Did you think I would lie low after leaving Hong Kong??While I may be taking a bit of a break, the news certainly does not take breaks!Today we start our What Really Happened Show with something that is major news but is something you are not hearing about in the mainstream media. That is a University of Alaska Fairbanks study that found fire could not have caused the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11!The study found WTC 7, aka Tower 7, collapsed because every column in the building failed at the same time!In other major news, Germany, the country where Bayer is headquartered, will ban the use of the weed killer glyphosate. This makes for a pretty awkward situation for Bayer! That’s because Bayer now owns Monsanto and is defending its indefensible glyphosate-based product Roundup.And then there is the death of Zimbabwe’s longtime strongman Robert Mugabe. He was the man known for turning the breadbasket of Africa into a nation of hyperinflation and poverty. This is important news for me because I traveled to Zimbabwe last year just after Mugabe was ousted from power and reported on-the-ground in this southern African nation.Elsewhere in the world, Russia will make new missiles that would have been banned under the nuclear treaty the Trump Administration pulled out of. Meanwhile, some reports say the Trump Administration is planning on using data from Amazon and Apple to determine if citizens should have the right to own a gun. But White House officials are denying the report, and it is unclear who is telling the truth.In other Big Tech news, millions of phone numbers have been leaked from Facebook!And lastly, many people connected to Jeffrey Epstein may soon be named publicly!
Keep WeAreChange Alive!You see how Big Tech companies treat your data! So it is essential you protect your data from Silicon Valley monopolies that are looking to not only sell it, but entrap you in a surveillance grid!

Fortunately, you have an incredible opportunity to do just that, while at the same time fighting back against Big Tech overlords and protecting your digital privacy, as well as even profiting yourself!Brave is a web browser focused on privacy that, when you download and use, allows you to earn cryptocurrencies. And a small portion of the cryptocurrency you earn goes to us to help fund this independent media operation. This allows you to support us without even spending a dime. So don’t hesitate. Download Brave if you haven’t already and support We Are Change!! By the way, I’m getting lots of messages from people who have downloaded Brave, and they are saying it is a lot better browser than Firefox and Chrome. So if you haven’t downloaded Brave, what are you waiting for?!

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