Zionist Planned Parenthood’s Control of Amerika

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019 
Pro-Life News
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What one candlelight vigil outside Planned Parenthood inspired by ‘Unplanned’ looked likeBy Martin M. Barillas
Twitter drops far-left Southern Poverty Law Center as ‘safety partner’By Calvin Freiburger
446 babies saved from abortion so far in 40 Days for Life’s Lent campaignBy Calvin Freiburger
Elderly pro-life woman attacked outside abortion mill hospitalized with broken leg, bleeding headBy Dorothy Cummings McLean
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 Catholics weep and pray the rosary in the light of the flames of Notre DameBy Martin M. Barillas Teachers unions collude with Planned Parenthood to fund abortion with forced dues, pro-life teacher warnsBy Calvin Freiburger
 Christian athlete sacked from Australia Rugby team for quoting Bible on homosexualityBy Martin M. Barillas Leaked emails show Planned Parenthood pushed California to force churches to fund abortionBy Martin M. Barillas
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New crowdfunding site WonderWe reaches out to Christians banned by GoFundMeBy Lisa Bourne
Attorneys seek relief for farmer expelled from farmers’ market for Catholic beliefs on marriageBy Martin M. Barillas
California city council to surround local Chick-fil-A with LGBT flagsBy Martin M. Barillas
More than 60 groups considering lawsuit against left-wing Southern Poverty Law CenterBy Cal

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