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Huge bombshell: Bayer discovers “black ops” Monsanto unit, shuts it downThis is huge breaking news. Bayer has discovered a “black ops” unit operating inside Monsanto, which Bayer acquired last year. This is the unit that has run hit lists and hit men who hunted down and tried to assassinate anti-GMO activists such as myself.Bayer says it has now shut down the unit and is supporting European law enforcement’s effort to pursue criminal indictments against former Monsanto operatives.We are demanding a public apology from Bayer for the 10+ years of criminal operations that targeted Natural News and myself.
See the full details of this astonishing breaking story here.
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Canada now criminalizing Christianity; public demonstrations to be completely outlawed
Not only is it becoming increasingly obvious that Western liberals are becoming anti-Christian, but they are also becoming increasingly authoritarian when it comes to the practice of Christianity by …

AG Barr appoints a U.S. attorney who specializes in rooting out corruption to look into origins of the Obama-Comey “Spygate” scandal
Supporters of POTUS Donald Trump, long exasperated by a lack of action taken against deep state conspirators who sought to depose him on instructions from former President Obama, have had their …

Banker, U.S. rapper involved in massive Malaysian corruption scandal busted for organizing large donations for Obama’s reelection campaign
As Democrats in Washington, D.C. and their sycophantic allies on the cable news channels continue to claim that POTUS Donald Trump is corrupt and that the evidence for it must exist — somewhere — …

Apple stocks plunge after SCOTUS challenges tech giant’s monopolistic practices, racketeering
Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is once again proving himself to be a worthy SCOTUS pick for whom we should all be thankful. The persecution he infamously endured from Leftist Democrats …

Coming soon: All those who hold conservative views will be denied Mastercard services, thanks to deranged, authoritarian Leftists who demand total obedience and conformity
The radical left can believe whatever they want and post about it on social media. The leftists can advance their pages, businesses, and ideas. That’s great, but anyone who doesn’t …

Breast implants are hard on the immune system: More women reporting rare immune system cancer related to implants
Breast implants may give women confidence, but they’re also giving a rising number of them cancer. The Food and Drug Administration announced recently that more women with implants are being …

Study: Can extended space travel increase an astronaut’s risk of cancer?
Astronauts make a lot of sacrifices in their line of work. The longer they stay in space, the more severe their health suffers. Latest research warns that long-term stays in space could …

5 Healing herbs and supplements that can help ease anxiety and boost thyroid health
One of the reasons why you feel anxious and sick is because you have too much of the stress hormone cortisol — which can wreak havoc on your thyroid and increase the risk of various health …

Lung damage in children linked to chemicals commonly found in cosmetics and personal care products
More and more new and expecting parents are going out of their way to ensure their children don’t consume toxin-laden foods, with many women opting for organic foods and natural ingredients …Green, grassy and good for you: What are the health benefits of greens powders?
A healthy regimen must include fresh vegetables, but a lot of people don’t get enough of these nutrient-dense foods regularly. This is where greens powders come in. Scientists are now aided by physics to recover even more oil – how will it affect the environment?
As if fracking wasn’t causing enough environmental problems, Pennsylvania-based researchers claim that oil companies could extract more oil from unconventional reservoirs. Their recently …Accomplishments of men are now being falsely attributed to women as Western society continues its collapse
Radical feminism continues to systematically oppress men, depriving them of the credit they deserve for their accomplishments in the name of “equality,” and in many cases transferring …The 5 health benefits of homemade bone broth
If you’re thinking bone broth is just like all the other broths you know, you may be right, ingredients-wise. But when it comes to health benefits, bone broth trumps them all. Broths made …Exposure to microplastics weakens the grip of mussels, which may affect biodiversity and reduce aquaculture yields
Increasing numbers of microplastics are found inside mussels and other shellfish during recent years. Now, a U.K. study warns that exposure to these tiny plastics makes it more difficult for blue …Researchers look at TCM usage to treat COPD in Taiwan
A nationwide population-based cross-sectional study conducted by researchers from Chang Gung University in Taiwan looked at the frequency of prescription and usage of Chinese herbal medicine for …Researchers examine the antibacterial activity of Indian wormwood vs. 9 pathogenic strains
Researchers from the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in India investigated the composition and antibacterial activity of Indian wormwood essential oil against nine pathogenic …Study: Ligands can help absorb lead from soil
Lead poisoning is a problem the world over. In 2016, over 500k deaths worldwide were caused by lead exposure, according to data from theInstitute of Health Metrics and Evaluation. In a …Don’t drink the water: Study warns that bottled water may contain toxic microplastics
Think twice about making the next purchase of supposedly pure and safe bottled water. A new study held by a non-profit organization showed that many bottled water products from big brands …Survival basics: What is the shelf life of bottled water?
Even when things are quiet, you need to make sure that your survival stockpile has everything you may need if SHTF. Do you have a case (or several cases) of bottled water in your stockpile? If …Tartary buckwheat shown to improve lipid profile, reduce insulin resistance
Tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum) can improve insulin resistance and lipid profile in people with Type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in Nutrition Research. The multi-university …
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