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Natural News: Google declares organics to be a lie, and naturopathy a scam

Google has declared war on organics, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition and chiropractic.The search engine has been caught red-handed altering search suggestions to defame and attack all natural health topics, all while banning natural health websites from its search results.Google has gone all-in with Monsanto, Big Pharma, chemotherapy, pesticides, 5G, geoengineering, fluoride and every other poison you can imagine.Google has become poison to humanity.See the shocking full report here.P.S. Despite Google’s malicious attacks on health and nutrition, the truth is that nutritional supplements works. For the next day or so, we’ve got an event running on PQQ, CoQ10 and other specialty supplements that dramatically increase your intake of cell-supporting nutrients (including brain-supporting nutrients). Check out the details here.
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