Robert Mueller Releases Fake Russiagate Report Friday Evening Hoping No One Will Read It (ZIONIST ATTACK DOG)

We’ve gotten word that Robert Mueller has released his “Russiagate” report. Long before his recent attacks on President Trump, Mueller operated as a legal hitman against Lyndon LaRouche—and we’re now in a position to secure victory against Mueller and the British forces behind him.I’ve copied below a special message and fundraising request from Barbara Boyd, LaRouchePAC’s treasurer, and author of the bombshell report, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin.”Please take the time to read this special message, and contribute.DONATE TO SUPPORT LAROUCHE’S VICTORY
 Kesha Rogers 
Mueller Report Is Out: Now, Drive a Stake Through the Heart of the British EmpireBy, Barbara BoydAt approximately 5 p.m. on March 22, 2019, Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report to Attorney General William Barr, and Barr in turn notified the Congress that he’d likely share Mueller’s principal conclusions with them as early as the weekend. When he tells Congress this, the conclusions will be public. The Mueller report is described as “comprehensive,” generally meaning thick, and initial word coming from the Justice Department is that it recommends no further indictments. How much of the report will be released to the impeachment jackals in Congress is up to Attorney General Barr (DOJ regulations prohibit disclosure of unindicted conduct, as Barr has repeatedly noted).If the report concludes, as we anticipate, that there was no Russian collusion by the President or his campaign and that there was no obstruction of justice, we should expect a justified outrage from a population that has been forced to suffer through this farce 24 hours a day. Our job will be to turn this into the force which can end the British imperium behind this coup once and for all. We must ensure that the people responsible for the coup are prosecuted for their offenses against our Republic and the World. In his retweet on Monday of William Craddick’s statement of the reasons for the coup, President Trump indicated that he understands what caused this.There must be a corollary offensive for Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas and policies, to undo the damage the British have done to America’s standing in the world, particularly the decent and potentially revolutionary relationships President Trump has sought with Russia and China, and to restore the long arc of justice. We can pull rank in this offensive precisely because we were completely right, from the beginning, about who was behind this and why they were acting.We need money to undertake this task, and we need it urgently to take maximum advantage of this historical moment.If the report puts the President, in any way, in danger of impeachment, our task remains largely the same. The Republic is at stake. We need to engage in an all-out war guided by the revolutionary ideas of our nation’s Founders and of Lyndon LaRouche, who declared his mission in life to be the restoration of the American System and its legacy. We need money to do this.Please take the time to contribute now and contact us to tell us what you can do to advance this fight. DONATE TO DEFEAT MUELLERBarbara Boyd (Treasurer, LaRouchePAC)-=-=-LaRouchePAC · United States 

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