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EPSTEIN INJURED IN JAIL!! Hearing the news that billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found with injuries to his neck inside his jail cell may have you wondering if someone powerful placed a hit on him to prevent the exposure of related crimes committed by other elites. But as I say in this video, the truth is that it is too early tell whether Epstein is indeed suicidal, as some media have suggested, or if he staged a suicide attempt or whether he could have been attacked or who knows what?! As an independent news organization that is committed to responsible journalism and reporting the truth, we at We Are Change are not going to jump the gun and report theories as fact when few, if any, of the facts have been corroborated.I do think it is worth noting, though, there is reason to question the theory that Epstein was attacked, especially given that British media recently reported Tommy Robinson was attacked in a prison shower. Tommy Robinson’s own representatives said the report was untrue and didn’t even make sense because the controversial British political figure is being held in isolation — which is the case with Epstein as well.Another Epstein story that is not getting as much media attention, yet is not filled with baseless claims, is the news troubled lender Deutsche Bank ignored high-level warnings about its powerful clients, including Epstein. Apparently Deutsche Bank management was warned about Epstein’s suspicious international transactions in the millions of dollars, to no avail.More major news I cover in this report includes Ukraine seizing a Russian oil tanker and the U.S. sending warships to the Taiwan Strait, actions that obviously angered Moscow and Beijing and risk continued escalations on both fronts. Also, Puerto Ricans celebrated as their protests forced the resignation of their governor, and President Donald Trump actually vetoed congressional resolutions on blocking weapons sales to Saudi Arabia!! Trump’s veto occurs with the backdrop of Saudi Arabia continuing to fuel the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, that being the war in Yemen.ALSO IN THE NEWS


 As with Taiwan, another flashpoint in U.S.-China relations is Hong Kong. In this video, which I shot while taking a break from streaming video games on DLive and ranting about how taxation is theft, I cover the latest developments that have emerged from the mass protests in Hong Kong over the China extradition bill. This news includes gangs of men in white shirts beating citizens in Hong Kong, as police turn a blind eye to the violence.But the situation in Hong Kong has much grander geopolitical implications than whether or not people suspected of crimes can be extradited to mainland China. Also in the video, I explain Hong Kong’s transition from the “one country, two systems” model, in which it can retain its capitalist ways, to falling more under the control of the authoritarian Chinese government. I also touch on the possibility that the U.S. and UK could be involved in some way in the Hong Kong protests and that it may become increasingly difficult for us to obtain factual information about the protest movement because of the central Chinese government’s powerful censors.And on that note, I have a question for you: Would you like to see me report on the ground in Hong Kong?? I’m considering going, though it could be a risky and dangerous mission. Let me know in the YouTube video comments whether you would like to see me reporting from Hong Kong.
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