Victoria Nuland…One Really Bad Swamp Gator

Victoria Nuland Tied To Halper! Next Suicide? Heneghan

Intel Update – Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (6-21-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Tom Heneghan blew out a ton of hot intelligence in today’s radio show.  

In late breaking news, Tom reported US intelligence has uncovered another assassination plot on Donald Trump by Senior Executive Services (SES) members!   This was another poison attempt!   Jeff Sessions is an SES member and a total traitor and must be arrested!   SES is a major tool of the deep state and Alex Jones is still not exposing SES and all it’s members even though American Intelligence Media and others have begged anybody REAL to help them!  Jones hasn’t mentioned it, reported it or posted any articles on it for 9 years!   Here’s proof you can do yourself and then email the tip of the spear at and tell him no more product sales from you until he starts exposing Senior Executive Services (SES) and bringing on the “American Intelligence Media” experts in this video!  No excuses!

Do this search on Google “senior executive services”

You’ll see Alex Jones hasn’t had an article to even mention Senior Exective Services since 2008!  This even though patriots4truth and many others are breaking huge stories on it daily and finding the SES traitors and naming them which is HUGE!  SES is the deep state control system and why nothing ever changes!  American Intelligence Media has uncovered massive numbers of SES traitors like Jeff Sessions, Andrew McCabe, James Comey and many more!   Nothing but crickets from infowars on exposing all the members of SES though.  Why is Jones is running from all patriots who beg him to report on it and bring on guests from American Intelligence Media who are doing the work!  Email Jones at and ask him to report on it or you are done buying from him!   Then email me at and let me know if he runs from you too!  Is this SES censorship more proof Alex is crypto deep state and why Alex Jones lies about Lee Wanta who H.W. Bush tried to kill?

The main topic for today was Victoria Nuland.  Nuland is the Bush neocon scum who took down the Ukraine with an illegal coup funded by George Soros!  She knows a lot about the crimes of the Bushes and Hillary Clinton.  Will she be found hanging from a doorknob like Anthony Bourdain who said he had been on the receiving end from Hillary goons.  Let’s pray Victoria Nuland has a change of heart, comes to Jesus and rats on Hillary Clinton and Trump gives her 24 hour protection  so she can’t be suicided.   

US Intelligence has now leaked Victoria Nuland is directly tied to British spy Stefan Halper who the fake news is not talking about at all because he’s the key to bringing down Bush and Clinton and everybody else!   Stefan Halper proves American politics is no different than professional wrestling.  Both parties collude behind closed doors.  Stefan Halper was a spy used by H.W. Bush to spy on Jimmy Carter and since it’s the Bush Clinton crime syndicate, Hillary Clinton got the name off Daddy Bush’s rolodex and called Stefan Halper to spy on Trump and work up a bogus Russian dossier Hillary and Jeb Bush paid for!   Heck, the Bushes even admitted they were going to vote for Hillary before the election in case there was any doubt our political system is a total fraud!  Anybody against Trump is deep state scum or pure evil in my book.  

Neocon fake Sean Hannity is telling Trump to protect his Bush Masters to save the Republicans!

By the way, Tom just found out from US Intelligence Sean Hannity has been telling President Trump to protect his masters – The Bush family or he’ll destroy the Republican party!    We’ll never get justice on the Bush family if Sean Hannity the Bush Nazi Scherf lover has his way.  He continues to coverup all the crimes of the Bush family including 9/11,  stealing the election from Gore, all the illegal wars that looted us for $7 Trillion plus and setting up the Nazi department of Homeland Security to spy on Americans!   Sean sold his soul to the Bushes and he must repent at some point for this evil he has done.  I laugh when I watch Hannity and he says “When did American become like this?”   Sean, it became like this when your demon Bush hero became Vice President and fakes like you never reported on his criminal activities YOU know all about!  Your Bush heroes killed millions, ran the drugs, spied on Americans and looted our treasury just to start!  But keep lying and covering up for your demon Bushes.  You’ll answer to God about promoting this Illuminati new world order devil someday if you don’t repent.  I hope you do repent because if you told the truth about the Bushes and 9/11 you’d be almost perfect in my eyes.  But you’re just like Rush Limbaugh – a total neocon fraud who ignores the truth on 9/11 and all the crimes of the Bushes.  Promoting Trump isn’t enough.  Bush wants to kill and impeach Trump!  Bush voted for Hillary Sean!  Wake up PLEASE or come to Jesus!  Maybe God will give you a road to Damascus moment someday.

The Clintons work for the Bushes and always have.  H.W. Bush was the highest person in the Illuminati known by MK Ultra victim Cathy Obrien!  This video shows Cathy Obrien talk about H.W. Bush and Clinton!

Trudeau’s eyebrow Falls Off – Dad Raped Kids! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Bill Clinton ran the Bush’s CIA drugs out of Mena Arkansas.  It’s the worst kept secret in the world!   They even made a movie about it starring Tom Cruise to put it right in your face!

They were going to have a scene with Bill Clinton in the movie but decided the sheep weren’t ready for that much truth I guess.  Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas during this time of course.  It’s all a big joke on the American people.  Guns, drugs and money laundering baby!   Our country is a disgusting banana republic with crooks in charge!

Tom goes over all the details about Victoria Nuland and Stefan Halper in this broadcast.  

Many of Hillary’s missing emails were between Hillary Clinton, Stefan Halper and Victoria Nuland plotting against Trump and coordinating the spy operation.

Nuland was also a liaison to Stefan Halper in the year 2000 election hack that allowed G.W. Bush to steal 5 states and the Presidency.   This is proven now and Trump and Gore have the NORAD audit proving it.

Back in March, FBI agent, David Raynor (52) was found with multiple stab wounds and gun shot wound.  They said it was murder suicide but he was ready to testify against the Hillary Clinton sex cult NXIVVM!

If David killed his wife why would he have stab wounds?   He would have just shot her and there’s no way she would have been able to stab him if he wanted to kill her first.  He was well trained with a firearm.  It was setup to look like a murder suicide you can be sure.  Once again more people are added to the Clinton body count and nobody gets in trouble while scum like Horowtiz and Sessions cover it all up!  Fire them all and get rid of all senior leadership in the DOJ and FBI!  It’s the only way you can fix it.…

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