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The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County has forced nearly 200,000 people to flee their homes.

NY Times: Fears of More Extreme Weather as Kincade Fire Swells
Up and down the state, wildfires are driving residents from their homes.

REBUTTAL BYYet again, “wildfires,” in perfect syncronicity, are simultaneously ravaging suburban / rural areas not far from the major population centers of Los Angeles in the south and San Fagsicko in the north. What many geographically-challenged Boobuses don’t understand is that California’s two largest cities are almost 400 miles apart — roughly the distance between “Yankee” Princeton, New Jersey and the state line of “Dixie” North Carolina. Hence, the fires aren’t being sparked by errant wind-driven embers crossing small areas. This peculiar statewide synchronization also occurred last year — with the epic Woolsey Fire, within driving distance of LA, destroying 97,000 acres, and the even worse Camp Fire, within driving distance of SF, burning 153,000 acres. Both fires ignited on November 8, 2018.Everything from “high winds,” to “excessive underbrush” to “Climate Change”  were blamed and are still being blamed for the horrific infernos . Always conveniently omitted from the list of theories is one minor detail — the cause of ignition! From the article:“The worst kind of weather for wildfires — strong, gusty winds and very low humidity — will return on Tuesday after a relative respite on Monday, the National Weather Service said, raising the prospect of more fire outbreaks. The agency has posted “red flag” warnings for most of Northern California and much of Southern California”You catch that? The National Weather Service is now predicting (and has been accurately predicting) “fire outbreaks” as if it they were approaching cold fronts or rain showers. How is that even bloody possible without advance knowledge of an ignition event? 1. San Fagsicko and Los Angeles are so far away from each other that they have very different climates. Yet — on several occasions over recent years —  MASSIVE fires, not far from the two cities, ignited at the same time? // L-R: Speaker Pelosi, Senator Feinstein, Senator Harris, Governor Newsome — Commiefornia is home to the most wicked brand of Satanic Demonrats in the country.
 We have yet to detect images from the current fires which might show signs of suspicious, hi-tech origins or freakish burn-pattern anomalies; but numerous photos and videos from the 2018 blazes clearly revealed that some sort of advanced weaponry (Directed Energy) was used to blast so many California neighborhoods out of existence. Have a look: FROM 2018  Entire neighborhoods reduced to ash while nearby trees remain unscathed?  Impossible burn patterns   Cars melted — trees and leaves not even singed? * 1.  Blue beam captured on I-phone video (here) // 2. Caption for CNN Video: “Watch as Fire Burns Inside of Hollow Tree” (here) The idea of driving people out of the center of the state while crashing property values fits perfectly with the United Nations “Agenda 21” initiative for eventually herding humanity into controllable, corruptible urban areas while depopulating all of the small towns (the true America) in between. Communist California, as it is for so many other Satanic schemes, represents the perfect test case for such a societal conversion. Flashback: Forbes Magazine (December 16, 2013)
Elon Musk And Jeff Bezos’ Not-So-Secret Land Grab“With the Hyperloop in place, SF-to-LA … the entire center of the state (possibly) becomes gutted in the center, as big city living becomes accessible to any and all…. And one way or another it’s coming. Or something very much like it.With drone delivery (Amazon), rural residents can get what they need far faster than they can drive into town. So what do you think this means for the future of most small towns?”  It has been observed that the statewide pattern of the fires which have displaced so many tens of thousands of California suburbanites resembles, “coincidentally,” the proposed routes for both the proposed Los Angeles to San Fagsicko “Hyperloop” and the high-speed rail. Hyperloop is a form of ground / underground transportation currently in development by several companies.  The concept involves floating pods within low-pressure tubes that would transport passengers at airliner speeds. One of leading competitors to build the LA-SF Hyperloop is the Boring Company — headed by the shady CIA front-man Elon Musk, of the even shadier SpaceX. For the LA-SF loop, “The Amazing Musk,”  — who also runs Tesla MotorsSolar City and Nueralink —  estimates a price tag of about $6 Billion for a system that would provide a 30 minute ride between the two major cities. Could these DEW fires be a form of “Eminent Domain” — an “Agenda 21” clearing-out of large inhabited areas (mainly Republican voters too) to open the path for Musk’s Hyperloop?    The respective routes for the proposed Hyperloop (Image 2) and the depopulating “wildfires” (Image 3) match up very closely. Coincidence?  It will be interesting to see if, in the coming months and years, a Musk Hyperloop system. Or, will “Sir” Richard Branson — whose “Virgin Hyperloop” is also in the running for the LA-SF project — be the chosen one? .. Or, — will it be a high-speed rail system (which Diane Feinstein’s husband is linked to (here)) that gets established along the route of these fires? The most discouraging part of these tragedies is that no one — neither Trump nor the “The White Hats” — seems able to put a stop to these suspicious fires and bring the perps to justice. Even if DEW attacks from air or space were to be neutralized, how do we stop Deep State actors with gasoline cans in the middle of the night? You can’t.
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that they are expecting more fires to break out all across California. Boobus Americanus 2: It’s amazing how they can now predict the outbreaks of these fires. 
St. Sugar: It’s not “amazing,” Boobuss!!! It’s a frickin’ CONSPIRACY!!!
 Editor: An added twist to this latest round of fires is the mandatory blackouts making life miserable for MILLIONS of people in the same center-part of the state. ***To our readers in Commiefornia — Our “thought & prayers” ™ go out to you. If you still have power, we’d love to hear from youse guys as to what you are witnessing and hearing.
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