Pompeo Goes Abroad to Beat China at Development-While Failing U.S. Infrastructure Kills at Home

Pompeo Goes Abroad To ‘Beat’ China at Development — While Failing U.S. Infrastructure Kills at Home!Posted on April 11, 2019Secretary of State Mike Pompeo leaves today on a 5-day fool’s errand to Latin America, seeking, with meager funds for development, to denounce and expel China from the region. A region in which it has become, for many countries, the largest foreign investor and the largest trading partner, while the Bush and Obama governments acted as regime-changers and collectors for Wall Street debt vultures and hedge funds. The failure of Pompeo’s “mission” may have been predetermined by his critical omission, as CIA Director in 2017 — helping to withhold crucial evidence that the ‘Russiagate’ coup attempt against President Trump was based on a fraud at the start. Pompeo then was personally presented — at the President’s request — with hard evidence from a senior expert that the core claim, the Russian hacking of DNC computers, was false. It never went beyond CIA Director Pompeo to any other intelligence services or to any committee of Congress. ‘Russiagate’ raged on.READ MOREVIPs Calling for Lyndon LaRouche’s ExonerationPosted on April 10, 2019Here is a selection of VIP signers supporting our call for President Trump to exoneration Lyndon LaRouche. We will be updating this list as our campaign develops. For more on LaRouche’s exoneration and where to sign and share the petition, [url:”https://larouchepac.com/20190313/letters-condolence-obituary-and-petition-exonerate-lyndon-larouche”]visit this page.[/url]READ MORE

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