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From Randall Turner-MKUltra Targeted Individual
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MK-Ultra Shocker On Reagan Shooting?

Randal Turner claims he was a 16 year old MK-Ultra sex slave when he carried the nuclear football for Ronald Reagan!


This is certainly one of the craziest stories I’ve ever come across.  It dropped in my lap about a week ago when a man claiming to be an MK Ultra mind control victim began telling me an incredible story.  His name was Randal Turner and his youtube video only had 39 views but it told a shocking story of how he was there when Ronald Reagan was shot on the sidewalk by John Hinckley after leaving the Washington Hilton hotel.  Randal told me he was an MK-Ultra sex slave for Ronald Reagan and that they actually colored his hair to make him resemble Colonel Jose Muratti.   Muratti is the man our history books tell us was the man carrying the nuclear football for Reagan that day.  You can find his name all over the internet as it relates to him carrying the nuclear football for Reagan.

Randal says he was told to walk further behind Reagan than normal as they exited the Hilton hotel so Reagan could be photographed easier.  Randal says he was given the job of carrying the nuclear football at the age of 16 because he was also used as a sex toy for Reagan.  This sex secret was going to be used to blackmail Reagan into approving a trade deal with the Chinese that Bush Sr. wanted.  Randal told me he had a contract with Bill Gates and Paul Allen for 1/3 of Microsoft if he got the trade with Reagan done so China could make all of Microsoft products.  Randal says this deal was later reneged on by Gates and Allen even though the trade deal did go through and Microsoft benefited greatly from it.  Randal says he got nothing for his contract except being framed in every way possible so he could be silenced and controlled. 

One of the reasons I think this story is true or at least should be investigated further was because there is an 87% match on a current image of Randal Turner and the man carrying the nuclear football when Reagan is shot.   This is an extremely high number considering I could only get a 58% match on myself when I put in a picture of me at 16 and one at 53!  All of this is shown in my video at the beginning of the article.

Here’s another video from Randal Turner on how the CIA chooses MK Ultra programming Victims


History tells us that Lt. Colonel Jose Muratti was supposedly the man carrying the nuclear football when Reagan was shot.  History also says the nuclear football was separated from Reagan as he was rushed to the hospital.  This is confirmed by Randal Turner and he goes into a detail I had never heard before.  He says he was in the back of the police car and he locked the back door of the police cruiser when they rushed to put Hinckley in the back with him!  He had run up to the Hilton hotel and flagged down a cop.  He told him he needed to get to Reagan asap so the cop first drove down to see where they took Reagan.  

In the video you can see secret service and police trying to open the door but somebody had locked it from the back seat.  You can see in my video there was somebody in the back of the police car as Randal Turner had told me.  Randal also said the sister of Lt. Colonel Jose Maratti had to testify in a court case that Jose Muratti was actually visiting her when Reagan was shot and they both watched the coverage of the Reagan shooting together at her home!  

Here’s two pictures I found of Jose Muratti.  In this first one, Lt Colonel Jose Muratti is in the center next to Reagan.  Reagan is 6′ 1″ and so this puts Muratti at about 6′ 6″ tall.  The average age to reach Lt. Colonel is 39 years old so Muratti should be about this age at the time Reagan was shot.  Remember this when you watch my video because the man carrying the football and then running away toward the limo looks much younger than 39 to me and also nowhere near 6′ 6″ tall.   You decide when you watch the video.  Is the man on the ground 6′ 6″ tall and 39 year old and does it match perfectly with the pictures of Jose Muratti you see below.  I don’t think so but you make the call.

I used the Microsoft website, TwinsOrNot.net and compared the man carrying the nuclear football when Reagan was shot with the current picture of Randal Turner he provided me.  He got into the same pose as he was in getting off the pavement and it came back as an 87% match!  When I did this software on myself at 16 and 53 the best I could do was a 58% match!  This is the reason I feel this information needs to be further investigated and I invite all alternative media to publicize it and to contact Randal directly through the contact email at the end of his videos.  I believe it’s true but I’ll leave it to other researchers to dig further into this.  

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