Tomato Bubble Under Attack


March, 2017: Amazon bans the sale and low-cost printing of the best-selling book, “The Bad War”March, 2018: Lulu bans the sale of “The Bad War”June, 2018: TomatoBubble settles a frivilous lawsuitEarly 2018: Amazon rigs its recomendations — sales of books by M S King rapidly plummetNovember, 2018: PayPal erases all of TomatoBubble’s / ANYT Monthly Auto Donor accounts!
December, 2018: Amazon bans the sale and low-cost printing  of “The British Mad Dog”
March, 2019: Amazon bans the sale and low-cost printing  of both volumes of Planet Rothschild

After six years of hard work and steady growth, the financial losses are now taking a heavy toll. Such is the fate of all truth-tellers in “the land of the free.” But your humble historian / reporter here remains unbroken and unbowed. I’m sure that many of you have your own problems. But if enough of the readership — particularly those who read but have not supported — can step up in some small way (or, if possible, a large way :)) — then we keep this truth machine on its feet and always reaching new people, in spite of what “they” throw at us.So, whether you are already a current donor, or if you are not a steady supporter yet, please do whatever you can to keep TomatoBubble / ANYT / The Invisible Critic up and telling the truth. 
All auto-donors (of any amount) will receive access to all 20 books in pdf format plus the almost-daily Anti-New York Times mailed to you.All single donations of $20 or more will will receive access to all 20 books in pdf format plus six months of almost-daily Anti-New York Times mailed to you. But be sure to E-mail us after you’ve made a single donation of $20 or more — so we can send you the links.
All yousse guyss that donate will be with me in heaven one day!

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