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 Like me, you may be eager to see who among world elites will fall from grace as the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia case unfolds over the coming months and years. In this video, I discuss one of the latest developments in the Epstein case, a report based on a book written by journalist and author Michael Wolff, who was previously close with both President Donald Trump and Epstein. According to Wolff, Trump played a key role in the 2005 criminal probe into Epstein. Wolff wrote that Epstein threatened to expose Trump as a financial fraud after Trump swooped in and outbid Epstein on a Florida mansion he was planning on buying. Shortly after Epstein threatened to expose Trump, Epstein was outed to the police, helping launch the criminal probe.Wolff’s account of what occurred in Florida has not been fully corroborated, but if it were to be, it could exonerate Trump of allegations being pushed by the mainstream media about his connections to Epstein. In turn, that makes me post the question: Why isn’t Trump speaking out about this??While many people are playing politics with this case in hope of dragging down their political enemies, we at We Are Change are just calling things for what they are. And regardless of whether figures on the left or the right might be brought down and face justice, the Epstein case has the establishment shaking in its boots.And since we don’t play petty politics or succumb to left-right divisions, also in this video, I criticize Donald Trump for reckless foreign policy statements and actions. His latest statements include saying he would be okay with a war with Iran, and the U.S. would hit Iran hard and get out fast. And on Afghanistan, Trump said, “if I wanted to win that war,Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth,” and “it would be over literally in 10 days.” Meanwhile, South Korean and Russian warplanes engaged in a violent confrontation in which South Korean planes fired more than 300 warning shots at a Russian aircraftin an incident that also drew in Chinese and Japanese fighter jets. Lastly, the United Kingdom and European Union are headed for a diplomatic clash over Brexit, as Brexit supporter Boris Johnson has won the race to become prime minister, and EU officials are responding angrily.BE ON THE LOOKOUT!FYI, many subscribers to this email list have been saying We Are Change emails are being sent straight to their spam folders. Keep an eye out for We Are Change emails, and open them up, so they do not get diverted to spam! We cannot rely on the YouTube algorithm to deliver our videos to you, so this email list is more important than ever. But just because you are on the list does not necessarily mean you will be easily receiving our emails. So be on the lookout!
Keep WeAreChange Alive!Given that we don’t shill for any corporation or government or special interest and we face massive censorship and demonetization from monopolistic tech giants, it is essential you join us in this fight and contribute to the sustainability of a free press. Fortunately, you have an incredible opportunity to do just that, while at the same time fighting back against Big Tech overlords and protecting your digital privacy and even profiting yourselfBrave is a web browser focused on privacy that, when you download and use, allows you to earn cryptocurrencies. And a small portion of the cryptocurrency you earn goes to us to help fund this independent media operation. This allows you to support us without even spending a dime. So don’t hesitate. Download Brave if you haven’t already and support We Are Change!! By the way, I’m getting lots of messages from people who have downloaded Brave, and they are saying it is a lot better browser than Firefox and Chrome. So if you haven’t downloaded Brave, what are you waiting for?!Copyright © 2019 WeAreChange, All rights reserved. 
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