Political Corruption From Mad Maxine

Maxine Waters says that for Trump, ‘impeachment is the only answer’
by TUT Editor
ed note–we know, not as ‘sexy’ as it would be if it were coming from one of the pie-holes of one of the several powerful, pro-Israel NeoCon Hebrews sitting as chairmen on the various committees gunning to bring Trump down, but an extremely important exercise in understanding the mechanics of exactly what is going on here.1. Please recall the INSTANTANEOUS, VOLCANIC, and APOCALYPTIC REACTION on the part of Jewish interests, spanning the entire divide from left to right and everything in between, within MICROSECONDS of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s recent statement concerning AIPAC and its influence in terms of ‘the Benjamins’ used in buying off members of Congress.The reaction to it literally was the equivalent of a nuke going off in downtown DC, New York, Tel Aviv and everywhere the hell else that the dominance of the Hebrews is a fait accompli, and in fact is still reverberating at this very moment, as resolutions condemning her and her statement are being introduced on a daily basis by those powerful Jewish interests in control of Congress.The point–when someone touches a raw nerve that Jewish interests don’t want touched, they REACT, and they react LOUDLY and VIOLENTLY.Now, expanding upon this paradigm, all can imagine what the reaction would be if any member of Congress were to call for hearings similar to those investigating Trump, but instead focused on—-Israel’s role in the JFK assassination–Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY–Israel’s role in the assassination of Robert Kennedy–Israel’s role in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City–Israel’s role in 9/11etc, etc, etc…Again, like the reaction to Omar’s (truthful) statement, it would be nothing less than atomic in its size and scope.Now, please compare/contrast this with what is now the COMPLETE ABSENCE of any kind of noise–NOT EVEN THE SOUNDS OF CRICKETS–on the part of the same Jewish interests–again, left, right, and everything in between–who, with scorching fire and demonic fury went after Omar, when it comes to all the present heat being brought to bear by Israel’s various tentacles in the US Congress concerning Trump, Russia, Impeachment, the 25th Amendment, etc.Nothing.Nothing.Nothing.Not even the sounds of crickets chirping.Now for those a lil’ slow in the political math department, what this means is that the same forces that went nuclear over Ilhan’s honest and accurate comments are not in the least bit bothered/disturbed by the present conspiracy to take down the Trump Administration, the reasons for which can be explained with a mere 3 words–Ultimate/Peace/Deal.That the relevance of this–the previous exercise in compare/contrast–needs more than 3 seconds explanation amongst a group of people who fancy themselves smarter than the average American when it comes to understanding the twists and turns of Judaic intrigue in modern day American politics underscores just how much out to lunch and off the reservation these types are, when the PATENTLY OBVIOUS escapes even the most basic functions of logic and common sense.So, for the benefit of those who are a lil’ slow in the political math department, we’ll do it again, very slowly, and using simple grammar/syntax–Israel and all her hirelings went bananas over Omar’s statement. They are still screeching today about it, at this very moment in fact.They are not screeching about the attempt to take down Trump, because, as the evidence clearly shows to all but the most mentally obtuse, the same elements who reacted like banshees to Omar’s statement and the elements who are NOT reacting at all to what is the obvious attempt to destroy the Trump presidency are—-drum role please…The same elements.Now, a fair and logical question worth asking is as follows–If Israel and Jewish interests are gunning for Trump’s removal, why then are the point-men on this–Nadler, Engel, Schiff and the rest of Netanyahu’s Hebraic henchmen tasked with leading the investigations against Trump–not coming out vocally and talking in plain language about ‘Impeachment’ and instead are allowing a loud-mouthed African American Congresswoman and a loud, foul-mouthed Palestinian-American Congresswoman to do all the dirty work in that regard and to function as human equivalents of the same ‘groggers’ which Jews use as noisemakers when celebrating Purim?And if that question needs answering to any of those reading this website, then perhaps its time you downgraded your reading material to what’s found on Rense, InfoWars, Veterans Today or some other outlet that functions as the informational equivalent of the WWF.Read more of this post

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