Racist ICC Only Tries Africans and President al-Assad For ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

The ICC intends to try President Bashar al-Assad for ‘crimes against humanity’by TUT EditorVOLTAIRE NET – It is important to understand what is happening – over the last few years, the ICC has mainly been financed by the European Union, and has drawn up its own Code. Until 2016, it tried only African defendants under its own laws, and found them all guilty. After a vote by its Parliament, Burundi then decided to withdraw from the Rome Statute, on the motive that the ICC had become « an instrument of pressure on the governments of poor countries, or a means of destabilising them according to the desires of the great powers ». CONTINUE READINGTUT Editor | March 22, 201
My Comment: Run and Controlled by Zionist/Khazar $$$$$.

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