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Thursday, May 2, 2019 
Pro-Life News
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Democrat’s shocking defense of abortion: ‘Some kids are unwanted … kill them now or … later’By Calvin Freiburger
U.S. hospital will not remove oxygen from elderly woman who says on video ‘I want to live’By Lisa Bourne
Trump issues religious-freedom protections for doctors, nurses forced to do abortionsBy Calvin Freiburger
North Carolina Senate overrides governor’s veto of bill protecting born-alive babies after failed abortionsBy Calvin Freiburger
Editor’s Picks
 Facebook labels LifeSite report on left-wing textbook fake news, gives no explanation or appealBy Calvin Freiburger What closure of almost 1,500 US abortion mills since 1991 says about pro-life effortsBy LifeSiteNews staff
 Eastern Europe is rejecting failed sexual revolution…and progressives are outragedBy Jonathon van Maren Pro-lifers to nationally protest waste hauler Stericycle for aborted baby disposal involvementBy Lisa Bourne
Top News
Amazing speaker lineup for Canada’s March for Life includes Abby JohnsonBy Lianne Laurence
Alabama House votes to criminalize nearly all abortions in defiance of Roe v. WadeBy Calvin Freiburger
Christian women can’t find good men to marry: ‘There just aren’t any’By Anna Hitchings
Our pro-life campus talk got smoke-bombed. We didn’t let it stop usBy Ryan Bomberger
How we’re being manipulated into thinking killing sick kids is now okayBy Jonathon van Maren

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