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I’m going to keep this one a bit brief as we have a great article about this below.

Many have asked us what we recommend for alternatives to Google search given they are clearly shaping perspectives and narratives for people, and this isn’t for the highest good.

Below you’ll find an article with all of those details. At the moment we have been using DuckDuckGo a lot at CE, the results are very different from Google which is great, and we found the results to be more useful.

This is a time where connection with self, discernment and taking responsibility for our thoughts and perceptions is key. It’s how we’ll resonate more deeply with info vs just listen and believe. No more need for faith. Doing this within ourselves is an amazing step, sharing it with others is also a powerful step..

The next time you’re with your friends or family, show them the results of the article below, and ask them if it’s time they stop using Google to get their information.

Couple that conversation with the message of intuition, connection with self and discernment, and the seeds of shifting consciousness will be planted as well 🙂
Ep. 19 – What To Do If The News Upsets You
Information is here to help kick us out of our programmed ‘zombie’ state… that is its role. 

It’s one thing to become obsessed and entrenched in news and have it overtake your life… it’s a whole other thing to be aware of going on in the world and not let it determine your emotional state.

The challenge many seem to be working through is that hearing about something in our world can bring us down into an emotional state, so we try to avoid learning about it… but this doesn’t always serve us…

Let’s talk in detail about why it’s important to process what goes on in our world, and how we can learn about ourselves while paying attention to how we react to events that take place. 

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A Complete List of Alternatives To The Google Search Engine
I went on about this topic quite a bit above, but here are the goods! A complete list of search engines that won’t attempt to shape your perspective as Google will.

Currently, we’ve been using Duck Duck Go at CE for a little while now. COMPLETELY different results!

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Why Aren’t Doctors Prescribing Turmeric if it so Therapeutic?

A great question to ask, perhaps it’s as simple as doctors can’t play outside of their limited medical license and training..

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“Sometimes They Come For Families” – Indigenous Author Shares More Info About The Star People

This isn’t a ‘negative’ abduction account, this is one that suggests there have been cases in indigenous cultures where ‘Star People’ have taken entire families to live amongst the stars. Fascinating.

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Our Campaign To Help Stop 5G – A Major Global Health Hazard & How You Can Help Us Stop It

This is flowing along quite well! And so is our research! One of the most recent things we’ve come across is the connection between 5G and directed energy weapons… now to determine if that’s indeed true.

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Rampant Child Porn Sharing Discovered On Pentagon Computers – Hundreds of Employees Implicated

Remember we talked about how this would be a big part of how certain aspects of the power elite were going to come down? Sure, it’s tough to look at and accept that it’s happening, but would you rather ignore it and enable it? Or see it, process it and evolve beyond it?

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