Natural News: The CIA WAR on YOU!

Right now, you are witnessing a “soft coup” CIA war on America, but this is only the first step in a hierarchy of escalations that I describe in today’s critical article.Further stages of escalation include attempted assassinations of President Trump and even a planned foreign invasion of U.S. territory through California and Mexico.The deep state has gone all-in to try to remove Trump from power, but it’s never about Trump himself. It’s about enslaving you and preventing the rise of liberty, independent media, truth and the return of America is the world’s leading superpower.All the forces of the deep state — Big Tech, corporate media, the FBI, etc. — are now aligned to try to bring down America and collapse this nation into destitution and Big Brother obedience. Trump is standing in their way.Here’s what’s going to happen next if they don’t succeed at impeaching Trump.Read the full story here and share everywhere.

Comment: CIA Represents British Empire (Zionists) and Rothschild Zionists. They want a slave/serf society and unlimited money for themselves.

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