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11 Things We Should All Let Go of As We Head Into 2019
New years time is a time for reflection, a time where all of us can reflect on our life. Negative self talk, bad eating habits, judgement, following your dreams etc. These are all things we can reflect and improve on in the coming year.
“This Planet Will Be Theirs” – Professor Explains His Startling Conclusions About Alien Abductions
Dr. David Jacobs, a retired university professor, and Young-Hae Chi, from the University of Oxford have both hypnotically regressed people who claim to have had ET abduction experiences. After thousands of people, they all share the same story.
5 Reasons To Subscribe to CETV
5 of the important factors behind why we built CETV the way we did. It’s time to have an evolution in the way media is told! And let’s include personal work in the picture!
Latest Video
How The Yellow Vests Protests In France Are Creating a Massive Shift In Consciousness
Joe went deep on the Yellow Vest protests in France and how they are acting as a mirror for a deep shift in consciousness. Here’s an excerpt that explains how big changes are coming, and what we can do to make a difference. 
Latest Podcast
#32 – The Yellow Vest Movement
Joe discusses the Yellow Vest Movement and the sweep it is making across the world. He dives into some deeper reflections about what our political system truly represents and how this relates to what the Yellow Vest are asking for. Ultimately, we explore a solution to our current challenges in what is called the RIC. Referendum Initiated by Citizens.

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