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NY Times: ‘Hail Satan?’ Review: Pitchforks, Black Clothes and Good Deeds

REBUTTAL BYIn the aftermath of the Satanically-inspired arson at the Cathedral de Notre Dame, how fitting it is for one of the demonic denizens of Sulzberger’s Slimes, Ben Kenigsberg (cough cough), to publish a sympathetic review for a just-released documentary titled, “Hail Satan?” — a film which focuses on the rapidly growing group (50,000 members) calling itself the “Satanic Temple.” From the review:“Before watching “Hail Satan?,” you might be surprised to learn that a group of self-described Satanists adopted a stretch of highway in Arizona and picked up litter with pitchforks. Or that others have collected socks for the needy. …Its adherents have rallied around seven tenets that sound — well, pretty nice. These include striving “to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures” and promoting beliefs that conform to a “scientific understanding of the world.”…After all, if the Ten Commandments are an acceptable display at the State Capitol in Arkansas, then shouldn’t an eight-foot statue of the goat-headed deity Baphomet get equal play?” So, the demons clean up litter and collect socks for the poor. Isn’t that special? It’s ironic because just this past week, the lovely and gracious Mrs. King joined with some of the local ladies to clean up litter and, with yours truly driving her around, collected Easter chocolates from local businesses to give to poor children. (I got yelled at for eating one of the small chocolate bunnies). We wonder, would the Slimes ever publish the following opening line about a harmless “far right” blogger???“Before reading the conspiracy theory website TomatoBubble,” you might be surprised to learn that the self-described Hitler admirers, Holocaust Deniers and ‘911 truthers’ picked up litter and collected chocolate easter bunnies for needy children…. The site’s supporters have rallied around seven tenets which sound — well, pretty nice.” Hell no! (no pun intended). In the Slimes’ world of upside-down / make-believe; honest and hated truthers who seek only to inform, educate, inspire and uplift humanity are ranked waaaay below these oh-so civic-minded Satanists. Nobody is censoring their wicked books at Amazon (here), or shutting down their PayPal accounts (here) as was done to yours truly. Think about it!
    1. Ben Kenigsberg of The Slimes looks like a devil himself! // 2 &3. Fiendishly clever Satanists, wearing upside-down crosses and flashing devil horns, clean up litter for the sole purpose of getting signs posted in their name. A trailer for the film (here) attempts to present these lost souls as normal and rationale people who enjoy the whimsical tweaking of Christians over their “hypocrisy.” This is also the approach of the Slimes reviewer. It’s like: “Nothing to see here here but some wise guys having a good time challenging authority.” And therein lies the age-old method of operation of the spirit of evil, or “Satan.” These demented demons will lure the vulnerable into their ranks with the bait of mischievous fun and a bit of vice without consequence; whilst the inner core are committed to death, sexual depravity, church desecration, ritualistic murder, baby-raping, child torture-murder and cannibalism.And this Satan worship isn’t just limited to disaffected and direction-less youth. As evidenced by the ubiquitous(a $10 word for “being present everywhere”) Satanic symbolism flowing out of the Hollywood cesspool, the music industry, and Madison Avenue; the high and mighty are heavily into this stuff. French President and Notre Dame arsonist Emmanuel Macron, the almost-president Killary Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clintonare among them for sure. This nasty stuff is real, boys and girls; and it is spreading fast into the spiritual vacuum left by the ongoing destruction of faith in God and His self-evident eternal laws for right living.  Google Chrome 666  // 2. Walt Disney logo 666 // 3. Satanic whore Madonna performs at the Stupor Bowl halftime show in 20151. Monster Energy Drink has the Hebrew number for 6 6 6 as its logo, and an upside down crucifix in the “O” in “MONSTER” // 2. Satanist Killary Clinton (posing with Satanic homosexuals John Legend and tranny Chrissy Tiegen) forms an upside-down crucifix with her  hands across the vertical line formed by her shirt & jacket.1. Chelsea Clinton tweets “Happy New Year” to “The Church of Satan” // 2. Chelsea wears an upside-down crucifix. A visit to “” and a search for Satanic groups yields a plethora of groups across the country. Google around a bit. They are easy to find. But like their Communist Party USA cousins of decades past, we suspect that the bulk of the Satanists keep their dark side “on the down low.” As portrayed in the 1968 film, “Rosemary’s Baby,” many of these shady characters seem just like the guy or gal next door — some of them highly respected professionals in their community.Whether one believes the persona of Satan to be a literal entity or just a metaphor for evil is a difference without a distinction. They dwell among us, and above us — and they grow bolder and more dangerous by the day. Ya better start praying, America, and Europe too.
  1. “Dr. Sapirstein” (cough cough) from “Rosemary’s Baby” was a Satanist. How many real “Sapirsteins” are practicing medicine and killing people? // 2. Satanic Temple of Arizona holds a “Meet & Greet” event. // 3. Q Anon posted this sickening image of a mock Satanic child sacrifice from the Instagram page of a wealthy socialite named Rachel Chandler — a child sex provider for the stars who has been linked to the Clinton Foundation. Boobus Americanus 1: I read a film review in The New York Times today about a documentary on Satanists. It seems that they aren’t as harmful as people might think.Boobus Americanus 2: Kind of weird, but to each his own. You know, “tolerance.” *  St. Sugar:  Boobuss, you lukewarm nothing! Callss for “tolerance” is how Ssatan getss his frickin’ hooked nose under the tent.  We don’t “tolerate” that bullsshit up here!
 Editor: The Satanists know that they don’t have to win everyone’s heart and mind. All they have to do is get enough Boobuses to “tolerate” evil in their midst. COMMENTS / FEEDBACK / INSULTS / KUDOS  Email address:Comments:

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