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 NY Times: Trump Calls Impeachment Inquiry a ‘Lynching’ By EILEEN SULLIVAN
REBUTTAL BYFollowing the lead of Sulzberger’s Slimes, all of the obedient operatives of Marxist Libtardia have got their pink panties in a bunch over Trump’s use of the term “lynching” to describe the Demonrats unremitting efforts to “impeach”  him in advance of the 2020 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show).Other than to again notethat the Communists have walked right into Trump’s trap with this impeachment circus they are running, we’re not going to get into the latest developments of this drama down in DC. Instead, let us use this manufactured uproar over the word, “lynching” as a “teachable moment”  to clarify what the past practice of lynching was really about; and to also recall what was done to another anti-Globalist historical figure after he used that term.Hazmat suits and hip waders on, boys and girls. Into Sulzberger’s seditious cesspool we go for a bit of historical clean-up.  1. Slimes House “shiksa” Eileen Sullivan is troubled over Trump’s use of the word “lynching” to describe what his enemies are trying to do to him. // 2 & 3. Not a day passes without the scum of the Left playing “The Race Card.” Slimes (Eileen Sullivan): President Trump on Tuesday called the impeachment inquiry into him a “lynching,” using a term associated with the murders …Rebuttal: Correction! With the exception of any rare cases in which an innocent man may have been killed by a frenzied mob, these were not “murders.” They were executions of murderers, rapists and, in the West, horse thieves.Slimes: … of black peopleRebuttal: Wrong again! Actually, many, if not more, Whites were lynched in the old South and also in the “Wild West” than Blacks. In some cases, Black criminals were lynched by righteously indignant fellow Blacks.Slimes: … to describe a process enshrined in the Constitution.Rebuttal: Notice how solemn the hack-writer tries to make this silly spectacle sound — “enshrined in the Constitution.” Always amusing to see Constitution-hating Marxists invoke the suddenly-sacred “Constitution” when it fits their purposes, isn’t it? Ironically, it is the lawless Demonrats with their false accusations, anonymous witnesses and secret hearings that are truly violating the Constitution.By the way, Ms. Sullivan,  you do realize that James Madison — the primary author of the Constitution — was a slave-owner? Don’t you think it is “insensitive” ™ to be promoting the work of a “white supremacist “?
Slimes: The term lynching invokes the decades-long racist history of white mob murders of black people beginning in the late 1800s and through the late 1960s.Rebuttal: Oh sure. Mobs of Christian White folks in the South would just wake up on any given day, pluck an innocent Negro off the street, and then hang him from a tree — just for the fun and giggles of it, dontcha know? In the words of that 1980’s song that sticks in the head, “Come on, Eileen.” — Cut the crap!And by the way, regular occurences of lynchings ended about 1920, not “the late 1960’s.”
Slimes: “I know the history of that word,” Representative James E. Clyburn, Democrat of South Carolina said on CNN Tuesday. “That is a word that we ought to be very, very careful about.”Rebuttal: Lighten up, Congressman. When ya boy Bill Clinton was impeached back in the day, all of your Demonrat colleagues were using that very same term. It was OK then, right?Slimes: It was a remarkable term for the president to use …  .Rebuttal: A “remarkable term,” eh? Oh the bloody drama!Slimes:  … to describe a legal process laid out in the ConstitutionRebuttal:  Again with the phony reverence for “the Constitution?!” —  which is supposed to restrict the size of government and limit the power of the Feds — that document which you filthy totalitarian-minded commies and brain-dead libtards have long told us was “antiquated” and “insufficient” for the needs of the modern world?Bitch, please.
   1. Most of the Blacks who were lynched had raped White women. // 2. When “men was men.” // 3. Many White criminals were also lynched — so why make the word racial?
 A Tale of Two McCarthy’s Kevin McCarthy Wets the Bed

Slimes: The top Republican in the House, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, said of Mr. Trump’s lynching comparison, “I don’t agree with that language,” adding, “It’s pretty simple.”Rebuttal: Mr. McCarthy. You sir, are a pussy! (as in frightened cat ).Trump has always backed you 100% and you can’t even straighten your spine to defend him against this ridiculous firestorm over a harmless word so commonly used as a metaphor? Pathetic. Not to be outdone by McCarthy, the Republican’t leader in the Senate, Creepy Mitch McConnell, later referred to Trump’s remarks as “an unfortunate choice of words.”There was once another man named McCarthy. And unlike the pants-wetting Kevin McCarthy, that McCarthy — Joseph — had balls of steel and the heart of a lion – which leads us to our conclusion. Joe McCarthy Fights Back
 In late 1954, the operatives of the very same New World Order which are trying to take down Trump via “impeachment,”  were attempting to take down Senator Joseph McCarthy via “censure” (an official reprimand). As the committee tasked with concocting a legitimate-sounding reason to censure McCarthy floundered, the feisty Senator, on a live TV CBS interview, mocked the Senate committee (chaired by Eisenhower stooge, Ralph Flanders of Vermont) as a “lynching bee.” One of the interviewers, a hack from Sulzberger’s Slimes named Bill Lawrence (cough cough) — feigning stunned incredulity — responded: “You call a meeting of the United States Senate a lynch bee? … The Senate is an institution of government. It’s part of the Congress. You call a meeting of the Senate a lynch?”To which, McCarthy, without batting an eyelash responded, counter-attacked and repeated: “Yes. I consider that a lynching bee. ….. When they say, ahead of time, regardless of what the evidence says, how they’re going to vote — this man has been fighting communism. He has been showing that for over twenty years that the Democrat Party has been infiltrated, therefore we’re going to get him, then I think a lynching is a good name for it, Bill” (Video Here)Flanders’ committee then pounced upon that word — not for any “racist” overtones but because McCarthy had mocked such a “revered legal process.”A censure resolution, based in large part upon the use of the term “lynch” was drafted up and then passed.Excerpt from Senate Resolution 301: Sec 2“The Senator from Wisconsin, Mr. McCarthy, ….. in stating to the press on November 4, 1954, that the special Senate session that was to begin November 8, 1954, was a “lynch-party”; in repeatedly describing this special Senate session as a “lynch bee” in a nationwide television and radio show on November 7, 1954 …  acted contrary to senatorial ethics and tended to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute.”So you see,McCarthy was officially censured for calling what was truly a lynch mob  — which couldn’t find anything substantive to charge him with — well, a lynch mob. That’s what (((they))) are trying to do to Trump now over his own use of the same word — with the “racism” angle added to the “disreputable” charge. This time around, it won’t work.   1. When asked about Trump’s “inappropriate” use of the term, “lynching,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy was quick to shit his pants and distance himself from the President.  // 2. When challenged, on CBS TV, over his use of that same term in 1954, Joe McCarthy immediately counter-attacked and doubled-down. // 3. Eisenhower with Senator Flanders (R-VT) — Acting as Eisenhower’s proxy, Flanders used McCarthy’s “lynch” comment to censure him in November, 1954. The anti-McCarthy “lynch bee” helped to give the Demonrats control of the Senate in the November election (which is exactly what “Republican” Eisenhower wanted) and thus cost McCarthy his position as Majority Chairman of the Investigations Committee.
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump’s use of the term ‘lynching’ to describe the impeachment inquiry has offended many African-Americans. Boobus Americanus 2: It’s not only racially insensitive, but it disrespects the Constitution. 
 St. Sugar: If it were up to me I’d lynch and liquidate about three-quarterss of the whole damn Congresss! Editor: Oh no. She’s got the war paint on.
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 NY Times: Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Trade in Conspiracy Theories About Tulsi Gabbard
NY Times: Tulsi Gabbard Lashes Back at Hillary Clinton After Claim of Russian Influence
REBUTTAL BYRemember when Killary Clinton accused “the Russians”  of hacking some embarrassing Demonrat E-mails and funneling them through WikiLeaks? Remember when Killary claimed that “the Russians” ™ had conspired with Donald Trump to rig the 2016 election and deny her the presidency? Now that nasty rancid harridan (a $10 word for bossy old hag) is accusing “the Russians”  of grooming Congressgal and aspiring presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) as a mole and potential third-party spoiler for the 2020 QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show). Killary’s obsession with Russia and her fear of Russian agents hiding under every rock has earned her the mockery of not only the entirety of “the Right,” but also some of her fellow Demonrats. Her accusations against Gabbard were certainly not her best moment. And when the feisty counter-attacking 38-year-old Congressgal strongly twitter-trashed Killary as “the queen of warmongers, the embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democrat Party” — it represented the hardest bitch-slap laid down on the Satanic witch since the Trump-Killary debates of 2016. Ironically, once one understands that “the Russians”  is code for the “White Hats” of the NSA (National Security Agency)  and other agencies; Killary, we believe, is actually telling the truth, albeit in cryptic form. Add Ms. Gabbard to the long list of character actors playing an assigned role in the ongoing mother of all “sting” operations against the Deep State. Join us for a ride on St. Sugar’s “Crazy Train” as we explain.
   1. Killary: “The Russians have got their eye on somebody who’s currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate.”  // 2. Gabbard strikes back — hard! *     *
 * Over the course of the past two years, Gabbard has been invited — MULTIPLE TIMES — to appear on FOX’s Tucker Carlson show. This is noteworthy because the contempible pedo-monster, Adam Schiff has accused Carlson — a pro-Trump, anti-war conservative — of being a “Russian agent” as well. (here)
  Tulsi’s background — degree in Business Administration, Hawaii National Guard, Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Army Military Police, and Officer School training at Alabama Military Academy — is more consistent with Military Intelligence that that of a Demonrat Party operative. Her father, Mike Gabbard, is a very rare bird indeed. He was elected to the State Senate in 2006 as a Republican in the Communist-dominated state of Obongo’s Hawaii. The following year, Gabbard, known for his patriotism and anti-sodomite marriage activism, switched parties because he felt he could be more effective as a member of the permanently majority-party Demonrats of Hawaii. Nonetheless, he has angered many Demonrats by opposing parts of their platform. In 2012, daughter Tulsi was elected to Congress. Since that time, she has talked and voted like any other Demonrat libtard, except in one very important area — foreign policy. Gabbard’s anti-war “isolationist” position, while appealing to many pro-peace Leftists, is intolerable to Party leadership. And her 2017 trip to Syria to meet with — and later publicly defend — the heroic President Assad drew heavy condemnation from the Piranha Press and fellow Denonrats.   1. State Senator Mike Gabbard and daughter Tulsi. // 2. Tulsi’s patriotic and military background would be more consistent with Military Intelligence than Demonrat politics. // 3. Her open support of Assad earned her the animosity of the Establishment.
  Since becoming a candidate for the Demonrat nomination, Gabbard has scraped and clawed her way into debate notoriety by knocking out Tim Ryan over his “we-must-stay-in-Afghanistan” policy; and verbally bitch-slapping Kamala Harris over her tyrannical record as a former prosecutor. So bad was the smack-down on Harris that it caused the Commiefornia Senator’s poll numbers to crash overnight. Gabbard has also called the Demonrat Primary process corrupt; claimed that Google and CNN are biased toward Establishment candidates;  condemned the elite foreign policy makers as “warmongers;” and taken some strong debate shots (over foreign policy) at “Mayor Pete” Bootyfag and Loony Lizzy Warren — which CNN dutifully cut off!Hmmm. When you put aside her cosmetically necessary libtarded positions on domestic issues, and her obligatory attacks against Trump, it does appear that Ms. Gabbard is attacking the very same people and institutions that “Russian agent” Trump is — and drawing upon herself the same manner of vicious counter-attacks and smears from the same crowd. Some headlines from the Piranha Press: The Independent (UK): Tulsi Gabbard Is A LetdownThe Daily Beast: Tulsi Gabbard Campaign Boosted by Putin ApologistsYahoo: Joy Behar Says Russia Is Using Tulsi Gabbard As A ‘Useful Idiot’New York Times: What is Tulsi Gabbard Up To?Washington Post: Tulsi Gabbard’s Syria Record Shows Why She Can’t Be PresidentRolling Stone: Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign May Be Over Before It Starts And on and on the attacks — which Killary has now taken to a whole new level — go. The Demonrats cannot ignore her; but if they attack (as Killary did) it just raises her profile. What to do — What to do about a girl like Tulsi? But guess who is not attacking her — Trump! In fact, he even came to her defense:“I don’t know Tulsi, but she’s not a Russian agent… These people (attacking her) are sick.  There’s something wrong with them.”  The Maestro knows that Gabbard’s candidacy has the potential to cause a serious rift among Demonrat voters between the anti-Establishment (or so they fancy themselves) “peaceniks” of the rank & file on one side — and the Establishment warmonger types on the other. The Demonrats are already afraid of alienating the demented devotees of the chaos-queens of the ultra-left “Squad” (whom we also suspect of being NSA sleeper agents). Now they have to contend with agent Tulsi causing further havoc and division within the Party. Ain’t we got fun? Though few Gabbard primary voters will end up voting for Trump over another Demonrat, many could stay home or vote for a third party candidate (like Gabbard?)Killary may be sick and evil, but she is not stupid. “Russians” = NSA / Military Intelligence. She knows it, but can’t exactly say so.
    1. On the debate stage, Tulsi Gabbard absolutely savaged a clearly shaken Kamala Harris by bringing up the fact that Whore Harris, as an ambitious prosecutor, once tried to conceal evidence that would have exonerated a murder suspect — and had also laughed about the fact that she prosecuted hundreds of marijuana cases although she herself smoked marijuana. // 2. Trump defended Gabbard, but at some point, we suspect that he will strategically attack her in order to boost her standing among Demonrats. The Demonrat Party and the Fake News will NEVER allow her to win, but the internal havoc she can cause could be devastating.
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about the war of words between Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton. Boobus Americanus 2: Hillary was way out of line in calling her a Russian agent. I happen to think that Tulsi’s condemnation of perpetual regime-change wars is valid. 
St. Sugar: Sso, Boobuss — you agree with Trump then? Editor: By the time this tactical manuever plays itself out, Gabbard may actually end up pushing some anti-war libtard Demonrat voters into the Trump camp.
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NY Times: Thousands of Theodore Roosevelt’s Papers Are Now OnlineREBUTTAL BYSugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times have long said that there’s no history like original source history. Think about it. If you really want to get inside of the minds of the men who made history; then why rely on an endless, repetitious circle-jerk of academic ass-clowns if you can access the actual writings and speeches of the history-makers themselves? Original source data is especially useful if the writing artifact is a private one. You see, communications intended for public consumption don’t always reveal the true man and his beliefs. But the stuff that a man inks for personal friends / co-conspirators or private diaries — well, that reveals the true man.With that investigative maxim (a $10 word for a short statement expressing a general truth) always in mind, this story about the Library of Congress’ recently added digital archive of many of Teddy Roosevelt‘s private papers and letters really got our investigative juices flowing. Just a few minutes into this article was all it took to learn something fascinating about Teddy Psycho that we included in our recently relaesed book on the wretched monster. We thought we should share it with “youse guys.” 1. Fake historians only know how to follow each other in an endless circle-jerk of orthodox groupthink. // 2. True investigative historians search for original source material, and then analyze every line for clues and patterns. //  3. Teddy the Terrible — (here)
 Among the historical files is a 1915 private letter in which TR criticizes President Woodrow Wilson’s policy of “neutrality” regarding World War I. Of course, regular readers of the ANYT should all know by now that Wilson’s early “pacifism” was fake. Evidently, ex-President Teddy did not know at the time that Wilson’s handlers were waiting until after the back-room Zionist-British verbal deal to steal Palestine was made — and after Wilson’s November 1916 re-election was completed — to join the European bloodbath. In the letter, TR also reveals his contempt for the millions of German-Americans who sympathized with Germany in its purely, 100% defensive war (started in August, 1914) against the aggressive British-French-Russian alliance.
Excerpted from the February 12, 1915 letter, which the Slimes’ web version linked us to:
“My dear Cecil. Do not feel too badly over things. I am bitterly humiliated over what this administration has done. I am not merely humiliated, but profoundly angered by the attitude of the professional German-Americans. But don’t forget, there are lots of Americans of German descent who do not sympathize with these men….. who are emphatically against Germany in this fight and resent being called German-Americans. When a President misleads us as Wilson has done, some very good people tend to follow him.” “Cecil” is Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice — a diplomat who served as Britain’s Ambassador to the United States from 1912 to 1918. We learn from Establishment historians that “Cecil,” in that capacity, was responsible for British efforts to end American neutrality and bring America into the First World War. And, get this — he was not just a close friend of Psycho Teddy, he had actually served as his best man at his second wedding (TR’s first wife had died) way back in 1886 when few people had even heard of TR. 
   1. Ambassador to the U.S. Cecil Rice — He and his buddy TR were upset with Wilson (Image 2) for not warmongering against Germany. // 3. Little did they know that Wilson’s handlers were actually planning to join the war after his 1916 re-election — a dishonest campaign which was based on Wilson’s “achievement” of keeping America out of the war!
  This letter constitutes clear evidence that ex-President TR — who was still influential within American elite circles — was already treasonously “colluding” with foreign agents, for the purpose of dragging the U.S. into the grand war for Globalism — a full two years before the U.S. officially entered the war. To cover his ass, the sneaky bastard purposely left his name off of the envelopes sent to “Cecil.” From the very opening line of that same letter:  “Dear Cecil, Your two letters have come. My letters to you will hereafter go in envelopes without my name on them, so as to attract as little attention as possible.” (full letter, here)
  It doesn’t get any more Deep Statish than that! Conspire much, Mr. President? But the real kicker for us was the date stamped on the letter — February 12, 1915. That’s three full months before Lord of the British Admiralty Winston Churchill set up the arms-smuggling Lusitania to be sunk by German U-boats (or a British time-bomb?). So, even before the phony pretext that served to turn public opinion away from Germany, TR and his crowd were already anti-German and pro-war. That’s no surprise to us, of course, but oh what a powerful argument it makes in contradiction of the fake history which holds that the U.S. government was originally neutral. No. Both the open-warmonger Roosevelt and the closet warmonger Wilson wanted to join the war all along — a war which, ironically, broke TR’s heart and may have led to his sudden death soon after the war’s end. For it is said that he never recovered after his youngest son’s death in the very war that he had so passionately agitated for. Two other sons were badly injured. 
   1. The letter to “Cecil” proves that even before the Lusitania tragedy and other “incidents,” TR’s crowd was already hostile toward Germany and angling for ways to join the war in Europe. 2. Psycho dad’s wished-for war got his own son, Quentin, killed in reckless aerial combat (attacked three planes at once) in July, 1918 (and two other sons badly wounded). TR was broken by the news of his son’s death, and died in his sleep just 8 months later, at age 61. *  1. Eager to live up to the fake legend of their “war hero” dad, Teddy Jr. and Archibald (also known for their fanaticism on the battlefield) were also badly injured in the war that “Father” demanded they volunteer for. — Said TR of the children of elites who did not volunteer for the unjust war on Germany: “If they were my sons, I’d strangle them, because we have principles in this family.”  //  2. Crazy Papa loved death. Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Library of Congress is digitally publishing 1000’s of documents and images from Teddy Roosevelt’s collection.Boobus Americanus 2: Teddy Roosevelt was one of our most eloquent and intellectual presidents.
 St. Sugar: Intellectual my asss! He wass a sspoiled rich brat who dropped out of law sschool. Every position he ever held wass handed to him by the usual ssusspectss.
Editor: And he got to be president after a communist murdered McKinley in 1901.

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