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Post-Mueller report warning and analysis of vulnerability of liberal cities to “Civil War Two”
In the aftermath of the Mueller report, it’s now clear that the Left in America refuses to coexist with conservatives in a fair, lawful society. Instead, they demand authoritarianism and obedience and are willing to commit violence and genocide to achieve it.In my detailed analysis today, I warn that the Left is pushing America into “Civil War Two.” Should that scenario unfold, the most obvious vulnerability of liberal cities is their dependence on the power grid. Substations are located in rural areas and might be easily disabled, plunging cities into EMP-like darkness, chaos and lawlessness.Today I’m warning America that unless the lawless Left agrees to start playing by the rules, a second civil war is inevitable. If you are located in a liberal city, you have about 18 months to relocate or be subjected to the possibility of a “grid-down” event, should this analysis prove correct.Read my full report here, and be prepared for anything.
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