Democratic Party’s Extinction Event (Big Part of the Deep State)

The Democratic Party’s Own Extinction Event
Posted on August 2, 2019The last two days in U.S. news coverage were dominated by CNN’s roadshow known as the Democratic Party Presidential Debates. Other significant events were occurring in the world. The U.S. President, freed from the Russiagate vise, is discussing initiating trade talks with Russia. Britain, which houses the monstrous City of London financial octopus now threatening to implode, has a new prime minister, Boris Johnson. His assistant, the philosophical bomb thrower Dominic Cummings, whatever his other faults, advocates running government on the basis of NASA’s Apollo program, using the innovative crash-program management policies of NASA’s George Mueller. The United States itself was bathed in scientific and cultural optimism as the Apollo Moon landing was celebrated amidst President Trump’s commitment to return to the Moon, colonize it, and then voyage to Mars. These great events, located in the future, rather than the intellectually constipated mumblings of the Democratic little men and women, the true heirs to Jonathan Swift’s Yahoos, are what voters should be following and shaping. They are much more inspiring and healthy than throwing shoes at your television set or crashing your computer in disgust.READ MORE

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