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Volume 6, Number 217

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  • ‘I Fear We Have Only Awakened a Sleeping Giant’
  • Sham Impeachment Inquiry Proceeds-It’s Up to America’s Citizens To Stop It
  • Paul Sperry Outs Bogus Ukrainegate ‘Whistleblower’: If True, It Is a Massive Scandal
  • Russia Considering a National Moon Mission
  • European Space Agency Seeks 12.5 Billion Euros for Next Three Years
  • Germany Offers To Step In For Chile as COP25 Climate Summit Host
  • Draghi’s Masters Want Him as President of Italy
  • Conte Skips China Expo
  • U.S., Gulf Cooperation Council States Impose More Sanctions on Iran
  • China’s TV Covers the Importance of Aesthetic Education in Chinese Schools


‘I Fear We Have Only Awakened a Sleeping Giant’

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is said to have uttered words like these after the Dec. 7, 1941 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor which he had just ordered, after planning for it for almost a year.  At least Yamamoto had the intelligence to make that belated judgment. The authors of today’s impeachment procedures resolution in the House of Representatives are nowhere near as smart as he was.

Are our self-proclaimed “elites” really the geniuses they think they are? But wait—aren’t they the exactly the same gang that ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign earlier?  The people who still insist, after three years, that they ran it brilliantly? That they didn’t do anything wrong?

Just to make it clearer—what do these geniuses plan to do if the current sorry crop of Democratic presidential candidates just can’t make it, and fail?  Why, they intend to run Hillary Clinton all over again, it’s widely reported!  And as if that weren’t bad enough already, their number-two choice is probably the only candidate more self-inflated and less electablethan Clinton—the crazy billionaire eco-freak Michael Bloomberg, who promises to close down all our coal-fired power plants!

They are confident that because they control the major media and academia, that they effectively control reality by controlling what the citizen sees and hears—and thus believes. But now we have come to a parting of the ways—suddenly this is no longer true at all.  (East Germany’s Erich Honecker experienced such a moment once.)  There has been a fundamental change in the world, and the U.S. citizen senses it unmistakably even if he or she can’t define or describe it.  Americans have deliberately elected a President who glories in defying the globalist and geopolitical axioms.  The leaderships of Russia, China, India and other nations are prepared to join with him for common ends.  Now, after three years, he has finally been able to begin fulfilling his promise to end the “forever wars.”

And that is only the most visible aspect among many. The whole world is gripped by sudden, unexpected change.  The evidence is everywhere.

What is needed to bring us safely to the opposite shore, is leadership which rejects and replaces the failed axioms which have destroyed us.  This was the particular area of the late statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche.  In his 2002 writing, “The Historical Individual,” reprinted in the Nov. 1, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review, LaRouche said: “The potentially fatal systemic conditions of social-political systems, such as that of the 1964-2002 U.S.A. today, are expressed by fundamental errors of assumption which underlie the way in which a society stumbles, more or less unwittingly, into making its choices of action, and inaction. Sooner or later, the continued toleration of such flawed sets of implied axiomatic assumptions, brings the conflict between society and nature to a condition approaching an existential crisis. It must then, like the U.S.A. today, alter its implied set of axioms, or collapse.”

And further, “The principal cause for the doom of any culture, is that mental disorder typical of popular opinion, which is to assume the validity of any assumptions currently adopted by a learned profession, or religious teaching, or more crudely adopted as generally accepted popular opinion. So, as a foolish class in geometry always returns, directly, or indirectly, to the assumed authority of some set of unquestionable definitions, axioms, and postulates, a foolish people seeks the comforting authority of those same false, axiomatic delusions which, if continued long enough, will send that society plunging into self-inflicted ruin.”

LaRouche’s principles of economics have proven their validity in the accuracy of the roughly dozen economic forecasts he made over more than 50 years—when all other notable economists failed. Today’s unrolling new mega-financial crisis makes it still more urgent that the principles of LaRouche’s economics replace the principles of university-taught economics, which have now destroyed the United States and the other nations which applied them.

You can be sure that our so-called “elites” are completely out of their depth. And now, with a little effort, today’s U.S. House of Representatives resolution on procedures to impeach the U.S. President, can become, as if overnight, their greatest-ever defeat.


Sham Impeachment Inquiry Proceeds—It’s Up to America’s Citizens To Stop It

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—The U.S. House of Representatives voted today 232-196, to continue their sham impeachment proceeding.  The vote was absolutely along partisan lines. As will be noted by some, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier said she would not pursue impeachment if it was not bipartisan. She is doing it anyway on behalf of what the President calls “the military-industrial complex” which runs her, and the LaRouche forces call the City of London financiers—and on behalf of a rabid base, which pays, handsomely, for insanity and destructiveness to the very fabric of the Republic.

Congress then proceeded to declare a 12-day recess, starting Thursday, Oct. 31, when they will be back in their districts. So far, two Democrats broke ranks: Colin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.  The Democrats in Trump and swing districts need to hear it now from the population: Cut it out, move on, we will elect anybody but you in 2020, if you continue to imperil our Republic. Despite press coverage deliberately designed to induce pessimism in the population, impeachment in the House is not a foregone conclusion.

The procedures adopted today are a gross affront to the Constitution. The same is true of Adam Schiff’s séance in the “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility” (SCIF) in the basement of the House which preceded this vote over the last few weeks, a virtual replica of the English Star Chamber.  Lately Schiff has completely barred Republicans from asking questions of witnesses or has instructed witnesses not to answer questions by Republicans.  The impeachment rules passed by the House today now say, explicitly, that everything Schiff has done to date is sanctified, immune from any type of review.  It is as if a confession were extracted, using heinous torture, with the battered body of the accused banned from public view, while the written product is produced at a trial in perfect English with no ability to examine the circumstances under which it was obtained.

Under the rules, Schiff’s Star Chamber will continue until he determines to switch to a public hearing setting. Then and only then will the Republicans be able to ask questions and the President have counsel. Even then, the Republicans cannot issue subpoenas for witnesses without Schiff’s approval, and Schiff decides which transcripts can be made public.  The public hearing will then result in a report to the Judiciary Committee for purposes of a formal impeachment hearing. In the meantime, the campaign of secrecy and designated leaks to a fawning media aimed at driving the President’s favorability down will continue.

The answer is not legalisms.  It is with the citizenry, restive and already very, very suspicious about what is happening, to act to shut the whole thing down, telling their Senators and Representatives: move on, do the nation’s business, enact the promise of removing the globalist financier succubus which we voted to remove in 2016.

Paul Sperry Outs Bogus Ukrainegate ‘Whistleblower’:  If True, It Is a Massive Scandal

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—RealClearInvestigations and New York Post reporter Paul Sperry disclosed the name that all of Washington and the national news media “know” is the whistleblower, according to Sperry’s report on in RealClearInvestigations on Oct. 30, “The Beltway’s ‘Whistleblower’ Furor Obsesses Over One Name.”

While Sperry’s report has not been confirmed, he quotes Fred Fleitz, a former deputy national security adviser to President Donald Trump who says, “everyone knows who he is.  CNN knows. The Washington Post knows. The New York Times knows. Congress knows. The White House knows.  Even the President knows who he is.”  The name has been floated into the House impeachment proceedings by Republicans, and dossiers about the “whistleblower” are circulating on Capitol Hill.

If Sperry is right, it completely confirms LaRouche PAC’s report on Ukrainegate, entitled, “Ukrainegate, or the Coup Against President Donald Trump—Phase Three,” which is now circulating. Eric Ciaramella is a CIA analyst who worked with Joe Biden and Susan Rice on Ukraine in the Obama White House and also worked with Alexandra Chalupa, the DNC operative who led the Ukrainian government’s interventions into the 2016 U.S. elections on behalf of Hillary Clinton.  He was on the National Security Council staff under Trump as the chair on Ukrainian affairs.  Ciaramella was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump, according to a former NSC official who spoke to Sperry, and he returned to the CIA in mid-2017.  According to the dossier circulating on Capitol Hill, it was Ciaramella who leaked to the media about Trump’s meeting with Russian diplomats right after he fired James Comey as FBI director, and it was Ciaramella who allegedly argued the narrative that it was President Vladimir Putin who ordered Trump to fire Comey.  Earlier in the year, Adam Schiff hired two of Ciaramella’s closest allies and friends at the NSC for the House Intelligence Committee. Sperry focuses on Sean Misko in his article.  It is clear that Schiff’s staff provided “guidance” to the “whistleblower” prior to his filing his complaint.


Russia Considering a National Moon Mission

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—Sergey Krikalev, a veteran cosmonaut who represented the Russian space agency at the Oct. 21-25 International Astronautical Congress, said he expects Russia will be a partner of NASA’s Gateway program. “We are planning to participate in Gateway,” Krikalev said. “We don’t have a final decision how and which way, but for sure what we’ve said before is international cooperation is important. It’s important for Russia to stay together with our partners.”

Aligning Russia’s national goals with the international lunar exploration architecture will require more work, according to Krikalev. “Of course, we will develop our own national program,” Krikalev said. “The problem now is this program needs [to be] adjusted…. So we need to clarify what we are going to do with the Russian program, and see how this program will be joined together with the Gateway program.”

Russia is planning to develop a new crew vehicle named Orel designed to carry humans into deep space. If launched, it would be Russia’s first spacecraft to ferry crews beyond low Earth orbit. Krikalev said the Federation spacecraft would be used for crew and cargo transportation to the Gateway, offering a backup in case of a problem with the Space Launch System rocket or the Orion crew vehicle. Krikalev also said Russia may build and launch a module for the Gateway itself.

“From the very beginning, we said that our primary goal was the surface” of the Moon.  Krikalev said. “That’s why we were late joining the Gateway program, because we were trying to optimize what is the best trajectory to fly. Actually, there are advantages and disadvantages of the Gateway’s trajectory, but overall, we said that the most efficient way would be to work together. “We think the redundant transportation systems and one of the modules of the Gateway will be our participation in the program, and the way and how we will do this, we will decide this later,” he said.

European Space Agency Seeks €12.5 Billion for Next Three Years

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—The European Space Agency will ask its 22 member states to commit to funding a budget of €12.5 billion ($13.9 billion) spread over the next three years. This will be on the agenda of the next ESA Ministerial Council to be held Nov. 27-28 in Seville, Spain, ESA Director General Jan Woerner told an Oct. 17 news conference, SpaceNews reported.

The November conference will see member states discuss ESA’s future work and funding. If finalized and accepted, the commitment would be an increase over the $12 billion secured at the previous triennial ministerial meeting in 2016, Andrew Jones wrote for SpaceNews in his Oct. 17 coverage. The spending proposal is spread across four categories, and a mixture of mandatory and optional programs. Preliminarily, ESA is proposing that science and exploration, applications, and enabling and support receive about a third of the ESA budget, and space safety and security receive 7%.

The science and exploration allocations could include new Moon and Mars projects, as well as covering existing commitments, such as the International Space Station. ESA will engage in both its own, autonomous initiatives, and cooperative international projects, including NASA’s Gateway and potentially a Mars sample-return mission.

Woerner said that despite the uncertainties regarding funding for NASA’s Artemis program and its timeline, what matters for ESA is official commitments. Woerner reported from his recent communications with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and U.S. National Space Council Executive Secretary Scott Pace, that “the Americans are counting on ESA to deliver not only the third, but more European Service Modules.” The European Service Modules provide propulsion and consumables for the NASA Orion spacecraft for human deep space missions.

NASA is also counting on ESA involvement in the Gateway via the ESPRIT module and the International Habitat (iHab) module elements of the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G). This participation could lead to a NASA offer “in the future also there may a European astronaut on the surface of the Moon.”

On space transportation, ESA is looking to get the Ariane 6 and Vega C rockets completed and on the market. Asked if the Ariane 6 would be subsidized in the same way as its predecessor Ariane 5, Woerner’s response indicated that it was intended for Ariane 6 to be 50% cheaper than Ariane 5. He suggested that discussion is needed about public support for Vega C and Ariane 6, so they become cost-competitive, since “it’s clear the other launchers worldwide get some support in this or that way from the public side, whether it will be by nice contracts or whatever assistance.”

According to SpaceNews, “ESA is also looking into reusability [of its rockets] with parachute systems and the Space Rider reusable end-to-end integrated space transportation system. The agency is also looking at micro launchers, albeit with less intensity.”

Woerner was also Asked about the political uncertainties among member states, to which he replied that the Spanish government appears committed to increased spending despite an election next month. Spain is the fifth largest member state in terms of contribution to the ESA budget, according to Jones, but his coverage did not mention that Madrid’s Science Minister is an astronaut.


Germany Offers To Step In for Chile as COP25 Climate Summit Host

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—The good news: The world climate summit scheduled for December in Chile has been cancelled by the Chilean government. The bad news: Only hours after Chile announced the cancellation, climate freaks in Germany proffered the city of Bonn as a replacement option. Referring to 2015 when Bonn hosted the COP23 summit, the COP25 could be held in the city as well, they say. This fits with the arrogance of the German climate protectors who view Germany as the world center of green policies.

However, one week ago Bonn, where Germany’s Agriculture Ministry is headquartered, was besieged and paralyzed by a thousand tractors, as farmers protested in rage against the government climate policy. With a COP25 summit in Bonn they could have a field day!

Draghi’s Masters Want Him as President of Italy

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—Former European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s masters want him to become the next Italian President, so that supranational fascism can continue effectively in Italy on “automatic pilot.” However, current President Sergio Mattarella has two more years in his term. Therefore, the problem is how to fill the time gap.

The current Five Star-Democratic Party (M5S-PD) governing coalition is already cracking, and people say the “yellow-red” regime will not likely last two years. The name of Mario Draghi has already been raised as a candidate to replace Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. “Draghi is jobless and I don’t think he will apply for unemployment benefits,” said the Lega party’s number two, Giancarlo Giorgetti, a few days ago. “Maybe he is available and somebody is calling on him to play a political role. Those who decided to make Conte Prime Minister could easily decide to replace him with Draghi.”

But Draghi would never agree to go to the government, from which he would fall faster than you can spell the name “Monti.” Therefore, a Draghi-proxy must be found to stay there at least one year, in order to ensure that the current Parliament (where the Lega is weak, and the Democratic Party plus Five Stars plus auxiliary troops have a majority) votes in the next State President.

This narrative is backed by Luciano Barra Caracciolo, a sovereignist constitutional lawyer who was a member of the executive in first Conte government of the M5S and Lega.

Barra Caracciolo sees a scenario of a “state of exception” (state of emergency) which would justify a Draghi-proxy to take over the government and suspend the constitution as per the JP Morgan script. In his reductive view, however, he sees an Italian banking crisis as a result of EU policy triggering such a state—in reality, it is much more likely that the crisis is triggered by the explosion of the global financial system.

Conte Skips China Expo

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—Italy is the guest of honor at the second China International Import Expo on Nov. 5-10, opening in four days in Shanghai, but Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will not be attending. French President Emmanuel Macron will go, and EU Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan and other leaders will go. “We risk to lose all the work we have done for the MOU and the Belt and Road Initiative,” Italy’s former China policy architect Michele Geraci wrote bitterly on his Facebook page.


U.S., Gulf Cooperation Council States Impose More Sanctions on Iran

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—The U.S. Treasury Department, during a tour of Southwest Asia by Secretary Steve Mnuchin, announced yesterday that the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC—Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates) are joining the U.S. in sanctions against 25 corporations, banks and individuals allegedly linked to Iran’s support for militant networks, including Hezbollah. The blacklisted targets were announced by the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC) nations—which are simply those six GCC countries plus the United States. “The TFTC’s action coincides with my trip to the Middle East, where I am meeting with my counterparts across the region to bolster the fight against terrorist financing,” Mnuchin said in a Treasury statement.

At the same time, Human Rights Watch has put out a report saying that U.S. economic sanctions are strangling Iranians’ ability to acquire vital medications for treating diseases such as cancer and epilepsy. While food and medicine are technically exempt from the sanctions, companies normally engaged in that trade are refusing to facilitate such transactions with Iran because they fear getting caught up in U.S. financial and banking sanctions.

“We have seen correspondence with banks and companies in which they have refused to conduct humanitarian trade with Iran for fear of being caught in the web of U.S. sanctions,” Tara Sepehri Far, who wrote the report for Human Rights Watch, told the U.K. daily Independent. “Trump Administration officials claim they stand with the Iranian people, but the overboard and burdensome U.S. sanctions regime is harming Iranians’ right to health, including access to life-saving medicines,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.


China’s TV Covers the Importance of Aesthetic Education in Chinese Schools

Oct. 31 (EIRNS)—China’s CGTN television network ran a news item on a special children’s program in arts education in Shanghai which it held up as an example of programs responding to President Xi Jinping’s emphasis on the importance of the arts in developing real citizens.

The story showed the children playing instruments and others working on acting out small dramas, and interviewed Chinese pianist Lang Lang, who has become an international figure in the arts and a cultural icon in China. Lang Lang underlined the importance of learning an instrument, and reported that 40 million people in China are studying piano. “Everybody should learn to play,” he argues.

The moderator then interviewed Duo Lan, a research associate at the Institute of Education at Tsinghua University, on the importance of the arts. The moderator observes that there has been a strong push from the government for arts education as well as on sports.  “Sports is very down-to-earth and penetrates society,” Duo Lan said, “but much more is needed. I would like to broaden the issue and talk about aesthetic education. This includes the arts but it also includes aesthetics and humanity.”

The moderator, who had no real understanding of what the researcher was getting at, mentioned the arts as a part of “soft power,” and compared it to the new emphasis on sports in China. Duo Lan politely shifted the discussion out of banality and back to the higher order issue. “Well, let’s imagine that people want to have their ‘soft power’ and pursue their interests and their hobbies, and in that way achieve a more beautiful mind. This would lead to the harmonious world that we really want to achieve,” she said. She stressed, in particular, that such education is important to introduce at an early stage for children who are at the beginning of their learning process.

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