The Global Elite

The Global Elite

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The Globalists

The global elite march in four essential columns: CorporateAcademicPolitical and Organized Religion. In general, the goals for globalism are created by CorporateAcademic then provides studies and white papers that justify Corporates goals. Politicalsells Academic’s arguments to the public and if necessary, changes laws to accommodate and facilitate Corporate in getting what it wants. Organized Religion along with church and state secures corporate, academic and political rule into a global order.

Trinity Of Globalist Control:

City of London Corporation – Financial power centre, established in 1067

District of Columbia – Military power centre, established in 1871

Vatican City – Religious power centre, sovereign in 1929

All three are separate states, completely independent of their respective countries.

Key Players of the One World Order

(In order of importance)

1: Lord Jacob de Rothschild. 2: His son Nathaniel. 3: Baron David de Rothschild 4: Sir Evelyn de Rothschild 5: Benjamin de Rothschild 6: David Rockefeller Jr. 7: Henry Kissinger 8: George Soros 9: Lloyd Blankfein

The power behind the Committee of 300 is the Anglo-Jewish cousin-hood that dominate the financial and political systems of the world. This cousin-hood includes the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Oppenheimer, Goldsmid, Mocatta, Montefiore, Sassoon, Warburg, Samuel, Kadoorie, Franklin, Worms, Stern and Cohen families.

Ruling Families

Rothschild (Bauer or Bower) family

Rockefeller (Rockenfelder) family

Oppenheimer family

Goldsmid/Goldschmidt/Goldsmith family

Mocatta family

Montefiore family

Sassoon family

Warburg (del Banco) family

Samuel family

Kadoorie family

Worms family

Stern family

Cohen family

Schiff family

Morgan family

Lazard family

Schröder family

Merovingian family

Harriman family

Royal Family of England

Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) family

Hanover family

Cavendish (Kennedy) family

De Medici family

Lorraine family

Plantagenet family

Habsburg/Hapsburg family

Krupp family

Bruce (Bruis, Brix, or Broase) family

Carnegie family

Mellon family

Vanderbilt family

Du Pont family

Sinclair family

Astor family

Romanov family

Li family

Onassis family

Van Duyn (Dien, or Duyne) family

Thurn und Taxis family

Guinness family

Russell family

Bush (Scherff) family

Bundy family

Taft family

Disney d’Isigny (“from Isigny”) family

Collins family

Freeman family

McDonald family

Goodyear family

Whitney family

Reynolds family

Getty family

Hearst family

Saudi (The House of Saud) family


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