So Called ‘Christian’ Witches; BEWARE!

I PERSONALLY HAVE SEEN THESE WITCHES AND WARLOCKS IN CHURCHES; ENCOUNTERED THEM FIRSTHAND. ONE WARLOCK WAS ACTUALLY THE PASTOR IN A SMALL CHURCH AND HE WOULD FILL IN AT OTHER CHURCHES. HE BECAME LIVID AND HE TRIED TO CURSE MY FAMILY AND ME. HE THREATENED ME. I did watch this warlock hold hands with another man who must have been a master at his craft and the poor man that went up for prayer looked like he just got electrocuted and he hit the ground really hard. He was shaking and they put a demon in this man. This Pastor warlock stood over him and looked and said “ah, he will be alright” and just walked away. They left him there. AT that point The Holy Spirit said for me to RUN because the church had many witches in the seats too. I left as instructed and never went back. This church looked like something off a postcard and looked innocent as can be; small congregation.

Saw it in another church which had a larger following and this Pastor travelled too. Now in this church the men that were his co-pastors, one I sensed was a warlock, led that Pastor to the NIV Bible and I can’t explain it but this PASTOR even said he has seen witches on the sides of his church. Yes, they are everywhere posing as Godly people. I actually saw Baphomet’s face on the face of a woman that was the sister of the Pastor in that church. This is real my friends. Don’t brush it off as if it’s not.

I will guarantee you that they are in most churches now and Christians, since they don’t read the Word much or they don’t have discernment, will not pick up on it and even become friends with them.

Jesus Christ is Lord

Yes, soothsayer churches are everywhere on earth now, especially African countries. I’m not being mean, I’m from Africa as well. It’s full of demons possessed churches. I’m trying to guide my soul jealously. These fake prophets/devil advocates are out there for souls, and if you’re not mindful, off to hell you’re going.

Mari Dani Cerna1 month ago

You just discovered my ex husband! He’s a warlock, and he still goes to every church to destroy churches, he has many bibles and he calls himself a christian godly man of Jesus, but now that you mention it, I looked back and you set the truth about him in my face. He even has a tattoo in his right arm of a sinister warlock. he went and he’d befriended Pastors. He’d sneakily put a lust demon in one of the pastor to commit adultery with one of the girls in the youth group. And the pastor had a love affair with one of the girls in the youth group and after the scandal broke out, half of the congregation left.

He’d also do witchcraft with his first wife. And he’d visit churches to put spells to the Pastor and the congregation. I was very innocent to his double life. I was always questioning him as to why he’d visit different churches every other weekend. I wasn’t into spiritual warfare as I’m now. God has prophesied that my ex husband is into Santeria Palo Mayombe and he’s a prince in the satanic kingdom.

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