Nov. 5 that Italy had not faced any form of backlash from the United States since March this year, when it agreed to participate in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), despite Washington’s concerns about the Initiative, reported Italian news agency ANSA. Italy was the first, and so far the only, G7 member country to join the BRI.

“There has been no attack from the U.S.A.,” Di Maio said in Shanghai, where he was attending the China International Import Expo (CIIE). He also told ANSA that there was no need for concern that the New Silk Road, as it’s also known, would create security problems due to Chinese involvement in Italy’s 5G network, saying, “The only concern that the U.S.A. had, and which we had, too, was about 5G in general. And Italy has the most restrictive legislation in Europe on this.”

Di Maio addressed the second annual CIIE in Shanghai. He was the only foreign minister to do so, with Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron among the heads of state and government taking part.

“Italy and China have never been so close,” Di Maio confirmed.


The Trump Factor in Tuesday’s Various U.S. State Elections

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump has deployed into the three state gubernatorial races in the few states that have off-year elections in 2019, to mobilize voters to back the Republican candidates in those races, as a show of national force against the would-be Democratic impeachers by the “angry majority” which elected him in the first place.

Two of those elections, Mississippi and Kentucky, were held yesterday. The Republicans held onto the governorship in Mississippi, with candidate Tate Reeves winning 52% to 46%, after being down by double digits before President Trump held a rally in Tupelo on Nov. 1, urging for people to vote for Reeves to send a message to the nation. Republicans also held on to the lieutenant governorship and other top state posts, including agriculture, treasurer, and took the Attorney General post back from the Democrats.

Kentucky’s governor race is not decided yet. Incumbent Matt Bevin filed for a recanvas of the vote, charging unspecified irregularities in an election in which his Democratic opponent is credited with winning only 0.3% more (5,189 votes) than he did. The recanvas (the first of three possible steps to review election results in Kentucky) is now scheduled to begin on Nov. 14, the Secretary of State has announced.

Trump weighed in post-election, retweeting Republican Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweet from last night: “No one energizes our base like @realDonaldTrump. In Kentucky, the governor was down 17 points. President Trump helped lift the entire ticket, winning 5 of 6 statewide races so far!” Here, too, the Republicans won back the Attorney General’s post—for the first time since 1948—with candidate Daniel Cameron, who now becomes the first African-American man or woman to ever serve in that position.

The third gubernatorial race in 2019 is in Louisiana, to be decided in a special run-off on Nov. 16. Trump held a campaign rally in the state in mid-October to mobilize voters to force incumbent Democratic Gov. John Edwards into a run-off election, and tonight, Trump returns to Louisiana for a campaign rally in Monroe, boosting the Republican gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone with the same message.

Virginia’s legislative elections were also viewed as a national test case. Here, the Democrats took back control of both chambers of the state house, for the first time in 26 years. CNBC, for one, credits New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg with playing a major role in buying that Democratic sweep. Gun control was made an issue in the election here, and Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety PAC poured $2.5 million into the Virginia elections, as compared to the National Rifle Association’s some $300,000.

U.S. Rust Belt States Show Decline in Manufacturing Employment

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—After increasing nationally by 400,000 from President Donald Trump’s inauguration through December 2018, “national manufacturing employment appears to have peaked,” CNBC reported yesterday, “with the revival reversing sharply this year in four swing states that were instrumental to President Trump’s election in 2016. From January to September, the states bordering the Great Lakes have lost more than 25,000 manufacturing jobs: Pennsylvania lost 8,100; Ohio lost 6,000; Michigan lost 6,500; and Wisconsin lost 4,700.”

EIR had previously reported on the national pattern of falling manufacturing employment in 2019. These four states will also be decisive in 2020.

Sen. Rand Paul Reminds Americans, We Don’t Live in Venice—We Have a Constitution

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—Sen. Rand Paul sent the impeachment crowd—and those Republican Senators bowing before it—into outer orbit yesterday, when he said he is “more than willing to, and … probably will at some point” name the whistleblower whose hearsay was used to set off “Ukrainegate.” Paul told Fox News last night that he has not done so yet, because, “I want it to be more about the process and less about the person,” but “there’s no law that stops me from doing it.”

Asked by a reporter in the hallways of Congress about his Republican colleagues’ fury over what they call an “irresponsible and dangerous” idea, Senator Paul stopped, turned to her, and replied: “You’ve heard of the Constitution, right? The Constitution has the Sixth Amendment. And the Sixth Amendment says very clearly that if you are accused of a crime, you have the right to confront your accuser. So I think the Constitution is very clear on this, and I don’t think we should completely throw away the Constitution just because certain networks don’t like the President.”

He added in a tweet the same day, that under our Constitution, no one can be sent to die in the imperial dungeons on a whim, as occurred in Venice:

“Enshrined in the 6th Amendment is the right to confront your accuser.  15th century Doges allowed anonymous allegations inserted in the mouth of the lion to convict the innocent with gossip.

“In recent centuries, common law tradition and our very own Bill of Rights require accusers to appear face to face.

“Advice from Mark Twain re: the Bocca di Leone of Venice: ‘These were the terrible Lions’ Mouths … these were the throats, down which went the anonymous accusation, thrust in secretly at dead of night by an enemy, that doomed many an innocent man to walk the Bridge of Sighs and descend into the dungeon which none entered and hoped to see the sun again.’ ” (The “Bocca di Leone,” or Lion’s Mouth in Venice was a sort of stone mailbox, which were placed around the city for persons to deposit anonymous accusations, thereby causing the accused individual to be disappeared forever.)

Today, Paul upped the ante, blocking passage of a unanimous consent resolution submitted by Senators Chuck Schumer and Mazie Hirono, purporting to “send a message today that the Senate reaffirms our long-standing tradition about defending whistleblowers.” Paul, instead, demanded consideration of the updated whistleblower legislation that he has just submitted.

Unlike the “fake outrage” of the Democratic Senators, he said his legislation will “make clear” that President Trump should be able to face his accuser; expand current whistleblower protections for contractors; and “would be made retroactive so Edward Snowden can come home to live in his own country. All he did was expose that his government was not obeying the Constitution!”


British Parliament Seeks War against Chinese Scholars in English-Speaking Universities

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—Warning of “alarming evidence about the extent of Chinese influence on the campuses of U.K. universities,” the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has issued a call for the British government to activate a whole-of-government effort to crack down on such influence—and in coordination with other “like-minded countries.” As the report makes clear, this means a coordinated offensive by the imperial “Five Eyes” intelligence apparatus inside the U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S.

The call is a central element of a committee report, “A Cautious Embrace: Defending Democracy in an Age of Autocracies,” which the committee rushed into print before Parliament was dissolved today (and with it, their committee). The so-called “autocracies” targetted are Russia and China, with China as the main culprit when it comes to the universities.

“There is clear evidence that autocracies are seeking to shape the research agenda or curricula of U.K. universities, as well as limit the activities of researchers on university campuses. Not enough is being done to protect academic freedom from financial, political and diplomatic pressure,” the report claims. Singled out are the Confucius Institutes and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which are denounced as “instruments of political influence.”

It charges that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO, formerly the “Foreign and Colonial Office”) “has been found wanting” in its defense of academic freedom against the Yellow Peril. The FCO must take the lead, instead, in developing a coordinated, cross-government response; make “detailed assessments about how the U.K. and its universities should respond to foreign influence in U.K. academia”; and “engage in dialogue with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.S. to explore ways to protect universities from attempts by autocracies to use their financial muscle to leverage influence through the withdrawal of funding.” They proposed that the latter effort could be run through the British Commonwealth—an imperial structure of the “former” British colonial countries, which is headed by the Queen of England (who is also Head of State of the U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand, among others), and in which, it should be noted, the United States is not a part.

Profiled Responses to Dope, Inc.’s Terror Wave in Mexico

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—The narco-terror wave launched in Mexico by Dope, Inc. over the last few weeks, has led to numerous profiled responses on both sides of the border, of exactly the sort that the British Empire would be looking for. Many well-meaning Mexican authorities, including President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, are saying that they don’t want to go back to the bad old days of trying to arrest drug cartel bosses and militarily defeat them, because of all the violence and bloodshed it produced before. Outright agents, such as Soros-ally and former Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda, are using the violence and terror in the population to demand surrender now (i.e., drug legalization).

On the U.S. side, tough talking cowboys are saying it’s time for the U.S. to militarily take out the cartels in Mexico, whether the Mexican government likes it or not. But for all the tough talk, they don’t say one word about taking on what is really behind the drug trade: the major Wall Street and City of London banks. That is where a serious war on drugs must start, as Lyndon LaRouche repeatedly explained.

For example, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Fox News: “It’s plain that the Mexican government can’t handle this…. The only thing that can counteract bullets is more and bigger bullets. If the Mexican government cannot protect American citizens in Mexico, then the United States may have to take matters into our own hands…. We can certainly defend American citizens inside Mexico if Mexico is not willing or able to do so.” Cotton was referring to the Nov. 4 murder by drug cartels of an American family of nine, including six children, that were living in Mexico.

Even Col. Pat Lang (ret.) chose to back Cotton and reprint a December 2009 posting from his blog, with the title, “JSOC and the Mexican Drug Lords,” in which he said: “JSOC [Joint Special Operations Command] appears to be running out of ‘high value targets,’ in the places where they have been used so successfully…. I suggest that they should be unleashed on the Mexican drug cartels. Kill or capture.” Lang wrote: “I wrote this in 2009. If the Mexican government does not clean up their act … For once I agree with Senator Tom Cotton….”

Writing in the Washington Examiner, Tom Rogan, born in London and with a BA in War Studies from King’s College London, in the U.K., wrote an op-ed headlined “Mexico’s President AMLO Must Confront the Cartels, or Else the U.S. Has To Do It for Him,” arguing that “this latest attack [on Nov. 4] offers stark proof that U.S. national security faces an intolerable threat…. America must defend its citizens.” Rogan further blusters that if President López Obrador (called by his initials “AMLO”) fails to take “decisive action” against the drug cartels, then “Trump should issue a covert action finding authorizing the U.S. government to take decisive action. This action would include rendition operations, lethal strikes, and the seizure of cartel assets.”

At the end of his opinion column, Rogan takes off his John Wayne cowboy hat long enough to call for drug legalization: “The cartels can only be constrained by force. Yes, that constraint requires a much deeper introspection among young Americans as to the costs of their snorting habits. As a country, we should consider drug law reforms that might reduce the street price of illegal drugs and thus reduce cartel profit margins. Nevertheless, American coercive action is necessary.”


China Develops New ‘Intelligent’ Mining Technology

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—An intelligent coal-mining technology developed by Shendong Coal Group Ltd. highlighted the 18th China Coal & Mining Expo held in Beijing on Oct. 30, reported Xinhua Silk Road Information Service today. The technology is co-developed by Shendong Coal Group Ltd., affiliated with China Energy Investment Corporation and Tiandi-Marco Electro-Hydraulic Control System Company Ltd.

During the expo, technicians from Shendong Coal Group, sitting in front of a console, were able to monitor a coal-mining operation site 800 km away through several large-scale, high-definition, color LCD screens. The intelligent coal-mining technology represents the innovation by Shendong Group, said Zhao Yunfei, a coal mining technician, who explained that it has solved the long-term problem of coal identification.

Featuring autonomous coal mining and remote control, the technology has been in use in the Yujialiang coal mine for more than one year, said Zhao, who is in charge of the electro-mechanical operation of a mining team at Yujialiang. The next phase of technology development will be the creation of a communication net between the monitoring center and the sensors onsite via 5G, reported Xinhua.

According to Zhao, by comparing the 3D geological model of the mining surface with measured scanning model, and comprehensively analyzing big data of the coal seam trend and the flatness of the mining surface, the coal-mining system equipped with this technology can develop an optimization algorithm and adjust the knife curve of the coal cutter in order to realize autonomous intelligent coal mining.

Thanks to the adoption of intelligent coal mining technology, the number of mining workers required has been reduced from 63 to 49, and the monthly output of a coal-mining surface increased by some 30%, to 150,000 tons, said Zhao.

Kazakhstan Offers Space Cooperation to Turkey

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—Kazakhstan has proposed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with Turkey to collaborate on space launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, according to an official from the Aerospace Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry.  “Kazakhstan proposed that Turkish spaceships use launching capacities, as well as that Turkey look into the possibility of implementing joint projects at Baikonur Cosmodrome. The proposal is being reviewed by the Turkish side,” the unnamed official told Azerbaijan’s Trend News Agency. “Currently the project is being reviewed by the Turkish party,” the official said.

The Kazakh offer of cooperation with Turkey comes months after Roscosmos Director Dmitry Rogozin initiated the idea to have Russia, Turkey, and Kazakhstan cooperate on space launch activities at Baikonur.

In November 2018, Turkish aerospace company Roketsan received a government contract to develop and build the Micro Satellite Launch System (MUFS), which was among the goals named in President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s 100-day action plan earlier in 2018, reported the Daily Sabah at the time. The MUFS project is supposed to involve the development and testing of a launch vehicle, which is designed to deliver micro-satellites weighing 100 kg or less into low-Earth orbit, to an altitude of at least 400 km.

According Turkish government announcements at the time, Roketsan is also supposed to build satellite-testing and -production facilities, as well as the launch infrastructure and complex for MUFS.

Climate ‘Scientists’ Insist Human Population Must Be Cut, in Latest ‘Climate Emergency’ Fraud

Nov. 6 (EIRNS)—An Oregon State University based group calling itself the “Alliance of World’s Scientists” (AWS) published a new Chicken Little “Warning of a Climate Emergency” yesterday in BioScience, endorsed, they say, by 11,258 “scientists.” As intended, the media have widely publicized the warning’s assertion that “Earth Needs Fewer People To Beat the Climate Crisis,” as Bloomberg headlined its coverage.

The scientific merits of AWS’s work is best demonstrated by the fact that one of the contributing reviewers to this “Warning from Scientists,” is none other than Paul The Population Bomb Ehrlich, who has been warning for decades that the end is nigh because of human beings. In 1967, the Los Angeles Times reported Ehrlich’s insistence to a University of Texas symposium, under the headline “Dire Famine Forecast by ‘75,” and quoted Ehrlich saying that it is “Already Too Late.” Ehrlich elaborated that “the population of the United States is already too big, that birth control may have be accomplished by making it involuntary and by putting sterilizing agents into staple foods and drinking water.”

The latest from AWS is not a “new” warning, but an expanded version of a statement published in BioScience by the same crew in December 2017. That became the founding statement of the AWS, but that statement, AWS reports, takes off the first “World Scientists Warning to Humanity,” issued in 1992 by the Union of Concerned Scientists, an elite network of “former” military-intelligence and weapons specialists which has long led in opposing the development of nuclear power in the United States.

These self-named “scientists” offer “vital signs” to be used by policymakers, media, etc.—a set of graphs premised on the wildly-radical British oligarchic argument that it is the “breadth of human activities” which threatens the planet. Since the climate crisis is “closely linked to excessive consumption,” they claim, their graphs purport to measure such “profoundly troubling signs from human activities” as: “sustained increases in both human and ruminant livestock populations [i.e., cows], per capita meat production, world gross domestic product, global tree cover loss, fossil fuel consumption, the number of air passengers carried, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and per capita CO2 emissions since 2000,” and “encouraging signs,” such as “decreases in global fertility (birth) rates.”

For them, the big problem is that human population is “still increasing by roughly 80 million people per year, or more than 200,000 per day.” They insist: “the world population must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced.”

The statement couches this hideous proposal in reassuring blather about reducing the number of people in the world “within a framework that ensures social integrity,” etc.

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