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40 Killed, 1,000 Wounded in One Day as Violent Protests Sweep Across Iraq

40 Killed, 1,000 Wounded in One Day as Violent Protests Sweep Across IraqPosted: 26 Oct 2019 07:02 AM PDTA surge in violent clashes with police marked another deadly week of protests in Iraq, after two weeks ago over 150 were killed and over 6,000 wounded nationwide when the large-scale demonstrations began.On Friday over 40 protesters were killed in clashes with police, and according to security sources cited in Reuters, an “Iranian-backed militia opened fire to try to quell renewed demonstrations.”Iraq’s human rights commission (IHCHR) further noted that nearly 1,000 people were wounded in Friday’s clashes, the majority of them protesters angry at widespread corruption, economic hardship, and failing public services.IHCHR also said over 2,000 people were injured nationwide, which also saw police using tear gas and rubber bullets, with widespread reports of security forces possibly continuing to use live fire.Officials in Baghdad have admitted since the outbreak of protests two weeks ago that security forces used a “heavy-handed” response when they initially tried to disperse the crowds which had taken over a number of major cities.At least 40 protesters were killed in Iraq on Friday when security forces used tear gas and an Iranian-backed militia opened fire to try to quell demonstrations against corruption and economic hardship https://t.co/z0PW8tHLs6 pic.twitter.com/GVRKK4t0ew— Reuters (@Reuters) October 26, 2019Western media has also pointed to “Iran-backed militias” and even snipers responsible for the high death toll amid the protests.Concerning this latest round of clashes, Reuters reports as follows of the pro-Iran factions:In the south, at least nine protesters were killed when members of the Iranian-backed Asaib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) militia opened fire on protesters who tried to set fire to the group’s office in the city of Nasiriya, according to security sources.Eight people were killed in Amara city, including six protesters, one AAH member and one intelligence officer, police sources said. Three protesters were killed in oil-rich Basra, one in Hilla, and one in Samawa, security sources said.Starting in early October police admitted they had “lost control” of the situation and large-scale demonstrations escalated.Baghdad’s central diplomatic compound area which hosts the heavily fortified American Embassy among others has remained on security lock-down throughout much of the month.Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permissionThe post 40 Killed, 1,000 Wounded in One Day as Violent Protests Sweep Across Iraq appeared first on We Are Change.
Zuckerberg’s Policies Are Scary, but AOC Took It to a New Level!Posted: 25 Oct 2019 09:42 AM PDTThe post Zuckerberg’s Policies Are Scary, but AOC Took It to a New Level! appeared first on We Are Change.
The DOJ’s Russiagate Probe Just Turned Into a Criminal InvestigationPosted: 25 Oct 2019 07:29 AM PDTWhat began as an administrative review by the Justice Department into the origins of Russiagate has “shifted” to a criminal inquiry, according to the New York Times, citing two people familiar with the matter.The move will allow prosecutor John H Durham the power to subpoena documents and witnesses, to impanel a grand jury, and to file criminal chargesDurham’s progress has been closely monitored by Attorney General William Barr, who appointed the veteran investigator in May, tasking him with looking into FBI and CIA intelligence gathering operations surrounding the 2016 US election.U.S. attorney John H DurhamAs the Daily Callers Chuck Ross notes, Barr said on April 10 that he believed “spying” had taken place against the Trump campaign, and that he doesn’t buy former FBI officials’ version of how the collusion investigation began.Little is known about Durham’s activities so far in the investigation. The Times report said it is unclear when the investigation took on a criminal element, or what specific crime Durham is investigating.Durham accompanied Barr to Italy late in September as part of an inquiry into U.S. intelligence agents’ activities there during the 2016 campaign. They also inquired about Joseph Mifsud, a mysterious Maltese professor who established contact with Trump aide George Papadopoulos in 2016. –Daily CallerJust over three weeks ago, the Times also reported that President Trump asked the Australian Prime Minister to help Barr uncover the origins of “Russiagate,” a move which Justice Department officials said “would be neither illegal nor untoward for Trump to ask.”And according to NBC NewsDurham has set his sights on former CIA Director John Brennan and former national intelligence director James Clapper.Durham’s investigation has been running parallel to a probe by Justice Department Inspector General (and registered Democrat) Michael Horowitz, who told Congress on Thursday that he expects his report to be “lengthy,” but able to be made mostly available to the public.The Durham probe is similar to a Justice Department inspector general’s investigation into the FBI’s surveillance of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Michael Horowitz, the inspector general, told Congress on Thursday that the report of that investigation is “lengthy” and that he anticipates most of it will be made public.Horowitz has been investigating whether the FBI misled the foreign surveillance court in spy applications against Page. Investigators relied heavily on the Steele dossier in the applications, though information in that document was largely unverified. Unlike Durham, Horowitz has not had subpoena power, and cannot use a grand jury as part of his investigation. –Daily CallerAnd of course, with Durham’s administrative review turning into a criminal probe, the Times has already given away the predictable response from the left; Barr is investigating the Obama intelligence community to help Trump win in 2020. Nothing to see here folks, right?Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permissionThe post The DOJ’s Russiagate Probe Just Turned Into a Criminal Investigation appeared first on We Are Change.
Syria Reversal: US May Leave 500 Troops, Deploy Dozens of Tanks to Secure Syrian OilPosted: 24 Oct 2019 08:38 PM PDTJust days after apparently withdrawing US troops from Syria, much to the chagrin of the military-industrial-complex-sponsored Washington establishment, The Wall Street Journal reports that The White House is considering options for leaving about 500 U.S. troops in northeast Syria and sending dozens of battle tanks and other equipment to protect them.The abrupt reversal, reportedly suggested to President Trump by military officials fits with his statement earlier today that he wanted to safeguard the oil fields (seen by Washington as potential leverage in future negotiations over Syria), tweeting:“We will NEVER let a reconstituted ISIS have those fields!”Syria is now politically more fragmented than ever, as the following chart from Statista’s Martin Armstrong shows, parts of the country are controlled by various faction s (based on Liveuamap data analysed by the German newspaper Handelsblatt). In the north there is a strip about 30 kilometres wide, which Turkey seeks to control as a “safe zone”. The parts into which Turkish troops have already penetrated are coloured purple. The red areas were newly occupied by Syrian-Russian forces, showing how Assad is now gaining influence in the region. The majority of the planned Turkish control zone is still controlled by Kurdish militias (yellow areas on the map).The options for tanks and troops, which The Journal notes hasn’t been decided upon yet, has the smell of a strawman from the neocons – bargaining over troop numbers and logistics – in an effort to gauge the base’s reaction and to then provide some leverage on the president to reverse his position more aggressively.As a reminder, after ordering all U.S. forces out of northeastern Syria in early October, Trump has already modestly reversed his position, agreeing (after Sen. Lindsey Graham outlined the potential importance of the oil) to leave about 200 troops in northeast Syria to safeguard oil fields.Of course, it is still unclear what will be done with the approximately 1,000 troops – mostly special ops – but, as Senator Graham made clear – they’re not coming home any time soon:“There are some plans coming together from the Joint Chiefs that I think may work, that may give us what we need to prevent ISIS from coming back, Iran taking the oil, ISIS from taking the oil,” he said.“I am somewhat encouraged that a plan is coming about that will meet our core objectives in Syria.”Perhaps the Deep State’s grip is a little firmer, and Graham’s marshalling of Senate votes to ‘save’ Trump from impeachment, than the president initially conceived.One thing is for sure, if this reversal takes place, Putin and Erdogan will not be pleased at all, and with Defense Secretary Mark Esper, in Brussels, alongside NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, noting that NATO ally Turkey “put us all in a terrible situation,” one could imagine this strategy is one of stalling while the nukes can be moved from Incirlik to another ‘ally’ ahead of the planned votes next week on additional Turkish sanctions (as questions about the viability of Turkey as a NATO ally so closely aligned with Russia are growing stronger – in rhetoric only for now).Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permissionThe post Syria Reversal: US May Leave 500 Troops, Deploy Dozens of Tanks to Secure Syrian Oil appeared first on We Are Change.
This is the Final Nail For Hillary Clinton! Tulsi Gabbard Moves on Up!Posted: 19 Oct 2019 01:56 PM PDTI think we’re pretty much seeing the end of Hillary Clinton’s political career and the end of the old guard, don’t you?I say this because of the response on the internet after democratic presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard ripped into Clinton on social media. In this video, we discuss the shifting away from the old guard in Washington D.C. but also touch on criticisms of Gabbard. In a television interview, Clinton claimed that there continues to be some sort of Russian collusion, which we have all found out repeatedly is not and was not the case, insisting that Tulsi Gabbard is going to run third-party as part of a Russian conspiracy with Putin. Hillary should understand that in reality she’s the reason Donald Trump got elected in the first place. Hillary is the reason that Trump is as popular as he is. And now, Hillary is the reason that Tulsi is getting a lot of attention. Hillary once seemed like the Boogey Man, someone impossible to touch, a Halloween villain, if you will, but now we’re actually getting somewhere. During the last election, Tulsi Gabbard saw exactly what Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz did, saw this vast amount of corruption, and spoke out against it in support of Bernie Sanders. In fact, she was one of the most prominent people that stood up for Bernie. And now, because of that, and despite her potential as a presidential contender, she’s still on the Democratic Party’s hit list. And so, we now see Tulsi being the victim of skewed coverage in mainstream media. Since the mainstream media is always pro-war, should we assume they’re going to give Tulsi a fair shake? No, the war profiteers, who run the mainstream media, will lose if Tulsi gets any kind of power in the media or on the world stage. If you haven’t noticed, when the mainstream media talks about war, they talk about how we should go to war, not if we should go to war. The truth is, Hillary Clinton is losing her relevance and because of that she’s looking for attention and the more she’s caught lying, the louder her cries. Russiagate was a very big lie that we’ve been calling out from day one and we’ve been attacked for it. The Washington Post went so far as to put us on a list calling us Russian agents! Thankfully, no one is buying it anymore. The investigation didn’t find collusion. It was a dud.But somehow Hillary doubles down on it and says Tulsi is involved in Russian collusion. It makes no sense. The current response to Tulsi is a testament to the fact that the old guard is done and this performance by Hillary only served to make Tulsi more popular. Despite all of this, however, I remain critical of Tulsi Gabbard. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and she promotes medicaid for all, free schooling and free education, which are policies that I am critical of for reasons I explain in this video.Let’s remember to stop worshipping individuals, Tulsi Gabbard, Hillary Clinton, or otherwise. Let’s stop giving up our authority and our power over to others and instead understand that ideas are more important than personalities.The post This is the Final Nail For Hillary Clinton! Tulsi Gabbard Moves on Up! appeared first on We Are Change.
Why Donald Trump Finally Actually Made The Right Move! Strategy ExplainedPosted: 11 Oct 2019 04:01 PM PDTThe post Why Donald Trump Finally Actually Made The Right Move! Strategy Explained appeared first on We Are Change.
Hillary 2020? I Can’t Believe What Just Came Out About Hillary Clinton!Posted: 10 Oct 2019 07:52 PM PDTThe post Hillary 2020? I Can’t Believe What Just Came Out About Hillary Clinton! appeared first on We Are Change.
There’s a Reason You’re Not Hearing About the Protests Happening All Over the World Right NowPosted: 09 Oct 2019 04:37 PM PDTThe majority of people are being emotionally manipulated and played like a fiddle by none other than corporate mainstream media that do the bidding of the corporate political elite. If you’re here, chances are you already know that. But it’s a truth that cannot be repeated enough. In this video, we take a look at a recent and very obvious example of a controlled narrative in the news right now. The media really has a disturbing amount of power and influence that allows them to essentially decide what is right and what is wrong, often at the behest of special interestsAlso in this video, we talk about the power of the people, specifically all of the current protest movements that are being ignored by the media, because the people with power don’t want you to know about people power. They don’t want you to know that you have powerRight now there are major protests happening in Ecuador, in Iraq, in Haiti, in France (yes, still!), and in Hong Kong. Where is the mainstream coverage of these historical events? We barely hear a peep. In this video we talk about what the mainstream media is ignoring and why they’re doing it.The post There’s a Reason You’re Not Hearing About the Protests Happening All Over the World Right Now appeared first on We Are Change.
Trump Just Issued a Chilling Warning to Turkey as Invasion of Syria BeginsPosted: 09 Oct 2019 02:15 PM PDTDid you hear the breaking news from Donald Trump today? In this video we talk about a lot of the important things happening in the US, Turkey, and Syria right now, that the mainstream media is NOT talking about. Right now, it seems like Trump and Rand Paul are the only two people against entanglements in the Middle East that previous presidents have put us in. In this video I reveal which member of the squad just flip flopped on this very issue.In this video we discuss the latest propaganda spin trying to prop up US interventionism, including the hashtag #KurdsBetrayedByTrump. We attempt to bring logic back to this issue, as well as counter some of the mainstream media narratives floating around out there right now. Here at We Are Change, we are not afraid to criticize Donald Trump on core issues that are important to us. But this particular issue is far more complicated than simply being pro- or anti-Donald Trump.I believe that the mainstream media has it wrong right now and in this video I reveal why.The post Trump Just Issued a Chilling Warning to Turkey as Invasion of Syria Begins appeared first on We Are Change.

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