Headlines and Updates for May 24, 2019: Hammer Time, Indeed [videos]

We’re sticking this one at the top because it’s important to get this information in front of everyone. Sean says, “this is the story of the century.” If you missed Dave Janda’s video yesterday about The Hammer, there’s a summary below from the SGT Report.

We know who has orchestrated the coverups, we know who lied, and we know who’s going to prison.

“The Hammer” proves that James Clapper stood before Congress and outright lied about SPYING on the American people. These mobsters are lawless. They had all the right people in all the right places at the right time and while their lips said one thing, the reality was the opposite.

They knew what they did was unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, despicable AND TREASON—but they never believed they would be found out so they didn’t even try to hide much of what they did. Hillary Clinton did that because Donald Trump spoiled their little game. Unfortunately for her, what was done was all recorded for posterity and destruction of computers, files, and phones was a waste of time.

Trump, at the behest of positive military elements—the Patriots—dumped all the deep state chess pieces on the floor and sat down to play a new game. A transparent game. A game the entire world would be watching with rapt attention.

And who knew that General McInerney would have that little chat with Dr. Dave Janda? If you missed that report, read it here.

Thanks go out to Sean at SGT Report and others who have the fortitude to watch CNN, MSNBC and the other mockingbird liars. I can’t manage more than a minute or two of Nancy Pelosi’s ballsy, fumbling accusations. That’s my week’s worth of tolerance for the bullshittery, but on the bright side, some pundits believe Pelosi should be retiring into the background and leaving the speaking to someone who can. What the hell is a 79-year-old doing running the country? Enough of this nonsense. Give her a chain link dog run at GTMO and use her salary to heal Veterans or feed children.

The bottom line is, the dimms and the deep state are toast, and they know it; hence the vicious, absurd slurs and attacks. Pelosi claiming “we pray”—please. They’re satanists. They prey.

But now they are the prey. They’ve been found out and exposed, and the evidence continues to mount. TREASON.

The intricate web they built will ensnare their cohorts across the planet. They’re all going down, and whether people want to hear it or not, they’re going to get the truth; 9/11, Benghazi, child sex trafficking, torture, blackmail, bribery, charity fraud, racketeering, money laundering, off-shore accounts, tax evasion, misappropriation of funds, election rigging, murder, and on and on.

They gave away the farm to China, right out from under the American people, and now China can’t collect on the deal.

Some are nervous about the intense activities of the demonrats and the lamestream media and feel POTUS is in a precarious position. I believe the Patriots believe their plan is infallible and will push it to the edge; will leverage the evidence they have and the teasing of the criminals to drive them mad with fear to manipulate them into making mistakes and implicating each other and then—they’ll drop the MOAB.

It will be interesting to see how much of the lies fool the American people at this point. Trump’s rallies draw thousands. It’s going to be a roller coaster 18 months until the election.

I think it’s clear now that before long at least some of these psychopaths are going to prison, and as Q has advised, never interfere with the enemy when they’re in the process of destroying themselves.


A number of people weighed in yesterday on Pelosi and the latest dimm attacks. Gregg Jarrett sat in for Dobbs. POTUS claimed Pelosi isn’t the same person and “she’s lost it”. Agreed. She’s a real piece of work.

They rolled a clip of Nancy stuttering and stammering and talking about “three things” while holding up two fingers. Ed Rollins kindly says she’s inarticulate and needs to step into the background. She is an embarrassment to America.

Lou Dobbs Tonight 5/23/19 [FULL | Lou Dobbs Fox News Today May 23, 2019

Big Brother Obama’s ILLEGAL “Hammer Surveillance Program” Violated MILLIONS of Americans, Not Just President Trump

It’s time to flush the turds. Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Lynch, Holder, Yates, McCabe, Abedin… all of them.  Drain the septic! No matter what they do, nothing can stop what is coming.

Huge Breaking News Clinton Crimes Perp Walk Soon

China Caught Secretly Emitting Banned Ozone-Depleting Gas for 6 Years

In historic times there are many storms raging simultaneously in America, each wreaking their own havoc. Keep your barf bags handy because the seas could get little rougher yet.  ~ BP

150,000 left without power after damaging storms, tornado hit northeastern US

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