There is a sea change happening and those who formerly controlled information are in a panic.

Snowden didn’t choose CNN, MSNBC or ABC “news”.  He chose to go on Joe Rogan because he knew he’d get as much time as he needed to tell his story, without being edited OR censored. Teenagers listen to Joe Rogan. Millennials listen to Rogan. Gen X listens. Rogan gets 200 million downloads per month when YouTube is included.  

There is a sea change happening and those who formerly controlled information are in a panic. And though Joe Rogan is far from perfect given what I now believe to be his gatekeeping tactics for NASA, and in regards to the 9/11 official story, Rogan’s platform is still a far cry better for truth tellers than any of the legacy media dinosaur outlets.

As Q has stated, WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. 

Which brings me to former US secret service agent turned author and podcaster Dan Bongino. If you think the panic that I described above is not palpable in Washington DC, be sure to give the Dan Bongino Show episode #1093 a listen, we posted it at on Tuesday.

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