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Health Ranger calls for President to seize domain names of treasonous tech giantsThe lawlessness, tyranny and election meddling of the tech giants has reached the point where President Trump must take action to defend America against the techno-fascists.Today, I’m calling for President Trump to seize the domain names of Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants in order to halt their ongoing violation of human rights and their dangerous, deliberate acts to nullify democracy and steal all future elections.This is the only peaceful option remaining.Read my full analysis and call to action here.New Videos from BrighteonBayer Launches New Pesticide More Deadly Then RoundupWatch this videoGlyphosate-tested Organic Wheat Grass PowderWatch this videoBrighteon video platform under extreme threatWatch this videoFeatured ArticlesMonsanto / Bayer hit with another jury decision that confirms Roundup (glyphosate) caused man’s cancer… 9,000 more lawsuits are pending, could bankrupt BayerBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full storySpice beats chemo: Study reveals turmeric is more effective at killing cancer cells than chemo or radiationBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full storySponsor: Protect your identity from high-tech thieves anytime, anywhere.Experts warn about harmful side effects of 5G, which requires 20,000 satellites beaming narrow-band signals to Earth that can “fry the cells of all living things”By Ethan Huff | Read the full story“Impossible Burger” is just that, because it’s GMOBy S.D. Wells | Read the full storySponsor: Organic, lab-verified storable food supply made completely without junk ingredients or GMOs.Glyphosate’s undeniable connection to autismBy Amy Goodrich | Read the full storySponsor: Reap the benefits of two nutritional powerhouses with this Pure Microalgae Superfood BlendDiscover our non-toxic insect-repelling formulas at the Health Ranger StoreAnnoying pests and insects are no match against the winning combination of Health Ranger’s Bugs Away Spray and Health Ranger Select Bug Defender. Health Ranger’s Bugs Away Spray, used directly on your skin, effectively wards off mosquitoes and other biting insects. Health Ranger Select Bug Defender is an area use bug spray that utilizes a cedar oil-based formula that keeps bugs away from areas in your home. Both products are lab-tested for heavy metals, microbiology, and glyphosate (for Bugs Away)Learn More »More of Today’s ArticlesScience proves the Earth isn’t flat: An expert shares ways you can see for yourself
The concept of a flat Earth is one that’s persisted for centuries. Even today, a number of individuals continue to believe that the shape of the Earth is a plane or a disk. If you’re …Do you own Wise storable food products? You might starve to death in an actual emergency, claims class action lawsuit
A shocking class action lawsuit confirms a bitter truth: You don’t always get what you pay for. Wise Company, purveyor of emergency and storable foods, has been accused of misrepresenting …Red raspberry exhibits anti-metastatic properties against human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells
A study published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine suggested that red raspberry (Rubus idaeus) can be used to treat and prevent nasopharyngeal cancer. In the study, researchers at …Democrats can’t win elections by following the rules so they’re going to steal power by cheating and bypassing the Constitution
Hardly a day passes when a Democratic politician, Left-wing cable news pundit, or globalist visionary doesn’t accuse POTUS Donald Trump of depriving Americans of their rights or behaving like …Watch where you spray: Study reveals high pesticide exposure is linked to olfactory impairment in aging farmers
Some of the dangers of pesticide exposure are painfully obvious – just ask the many people suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma after years of exposure to glyphosate. However, some negative …Study: High-fat regimen causes trans-generational health problems, impacting humans for generations to come
The human race is constantly evolving at the genetic level. Epi-genetic factors are always influencing the genetic expression within the individual. Families pass on a firm DNA sequence from …Why your storable food supply might actually cause you to starve to death
No preparedness plan is complete without some sort of emergency supply of food and water. But not all storable and emergency food products are created equally. A shocking number of storable food …Liberal logic: Since Twitter says it isn’t shadow-banning conservatives, we should somehow believe Twitter’s investigation of itself
Liberal echo chamber MSNBC mocks conservatives when they speak out about being banned on social media. The liberal network recently took aim at California Congressman Devin Nunes (R) because …Red sage extract exhibits antioxidant properties against diabetic nephropathy
A study published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine reported that red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza), also known as Chinese sage, has the ability to suppress the progression of diabetic …Market for organic products continues to expand as consumers ditch unhealthy products
With a growing community of people who take their family’s health seriously, organic purchases are reaching an all-time high. Chronic lower back pain can be reduced with Gua Sha therapy
Chronic lower back pain has become a major health problem in the world. Many people seek relief, but most available treatments are often ineffective or have dangerous side effects. If you’re one …Antimicrobial properties of red ginseng make it a great natural cure for acne
Having an acne breakout? Try red ginseng. A recent study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research reports that red ginseng (Panax ginseng) improves the symptoms of acne, making it a safe …Are juice fasts good for your health?
The practice of juice fasting could boost your health in many ways. Experts believe that this form of fasting improves the population and health of beneficial gut microbiota while also …Sugar molecules exist in space, according to astronomers
NASA researchers may have found a sweet surprise in outer space. Apparently, the inhospitable environs of space can produce sugar molecules. Better yet, this sugar is not any of the common ones …Yes, liberals allow pedophile drag queens to read story time books to your children in public school… and here’s proof
With each successive generation since the 1960s, the Left has successfully managed to debase our culture, degrade our sense of morality, and alter our cultural mores in such a way that Americans …Grueling life in space makes astronauts more susceptible to antibiotic-resistant superbugs
Traveling to outer space is a pretty tough gig for astronauts trying to stay healthy, as shuttling back and forth to places like Mars and the Moon significantly increases one’s risk of …Mindfulness meditation can reduce PTSD and IBS in veterans
A study showed that mindfulness meditation can reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, …Prenatal yoga linked to improved birth outcomes
A study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine revealed that prenatal yoga can minimize labor pain and potentially improve birth outcomes. For the study, researchers …Tai chi found to benefit the brains of older people
Taking up mind-body exercises – for instance, ballroom dancing or tai chi – could help maintain the health of your brain and your body during the later years of your life. This regimen was …New, exotic class of planets outside our solar system made out of GEMS
There are a lot of different types of planets in the universe. But the exoplanets recently identified by British and Swiss researchers are special because they contain large amounts of ruby and …    WebSeed 7850 N. Silverbell Rd. #114-349 Tucson, AZ 85743

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