President Trump Hosts Gosnell (Abortioner Serial Killer) Film at White House

Thursday, April 11, 2019 
Pro-Life News
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‘Unplanned’ movie inspires nationwide candlelight vigils outside Planned Parenthood facilitiesBy LifeSiteNews staff
Trump to host screening of pro-life film ‘Gosnell’ at White HouseBy Calvin Freiburger
Ohio passes ban on aborting babies with beating hearts, governor signs (UPDATED)By Calvin Freiburger
5 women sent to hospital in less than 2 months at flagship New York Planned ParenthoodBy Operation Rescue staff
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Why this Christian college tried to ban Matt Walsh from speaking on campusBy Ryan Bomberger
Why post-Christian America will be a meaner, unhappier placeBy Jonathon van Maren

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