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Tastes Delicious, Has Zero Grams of Sugar per ServingDespite being packed with more than 10 antioxidant-rich organic fruits and 23 different types of potent greens, this unique process naturally reduces the sugars down to zero grams per serving. The bottom line: It fills you up with nutrients without impacting your blood sugar.Read More >>
Your Wednesday Articles
What’s Inside Your Glass of Milk? Does It Do Your Body Good?You’ve been told it’s healthy, yet 60% of these drinks have been found to contain five nasty antibiotics. Please only drink this if it’s organic.Read More >>
Can Toothpaste Cause Osteoporosis?The simple act of brushing your teeth could introduce a chemical that affects your thyroid gland, which raises your risk of osteoporosis.Read More >>
Statins Double Diabetes RatesCholesterol lowering medications have a long history of side effects and adverse events. Recent research now finds your risk of diabetes may double, or even triple, with long-term use. Lower your risk of cardiovascular events without using medications.Read More >>

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