Revealed: How Much Christian Taxpayer Money the Zionist (‘Jewish’) Abortion Mill Gets

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patty,We did it again. The abortion industry just lost another huge chunk of taxpayer money.Each year Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have expanded their taxpayer funding. Planned Parenthood alone takes more than $560 million in taxpayer funds each year as it kills more than 330,000 unborn babies.Now, for the first time, it’s losing its grip on a seemingly unlimited stream of taxpayer funding.The Administration just expanded a policy that blocks hundreds of thousands of tax dollars from paying for abortions internationally. Now the abortion industry and groups that support abortion can’t get a single cent of the more than $9 billion in foreign health aid.We also just helped win a case in a federal appeals court that allows states to defund Planned Parenthood.But now Planned Parenthood and more than 20 states have filed lawsuits. We’re battling back, preparing to file briefs defending the Administration’s new rules which will defund $60 million more in taxpayer funds from Planned Parenthood.We can win. We are saving lives. But as pro-abortion states try to expand abortion and Planned Parenthood tries to take more of your money, we need your help.Our March Matching Challenge deadline is in 2 days. Have your gift to defund and defeat the abortion industry DOUBLED today. Chip in $5 and it becomes $10; $20 becomes $40.Have Your Gift Doubled to Save Babies Before Our Deadline.Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel
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My Comment: One of the reasons these ‘Jews’ hate Trump is he is 100% Against Abortions. Abortions are SACRED to these Synagogue of Satan ‘Jews’ controlling the United States with a Vise Like Grip. God Help Us ALL! They want Noahide Laws and Beheading of Christians!

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