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Volume 6, Number 51

EIR Daily Alert Service

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  • Neo-cons Surrounding Trump Want War-To Stop Coup Against Trump and Prevent War, Exonerate LaRouche
  • Secretary Pompeo-A Truly ‘Ugly American’ Touting the ‘Superiority’ of the Old Paradigm
  • Sunrise Movement Fascist Mobilization Plans 100 Town Hall Meetings in April
  • [Washington Post Hits] Obama’s Failure in Fentanyl Disaster
  • Regime-Change Thugs in Venezuela Demand Privatizing Oil Industry, Neo-Liberal Economics
  • Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Sanctions-Happy U.S. (Zionist Occupied)
  • U.S. and China ‘Are in Final Weeks of Having an Agreement,’ Lighthizer Tells Senate Committee
  • Former Chancellor Schroder Outraged by U.S. ‘Brazen Blackmail’ Threat to Germany
  • Zepp-LaRouche, Italian Minister Geraci Address Milan Conference on Belt and Road
  • Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus Slams EU and Its Club of Rome Agenda [ZIONIST Created Club of Rome]


Neo-Cons Surrounding Trump Want War—To Stop Coup Against Trump and Prevent War, Exonerate LaRouche

March 13 (EIRNS)—The pace of global developments towards, on the one hand, a new Dark Age, and on the other hand, a New Paradigm of global peace through development, are both accelerating—one towards war and the end of civilization as we know it, the other towards a renaissance of the great cultures of mankind, as the necessary springboard for Mankind’s development of the Universe.

Look first at the positive side. With the recent passing of Lyndon LaRouche, there has been an outpouring of profound eulogies from leading scientists, intellects, musicians, political leaders and others, identifying the power of the ideas generated by this man which will not die. Today in Italy, speaking at a conference on the Belt and Road in Milan, sponsored by the LaRouche-associated organization in Italy, Movisol, and by the regional government of Lombardy, Italy’s Undersecretary at the Ministry of Economic Development and head of the government’s Task Force China, spoke, together with Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, on the importance of the MOU to be signed with China upon Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy on March 22, and the further positive impact of this move upon the crisis in the world as a whole.

This intention to join the Belt and Road Initiative by the Italian government has provoked an hysterical attack from the forces of the “old paradigm”—the collapsing European Union, the collapsing financial architecture of the EU, and the neo-conservative forces in the United States. In dedicating the Milan conference to Lyndon LaRouche, Movisol Chairwoman Liliana Gorini pointed to the statement by former Italian Economics Minister Giulio Tremonti toCorriere della Sera that the Belt and Road “is a project that dates back to the mid-’90s of the American visionary Lyndon LaRouche, who saw it as the salvation of humanity.”

In the U.S., two developments of the past week indicate a new willingness to fight for reason against the lies.

President Donald Trump’s decision to establish a Presidential Committee on Climate Security, to be headed by Princeton University physicist William Happer (now a National Security Council senior director), will be the first serious government-sponsored scientific challenge to the fraudulent climate hysteria which has been used to unleash an open campaign for genocide and war under the slogan “Green New Deal.” The 2015 report by EIR, “ ‘Global Warming’ Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science,” featuring Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on the cover, has a new life and should be circulated everywhere..

Secondly, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) today issued a new memo, “Mueller’s Forensics-Free Findings,” which demonstrates that “the final Mueller report should be graded ‘incomplete,’ says VIPS, whose forensic work proves the speciousness of the story that DNC emails published by WikiLeaks came from Russian hacking.” Based on the work of former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney, this report proves that the very foundation of the “Russiagate” hoax was known to have been a lie from the beginning.

Again, LaRouche PAC’s definitive report, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him,” must be widely circulated to capture to full weight of the crimes committed by Mueller and the gang of Obama intelligence thugs who tried—and are still trying—to implement the British coup plan against the President of the United States.

But the other side of crisis of civilization—the neo-cons and neo-libs who are hell-bent to drag President Trump into war against Russia and China, despite Trump’s intention to establish friendly and productive relations with both—is driving the world to the brink of a new holocaust. Secretary of State Pompeo, speaking in Houston on March 11, threatened virtually the entire world to follow his orders or face economic and perhaps military warfare. Not only are Russia and China “bad actors” committed to “malign ends,” but any nation which refuses his unipolar dictates—e.g., if they trade with Iran or Venezuela, if they build a pipeline from Russia, if they cooperate with China in the Belt and Road, etc.—then they will be subject to U.S. sanctions or more.

Trump must be liberated from these madmen, to be free to join the Belt and Road, as Italy and over 150 other nations have done; to be free to work with Russia to end the scourge of terrorism, as he did in Syria; and to cooperate with Russia and China in space and in advancing human knowledge. Identifying his enemies is best achieved by making known to the world the historic fact that his enemies are the same as those who persecuted, and prosecuted, Lyndon LaRouche. Exonerating LaRouche will lift a veil of fear and the fog of denial from the American people, and from the world generally, to achieve a world fit for man in the image of God.


Secretary Pompeo—A Truly ‘Ugly American’ Touting the ‘Superiority’ of the Old Paradigm

March 13 (EIRNS)—Speaking yesterday before the annual CERAWeek conference of national and international energy producers in Houston, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered a truly disgusting example of why British geopolitics must be defeated and replaced with a beautiful New Paradigm, based on Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws, and to free President Donald Trump from the neo-con noose around his neck.

U.S. oil and energy producers can rule the world, Pompeo said, and actually become instruments of U.S. foreign policy—winning allies over by showing that “our model is superior,” and that “markets, not governments, have proven more adept from the commanding heights.” This is a question of U.S. national security, as well, he stressed, not just business. By encouraging countries to do business with the U.S., “we’re reminding them that we’re simply better to do business with than Russia, China or Iran.” Thus, the rest of the world “should get on board” with America’s project to meet the world’s energy demands—choose “innovation” not “subjugation,” he said.

This, he said, is the way to spread the U.S.’s “commercial value system” of free enterprise and the rule of law “to our friends and partners,” while punishing “bad actors.” Moreover, “our model matters now, frankly, more than ever in an era of great power rivalry and competition where some nations are using their energy for malign ends, and not to promote prosperity in the way we do here in the West.”

Pompeo singled out China as a country that doesn’t do things “the way we do,” and “doesn’t play by the same set of rules.” The fundamental difference the U.S. has with China, he said, is that “we’ve never had another country of the scale of China, with the military of the scale of China’s which has now expanded into space and property that they do not have a lawful claim to.” Aside from trapping poor African nations into debt and deceiving them, he claimed, China is engaged in “illegal island-building in international waterways,” and “blocking development” in the South China Sea “through coercive means.” The nations of the Indo-Pacific, he went on, are so anxious to have U.S. investors come in, “to help them stand up to the coercive behavior of China,” but don’t dare say so publicly, he asserted. Readers are encouraged to read the EIR interview with Philippines Secretary of National Defense Delfin Lorenzana in the March 15 issue to discover just what these nations truly are anxious about.

The Secretary of State included “influence peddling” by Russia, Syria, Iran, and Venezuela in his attacks, reserving special venom for Iran, which he said, uses its oil to export “undue influence” in the region. Not to worry, though: “our pressure” has already caused Iran’s oil exports to drop, and “we have every intention of driving Iranian oil exports to zero just as quickly as possible,” until it acts like “a normal nation.”

Sunrise Movement Fascist Mobilization Plans 100 Town Hall Meetings in April

March 13 (EIRNS)—The fascist youth movement called Sunrise Movement under construction by the McKibben/Soros apparatus announced plans to hold 100 town meetings across the country, which they call “Road to the Green New Deal,” during the month of April to push the Green New Deal. The Sunrise Movement co-founder Stephen O’Hanlon, communications director for the movement to shut down industry, attack teachers and legislators, terrorize children and coerce them not to go to school—just like Mao’s Red Guards—issued a statement in the “Earther” website on March 12 announcing the plan for “9 massive tour stops,” which will “feature local speakers and politicians talking about how the Green New Deal can address climate change, inequality, and transition the economy to a no-carbon future.”

The planned stops include: Boston, New Orleans, Des Moines, Detroit, San Antonio, Richmond, Kentucky (to target Mitch McConnell), Los Angeles, Paradise, California, and Washington, D.C. They singled out Iowa as “an early battleground in the 2020 presidential primary,” they report.


Washington Post Hits Obama’s Failure in Fentanyl Disaster

March 13 (EIRNS)—The Washington Post, of all publications, has issued a devastating investigative report—“The Fentanyl Failure”—on the Obama Administration’s complete and utter failure to confront or stop what is now an epidemic of fentanyl-related poisonings causing mass death in the United States. The report might more properly be labeled, “When Science Dies, Mass Death Will Surely Follow.”

The Post reports: “Between 2013 and 2017, more than 67,000 people died of synthetic opioid-related overdoses—exceeding the number of U.S. military personnel killed during the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars combined. The number of deaths, the vast majority from fentanyl, has risen sharply each year. In 2017, synthetic opioids were to blame for 28,869 out of the overall 47,600 opioid overdoses, a 46.4% increase over the previous year, when fentanyl became the leading cause of overdose deaths in America for the first time.

“ ‘This is a massive institutional failure, and I don’t think people have come to grips with it,’ said John P. Walters, chief of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy between 2001 and 2009. ‘This is like an absurd bad dream and we don’t know how to intervene or how to save lives.’ ”

The Post compares the galloping and exponentially increasing fentanyl health emergency—about which the Obama Administration did practically nothing—to the declaration of the health emergency and expenditure of billions concerning the Zika virus, which had killed two people. The Post points out that fentanyl has grown into genocide as a result of two Obama Administration failures: the failure to recognize that fentanyl represented a unique threat, in the domain of a biological warfare agent, rather than simply an extension of the already-devastating opioid and heroin epidemic sweeping formerly industrial areas of the United States; and then Attorney General Eric Holder’s takedown of drug enforcement policy involving prosecutions, rather than opioid treatment centers.  The article makes very clear that fentanyl often kills first- or second-time drug users, making treatment centers, in this context, an absurd concept.

Repeatedly, DEA, state attorney generals, others, banged on the doors of White House, the article documents, but to no avail. “fentanyl was killing people like we’d never seen before,” said Derek Maltz, the former agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Special Operations Division in Washington. “A red light was going off, ding, ding, ding. This is something brand new. What the hell is going on? We needed a serious sense of urgency.”

The article describes that, “for traffickers, illicit fentanyl produced in labs was the most lucrative opportunity yet, a chance to bypass the unpredictability of the poppy fields that produced their heroin. The traffickers could order one of the cheapest and most powerful opioids on the planet directly from Chinese labs over the Internet. It was 20 times more profitable than heroin by weight. By lacing a little of the white powdery drug into their heroin, the dealers could make their product more potent and more compelling to users. They called it China White, China Girl, Apache, Dance Fever, Goodfella, Murder 8 or Tango & Cash.  The DEA has also identified Mexico as a major production point for fentanyl.”

It is noteworthy that President’s Trump and Xi Jinping have made complete eradication of these labs a strategic priority and that the Trump Administration has launched a significant but by no means adequate effort to intervene in this major national crisis. According to the article, Trump is also working with Mexico to stem the flow from there. The full Post article can be found under the title, “The Fentanyl Failure: Despite mounting deaths and warnings, the Obama administration did not take extraordinary measures to confront an extraordinary crisis, experts say.”

Regime-Change Thugs in Venezuela Demand Privatizing Oil Industry, Neo-Liberal Economics

March 13 (EIRNS)—At the annual CERAWeek energy producers conference in Houston yesterday, keynoted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, representatives of Venezuela’s fake “interim President” Juan Guaidó announced that they intend to privatize Venezuela’s oil industry—once Nicolas Maduro is dispensed with. This is not to say that taking Venezuela’s oil is the main purpose of the regime-change operation. As EIR has emphasized, this is a top-down, British Empire-run offensive to destroy any chance of East-West collaboration in the region in the context of a Westphalian system.

Discussed in Houston was the need to reduce the role of the state-run oil firm, PDVSA, and “roll out the welcome mat”—as Bloomberg put it—to private investors and oil firms “who want a piece of the world’s largest oil reserves.” Guaidó’s representatives explained that in their plan, PDVSA will continue to play a role, but only in the framework of a new regulatory mechanism which will give greater participation to private sector companies. Currently foreign oil firms can only operate in Venezuela as minority partners of PDVSA.

Ricardo Hausmann, the Venezuelan economist whom Guaidó has named as his representative to the Inter-American Development Bank, made clear in his remarks in Houston that privatization will be the norm. “We need to open up the oil industry to private investment without the participation of the national oil company,” he said. Note that the preamble to the draft document creating the new energy regulator, to be called the National Hydrocarbon Agency, points to the “socialism” bogeyman, which Mike Pompeo loves to rant about, as the reason why Venezuela’s oil industry as collapsed. Let the “markets” reign!

Hausmann’s role is noteworthy. Currently head of the Center for International Development at Harvard, he is the author of the economic program drafted for Guaidó, which argues for neo-liberal reforms, austerity, massive borrowing from the International Monetary Fund, and privatization of state-sector companies.


Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Sanctions-Happy U.S.

March 13 (EIRNS)—In a statement today, the Russian Foreign Ministry attacked the U.S. Treasury’s imposition of sanctions on Evrofinance, a binational Russian-Venezuelan bank which funds joint oil and infrastructure projects. Washington should remember that Nicolas Maduro is the democratically-elected President of a sovereign state, the Ministry said, and that imposing sanctions outside the framework of the UN Security Council is illegal.

The sanctions aren’t likely to have much of an effect on the bank’s dollar-denominated transactions, the statement read, given that previous U.S. sanctions on Russia have had negligible effects. More likely is that the sanctions will negatively affect global trust in the dollar, and its status as a tool of international settlements.

The Ministry also noted that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s threats against the Russian firm Rosneft, for violating U.S. sanctions on Venezuela’s oil firm PDVSA by purchasing Venezuelan oil, “are pointless.” U.S. sanctions imposed on Rosneft in 2014 had little effect, it stated, but the company’s U.S. partners, which had to break with Rosneft, suffered large losses. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed out in a press conference yesterday that U.S. threats against Rosneft are a violation of international law.

U.S. and China ‘Are in Final Weeks of Having an Agreement,’ Lighthizer Tells Senate Committee

March 13 (EIRNS)—Testifying before the Senate Finance Committee on March 12, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who is in charge of the ongoing trade talks with China, said the Trump Administration hopes “we are in the final weeks of having an agreement—but I’m not predicting one.” He cautioned the Senators that major issues have remain unresolved. “If those issues are not resolved in favor of the United States, we won’t have a deal,” Reuters quoted him as saying.

Lighthizer and China’s top trade negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He, spoke by phone on March 12, China’s state media reported, and Lighthizer said during the Senate hearing that he had another call scheduled for March 13. “We are working more or less continuously,” he said.

Lighthizer also told Senators the United States is addressing structural issues over intellectual property rights “with precision” in the talks and is nearing a deal to address currency manipulation.

Former Chancellor Schröder Outraged by U.S. ‘Brazen Blackmail’ Threat to Germany

March 13 (EIRNS)—Calling it a case of “brazen blackmail” by the United States, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder demanded Europe as a whole to work on its own more independent policies, particularly in relation to Russia and China, TASS reported the German news agency DPA quoted the politician as saying. Schröder was referring to the threat made in a March 8 letter by U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, who had told Germans that Washington will cut back intelligence sharing with Berlin in case Chinese companies, such as Huawei, participate in implementation of the next generation 5G network. Schröder accused the U.S. government of expecting Germany to side with it for purely economic reasons.

Schröder stressed that if he were German Chancellor, he would strive for “Europe to obtain relative independence from the U.S. foreign and economic policies…. We have different interests when it comes to Russia as well.” According to him, Russia is an important market for Germany and it is necessary for Berlin to maintain close ties with Moscow. “We can’t join the attacks on Russia as Washington is expecting us to do,” Schröder emphasized.


Zepp-LaRouche, Italian Minister Geraci Address Milan Conference on Belt and Road

March 13 (EIRNS)—The following preliminary report from Liliana Gorini, chairwoman of the LaRouche-affiliated organization in Italy, was received today on a major conference in Milan, featuring Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Italian Undersecretary for Economic Development Michele Geraci:

The conference “Italy on the New Silk Road” organized by Movisol (LaRouche’s movement in Italy) and the Lombardy Region (state legislature) in Milan today was a success. The conference was opened by Undersecretary Michele Geraci (of the Italian government’s Task Force China), emphasizing the importance of the memorandum of understanding which Italy will sign with China’s President Xi Jinping on March 22 in Rome, and the benefits for Italy of this cooperation with China, including for the development of the Mezzogiorno.

Geraci was followed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who explained the more profound meaning of this important development for the rest of the world, the realization of the New Paradigm for which Lyndon LaRouche and the Schiller Institute have been working for the last 30 years.

There was a short message from Sen. Tony Iwobi, the first Nigerian-born legislator elected on the Lega slate last year, about the historical significance on the Transaqua project to refill Lake Chad. The project was then described in detail by Engineer Franco Persio Bocchetto of Bonifica, which is working on the feasibility study with PowerChina.

Liliana Gorini, chairwoman of Movisol, concluded the conference thanking the Lombardy Region which helped organize it, dedicating it to Lyndon LaRouche, who is known throughout Italy not only as the “visionary” of the New Silk Road, as former Economics Minister Giulio Tremonti defined him yesterday in an interview with Corriere della Sera, but also as the main promoter of Glass-Steagall bank separation and as designing the Four Laws of economics. She reminded her audience how many members of parliament had heard Lyndon LaRouche address the Italian Finance Committee in 1998, and had admitted years later that he was completely right.

Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus Slams EU and Its Club of Rome Agenda

March 13 (EIRNS)—Prof. Václav Klaus, former President of the Czech Republic (2003-13), slammed the European Union as being worse than the Soviet Union’s Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon) that ruled over the economies of Eastern Europe between 1949 and 1991. Having lived under communism for 40 years, Klaus said he has the experienced to make such a criticism.

On March 12 Klaus was the featured speaker at the Presidential Lecture Series of the Center for Financial Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt, under the auspices of its President, Prof. Otmar Issing. In his presentation entitled, “The EU Is Not Europe” Klaus laid out several key policies which have made the EU a most undemocratic union.

First, he slammed its environmentalist policies at a time when not one environmentalist party in Europe could come anywhere close to winning an election. He particularly slammed, by name, the Club of Rome. Second, he slammed the climate change ideology as totally unproven and now promoting a Malthusian agenda. Third he attacked the so-called information society in which Europe’s universities are graduating unemployable degree holders. Fourthly, he attacked the euro single currency as having generated massive inequality throughout Europe. He charged that the Eurozone, through the European Central Bank’s Target 2 real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system is already a transfer union but has not benefitted any of its members. After its 20 years of existence, it has proven to be a failure.

The fifth point he made was a passionate defense of the nation-state and national sovereignty as the only basis for defending the political and economic rights of the people. He pointed out that a “democracy” by definition requires a “demos,” but it is only the sovereign nation-state, not “Europe,” that fulfills the requirements of a demos.  The text of his remarks is posted to his English website.

Asked to comment on Brexit, he expressed the shock at the way the EU has dealt with it. He recalled how he, as Prime Minister (1993-97) had overseen the split between Czechia and Slovakia. Although he disagreed with the division of then Czechoslovakia, he did implement it, since the Slovaks insisted. The division took only six months and was carried out in the most cooperative and friendly manner. Whereas with the Brexit, he said, while the British could have been more clever, the way the EU addressed it was outrageous. He also admitted that when the Brexit vote occurred, “we uncorked the champagne bottles.”

When the question of so-called “populism” in Europe came up he replied that the term is meaningless, as it is being used simply to put on a derogatory label on those who disagree with EU policy.

To the last question asking him to comment on what he believes the future holds for Europe, he referred to a famous Marlon Brando movie in which he asks a fortune teller what the cards hold for his future. The fortune teller looks at the cards, and tells Brando, “you have no future.” He said he expected that the EU will collapse after some painful muddling through.

Professor Issing, former chief economist and member of the board of the European Central Bank and a critic of the Eurozone policies, told EIR in a one-on-one discussion that he invited his good friend Professor Klaus to speak in order to bring another view into the debate. He said he felt there would have been more voices in support of Klaus, had there not been intense social pressure created by the Europeanists and environmentalists.

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My Comment: The Club of Rome was created by the ZIONIST tribe to dominate and rule over us all. The Zionists also control the EU and the Greenies aka environmentalists. The British Monarchy are definitely ZIONISTS as are the Rothschilds-the Monarchy and Vatican Bankers.

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