The Moon Mars Perspective

The Moon Mars Perspective: An End to the British Assault on our Nation?

Bob Ingraham — LaRouchePAC

Kesha Rogers — LaRouchePAC, Texas

LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

Thursday, September 19, 2019 • 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm PT)

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Lyndon LaRouche asked the troubling question repeatedly, “Do we have the moral fitness to survive?” Men and women are not beasts, are not ruled by an untamed nature and the closed world of sense perception, and have the power to discover and exploit the laws of the universe. So, it is that all efforts to determine human affairs are battles for the mind. Do we create a culture which fosters human creativity or do we create a culture which enforces social control by degrading human potential, the typical mode of empire? The choice, as LaRouche often said, determines human economy, war and peace, and the future. Pragmatism or choices within fixed modes of society which do not fundamentally change them in accordance with natural law, will always existentially threaten continued human existence.

Bob Ingraham has just written a piece about the British attack on that entire generation of young people known as the baby boomers, an attack which still cripples our nation today. Not being original, a similar attack, using the deadly fascist doctrines of biologic and ecological determinism enhanced by psychedelic and other “mind-bending” drugs has been launched on the present younger generation.

A different prospect, one which celebrates and plays on divine human potential, has been launched in NASA’s Moon Mars perspective introduced at the behest of President Trump. Kesha Rogers is leading LaRouchePAC’s national drive to get LaRouche’s crash program perspective implemented here and made the central principle of this nation, having discussed exactly this perspective with NASA’s Director Jim Bridenstine, last week.

Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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