Get Out of California NOW [and North West Coast]

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“It’ll spread from Canada to California over 800 miles,” Oregon State University paleoseismologist Chris Goldfinger told CBN News. One day it will happen. With little or no warning, the Cascadia Subduction Zone will produce a catastrophic earthquake and accompanying tsunami that will essentially destroy everything west of Interstate 5 in the Pacific Northwest. It will be the worst natural disaster up to that point in American history, and as you will see below, the experts are saying that we are completely and utterly unprepared for it. Of course the San Andreas Fault gets more publicity, but the truth is that the Cascadia Subduction Zone is capable of producing a quake “almost 30 times more energetic” than anything the San Andreas Fault can produce. The Cascadia Subduction Zone stretches from northern Vancouver Island all the way down to northern California, and one expert recently told CBN News that….Dave DaltonI worked in a U.S.G.S building remodeling it thirty years ago in northern Arizona and there was a map on the wall in an office room that showed the west coast after the big one and from the Salton sea all the way up to British Columbia Everything was gone west of the interstate 5 all of California up to the mountains was gone the whole damn state all of Washington was gone too. and right now there evicting hundreds of families of the coast of British Columbia because all the houses are sinking there’s sink holes everywhere too. When this thing goes pow and it will millions are going to die for being in the wrong place at the wrong time it will be tragic Alaska is in trouble to with this .KeenTribe 9O7Most likely that would happen. Back in 1964 here in Alaska we had a 9.2 earthquake and liquification was taking place everywhere. Houses sunk

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