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Pelosi Says Impeachment Circus is Worth Losing House in 2020

By infostormer -September 29, 20192

Nancy Pelosi just said that this retarded impeachment circus they’ve launched is worth the Democrats losing the House in 2020. All because she says she is protecting the Constitution by launching this inquiry or whatever the hell it is supposed to be.

Have you ever heard something so laughable? The Democrats are a political party run by Jews, stupid women and racial minorities and all they have done is try to destroy the Constitution. They’re against free speech on the Internet, against the Second Amendment and favor all sorts of illegal wars for Jews.

These retards are enemies of the country.

The thing is, this insane drama they are putting the country through right now could very well piss off enough normal people to not only re-elect the racist orange man but remove these fools from holding any power in Congress. There will definitely be a ton of angry people going to the polls in 2020 if they push this bullshit over the next year. And it looks like that’s what they intend on doing because they’ve gone all-in on this.

I guess their plan is to concede 2020 with this impeachment play and hope Texas goes blue in 2024 so they can implement full blown Communism?

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