Coup Against Trump: UkraineGate

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Photo from left to right: Alexandra Chalupa (, Hillary Clinton (Gage Skidmore), Joe Biden (Whitehouse Photo)
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Ukrainegate, or the Coup Against President Donald Trump—Phase Three (Part III)

Now, let’s look at Ukraine’s intervention into the 2016 presidential election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. It is known that the following individuals are key players in the coup against the President: Christopher Steele, who authored the dirty MI6 dossier against Trump; Victoria Nuland, who supported Steele’s activities from the State Department; Dmitri Alperovitz, Chief Technical Officer of CrowdStrike, who fabricated the myth that the Russians hacked the DNC; Fusion GPS; the Atlantic Council; and the propaganda apparatus that attacks President Trump worldwide every day. They all played…READ MOREOctober 29, 2019Report

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